I wanna revenge the snow

Creator: ぱなちりーなエンドオブTAKAHASHIは絶対許さない隊長

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4.0 / 10
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66.3 / 100
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Avoidance (5) Meme (1) Takahashi (1)


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I am going to explain the meaning of this avoidance, and the reason of its existence in current state, since looks like nobody who reviewed this game, know this thing.

I would like to start with fact, who actually made this game. The author here is mentioned ぱなちりーなエンドオブTAKAHASHIは絶対許さない隊長, even though, as some sources show (like, zero's avoidance list) , this game is made actually by snow, himself. Now, we should translate the nickname to understand what is the hidden meaning of this game. Exemplary transaltion could be something like this (thanks to grisha92 for the help) – Panachiri – captain, who never forgives the ending of TAKAHASHI. Term TAKAHASHI clearly is a reference to snow's older game, which I believe was already private by that point - I wanna beast The TAKAHASHI. And you won't doubt that if you are going to compare both of these games – same EBONY & IVORY soundtrack (but differently cut), same layout and cat sprites with one difference – in I wanna revenge the snow colors are inverted for everything, except kid. Here is a screenshot comparison for a reference – [url]https://prnt.sc/qe9o35[/url]. Also 'the ending' is a reference to these attacks in I wanna beast The TAKAHASHI, which are used as a basic for constructing I wanna revenge the snow – [url]https://youtu.be/WRGqsIBi5ok?t=78[/url]. And that would even make more sense for the title itself – I wanna revenge the snow, since I wanna beast The TAKAHASHI is made by snow, and making revenge for his unfairness would make sense in context of the original game. The usage of word 'captain' for me associates with 'taisa' (even though it does not translate as 'taisa'), as something hard and 'impossible' to beat. Why Panachiri is the name of the captain I don't know, I guess it is just a random picked name, but maybe I am wrong.

Also alternative translation could be 'Panachiri in the end of TAKAHASHI - unforgiving captain', where basically Panachiri is the title of the attack serie. Captain could be some slang word, but which one particularly, I don't know.

After finding out the roots, we have to understand what was reason to make another game, I would even call it as a spin-off of the original I wanna beast The TAKAHASHI. To find out, I am going to explain the main differences in gameplay and in soundtrack, and then I am going to say my hypothesis on the existence of this game. So, in this game avoidance is around 75 seconds long, while original avoidance was around 100 seconds in length. Gameplay of this avoidance basically consists of two attacks – horizontal fruits which goes left with a quite free trajectory and then curving-like attack with falling from the top fruits – which gets repeated 5 times, and then being continued by some fast falling fruits, some curving fruits and final burst after which cats are falling down. While repeating 5 times the soundtrack soundtrack also loops 5 times, however without intro, since intro is only first time. That basically means that you are doding one set of attacks for a minute, and then for the last 20 seconds or so, you have the final set of attacks. If you look carefully then you can recognize these attacks from original avoidance, since the repeating one is the hardest attack in the original avoidance, starting somewhere around 75th second (or something like that). The only thing is that they only look similar. Actually, they are different. In original the repeating 2 attacks are faster and are differently programmed, at least it sees like that. It felt that in original game they were harder. The final attacks are very similar to original ones, however I think that the points of where the ray of fruits start to go from are different (I guess also easier), curving seemed harder, but the last burst is completely different and cats weren't falling down in original I wanna beast The TAKAHASHI. So snow actually made different avoidance, but with similar style. Now question is: why?

The answer I think can be found if we look on the date, when game was submitted on wiki. It is 1st of April 2016. April Fools' Day. My hypothesis is based on the thing, which could have happened in Japanese community, and which maybe was a reason for deleting link of the original I wanna beast The TAKAHASHI. I may be wrong, but for me it seems like there were people who were dicontent about the difficulty of the avoidance. And probably the one attack, curving-like, was the one, which people disliked the most, due to its speed and difficulty. And, probably, snow wanted to make a meme out of this, that there is going to be another avoidance for those who beaten it and 'are not humans', with repeating the hardest attack to make the effect of the hell, whie repeating the same attack. And once you got out of cursed circles you get back to the 'normal' avoidance, which you have to finish, but, of course, with some buffs, to annoy players, who play this blindly.

The thing is that I should say that I cannot say that this is not original. Snow made totally new avoidance, concentrating difficulty on other points. This is not a rip-off, this is a unique avoidance, but with similar design, which is a reason, why I call it as a meme spin-off. And what is even more weird, I really have fun playing this. At first, it was funny to understand how it is changed from original game, but it seemed difficult to umderstand attacks. Once you play more and more, you are going to understand how attacks work and what are the best strats for them. They are still going to be hard, but you are going to die less. I am quite dissatisfied from the first repeated attack, since it gives the walls more than the second one, but for some reason, I never felt that I am frustrated or something like that. I had fun with it. The second 'phase' I beaten on 10th attempt. Getting to it takes time, however I cannot say that it is necessarily impossible. After first time getting there, most likely to have another attempt is going to take around 30-90 minutes if you play like me, however I believe for many others it shouldn't take more than 10-20 minutes. The only thing, which is quite difficult is transition between phases, because sometimes they are way too harder than they should be, being reason of many deaths on transition. Also, I recommend to watch video on youtube how to properly do the last burst, it is quite tricky, in my opinion.

Here are stats on 2nd phase, by the way:

1) 02:24:26 (585 deaths in total) (death on red curving)
2) 03:05:03 (722 deaths in total) (death on red curving)
3) 04:26:23 (972 deaths in total) (death on first falling fruits)
4) 04:37:17 (1009 deaths in total) (death on first falling fruits)
5) 05:08:05 (1106 deaths in total) (death at the very beginning)
6) 05:30:44 (1179 deaths in total) (death at the beginning)
7) 05:56:37 (1254 deaths in total) (death on the last burst)
8) 07:00:40 (1459 deaths in total) (death at the end of the red curving)
9) 07:37:34 (1568 deaths in total) (death on 2nd stray)
10) Clear

In conclusion I would like to say, that surprisingly this avoidance was made that it can live its own life, without much of consideration of original avoidance. Hard to compare difficulties of both avoidances, since they are almost the same, however I believe, this is a little bit easier, however, again, I may change my point of view in the future. Yes, quality of the avoidance does not allow to rate it as high as original one, but I think it doesn't deserve to have 2.8 rating. It is specific, and I can understand why someone can find this annoying, but I believe there should be someone who likes these kind of avoidances, like me, and if you think that my description fits for you, then I would surely recommend this game to you. Also I would recommend this game for those, who have beaten I wanna beast The TAKAHASHI, since undoubtely it is going to be another interesting experience!

P.S. Also I love that I am called 'not a human' for a second time (if you understand what I am talking about) :[url]https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/477060772967481344/658269772701499412/Clear.jpg[/url]

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Rating: 6.4 64       Difficulty: 61 61
Dec 23, 2019
Small avoidance with the EBONY & IVORY song where the first attack (cherries that move to the left and this curving-like attack afterwards) gets repeated 5 times until the song stops repeating and then you'll have to survive some falling cherries and then it ends with a cherry explosion and the two cats falling down.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 63 63
Aug 24, 2018
Stupid avoidance that keeps repeating the same attack. Do not play.

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Rating: 2.6 26       Difficulty: 75 75
Jul 3, 2016
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Jun 13, 2016
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Dec 7, 2021