I wanna Gnol2

Creator: Biogom

Average Rating
8.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
71.7 / 100
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Needle (6) Vines (1)


  • by MrSnailz

10 Reviews:

Biogom has some serious talent.

Literally every save in this game is well designed in some way; the design as a whole is interesting, albeit a bit confusing at times, and the needle is all around really fun. I'm astonished that there were next to no skips in this due to the nature of the twisty level design.

The graphics are mimimalistic, but you don't really realize that due to how active the FX are (which is by no means a bad thing).

My biggest complaint is that using the standard saving/loading makes the screen resize due to rInit being a different size than the rest of the game, but this pales when put up next to what else this game has to offer.

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 70 70
Nov 29, 2016
Amazing needle game,with awsome visuals and alot of original and interesting jumps.Would highly recommend.

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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 70 70
Apr 2, 2016
An altogether fantastic needle game with plenty of original and interesting jumps. My only complaints are unnecessary visual clutter (distracting effects in the background) and only being able to retry after dying. One of my favorites so far, would recommend.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 70 70
Mar 23, 2016
Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 70 70
Mar 11, 2016
Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 75 75
May 2, 2019