I wanna Gnol2

Creator: Biogom

Average Rating
7.9 / 10
Average Difficulty
71.2 / 100
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Needle (9) Vines (1)


  • by MrSnailz
  • by Anonymous

16 Reviews:

Gnol2 is a needle game that looks pretty cool on the surface, however when actually playing there are some serious flaws.
The save and reset system is pretty frustrating. You can't reset until you die, which slows down the pace a lot. You also can't save on the edge of the block the save is on because of S saves and the saves being slightly smaller than normal, so it doesn't cover the whole block.
The jumps are some of the most frustrating and grindy i have encountered in a fangame so far. Somewhere in the latter half of the game there is a vine jump that might be v-string dependent to first frame off of and survive. That is the worst offender but there is some unnessecarily tight and awkward stuff besides that.
The tileset never really changes and makes the game feel like it never ends. Which honestly it feels too long for its own good.
All of this combined makes for a incredibly frustrating experience. However i have to give creedit for some of the interesting things the game tries to do. I just wish it was executed a bit better

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 75 75
Jul 15, 2020
Biogom has some serious talent.

Literally every save in this game is well designed in some way; the design as a whole is interesting, albeit a bit confusing at times, and the needle is all around really fun. I'm astonished that there were next to no skips in this due to the nature of the twisty level design.

The graphics are mimimalistic, but you don't really realize that due to how active the FX are (which is by no means a bad thing).

My biggest complaint is that using the standard saving/loading makes the screen resize due to rInit being a different size than the rest of the game, but this pales when put up next to what else this game has to offer.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 70 70
Nov 29, 2016
It's insanely amazing needle game which shows most of how creative Biogom is.
I'd rate this as 10 if I can restart before I die.

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Rating: 9.8 98       Difficulty: 70 70
Jan 6, 2020
A needle game with a lot to offer but also a lot weighing it down.

Compared to its predecessor, its a huge step up and the production is a lot better - its got a ton of effects to be interesting but is a much easier on the eyes and generally looks pretty cool. The downside of this is that it betrays what I would say is the cardinal rule of needle which is don't mess with respawning. Thankfully it was patched to disable the slow restarting (press C to toggle) but the fact you can't hit R is still irritating. This is exacerbated by the fact that its filled with F-jumps, long vine grabs, setup edge jumps and block ledges which you will end up spending a fair amount of time just falling to your death. Its not much per time, but boy does it add up.

Needle wise, this alternates between a ton of really cool, creative stuff, a TON of tedious setup full jumps that even if is at the start of a save you can't save a setup for and then every few jumps there's something miles more precise than the surrounding jumps. The latter is usually fine because saves are primarily short which means once you crack a tough jump you usually won't have to keep doing it.

I'd probably still recommend this game if you can stomach the setup jumps everywhere (and can consistently tap movements and 2f because you will need them very frequently) as there's still a lot of cool stuff to play but it definitely hindered the flow of the game for me.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 70 70
Dec 26, 2019
Amazing needle game,with awsome visuals and alot of original and interesting jumps.Would highly recommend.

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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 70 70
Apr 2, 2016