I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II

Creator: ☆阪神☆

Average Rating
4.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
57.0 / 100
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Avoidance (2) Special (1) BossRush (1)


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3 Reviews:

After 57.5 hours of playing I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, I have finally cleared it and I am ready to tell about this game, its creator and my impressions of it!

The game itself is a straight sequel to original I wanna be the Goshi Barrage (which full playthrough can be still viewed on ipses youtube channel) and can be even perceived as a prequel to I wanna be the Magic Girl made by the same guy, but only under other nick. Both sequel and original I wanna be the Goshi Barrage have the same structure of the game – you have to clear 5 avoidances to get to the final avoidance after which you have cleared the game (in other words, some kind of boss (avoidance) rush after which is final boss). Who is ☆阪神☆ (Hanshin) I have already written a little bit in my review of I wanna be the CaballerosⅥ. Hanshin under his nick have made more than 30 games and later on, when he changed his nick to LIPCONE ( info about it that can be seen in his blog, which is now kind of dead (only some posts are still alive) and here [url]http://dic.nicovideo.jp/a/%E2%98%86%E9%98%AA%E7%A5%9E%E2%98%86[/url] ) (about that I have written in my I wanna be the CaballerosⅥ too) , he have published another 7 games, which has similar and different things. All his games now are private (except for I wanna brake the Eight beelzebubs), but still you can find something about his games, so we can compare. The similarities can be seen, for example, in Hanshin's I wanna be the Goshi Barrages and in LIPCONE's I wanna be the Magic Girl. The same specific design of savedata choose, track, which is in I wanna be the Magic Girl's title is the same, which can be heared in title and credits in I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, same tilesets and mechanic how to choose boss in wanna be the Goshi Barrage II is the same as to choose world in I wanna be the Magic Girl. Even the red letter 'R' is in all his later solo games (I guess that is a thing of his engine?). That all shows that he is the same creator. But now let's end the discussion about the creator and now let's get to the main game!

When you open the game you have specific intro with some japanese track and Hanshin's project sign. And the only thing, which is kind of unique for title screen, is the choice to use different tracks for the title screen. Those are bossrush avoidance tracks and also the credit track. The game itself starts with the screen, where you can choose between 5 bosses bosses (6th has name 'Coming soon', which can confuse at first, since it can felt that game is unfinished, but it is finished). Layout itself looks more or less good and is well-planned. Each boss has its picture of track which is colorless at first, but when you choose with your arrows boss, it gets colorful. Each boss has info about the track and its composer and has some wierd stars, which as I guess shows difficulty (even though that difficulty is kind of wrong). Each boss I will rate seperately and I will write in that sequence in which I have cleared bosses (important notice is that I played the whole game blindly without looking on interent for strats (but still you won't find the whole playthrough, so you still have to think of strats yourself.

The first boss, which I cleared was the right one in the first row, which is the easiest one (it even has 1 star), the shortest one (only 2 minutes and 21 seconds) and I didn't even noticed how long it took (around 1 hour or something). Avoidance itself can be definied as a carrot avoidance in theme of track. There is even appropriate character from the song (which is called Tewi from Touhou I guess?). What about the gameplay? It is pretty easy, but unpredictable. Once you understand what to do it is really easy. Random is really fair and easy, from patterns there are mostly only aiming attack. The only thing, which is kind of unobvious, but still you can dodge it is instagib at the end, when sprite goes down, but if you stay in corner then everything is fine. Is that it? Well, yes, kind of mediocre avoidance, which you will miss pretty fast. Nothing too terrible, but not great either.

Rating: 4.5
Difficulty: 30

Everything starting from this boss is pretty grindful and isn't as easy as previous boss. After around 2.5 hour and 300 death random playing I thought to start play seriously ne of avoidances. I chose Summer festival Gumi and Miku avoidance (the middle one in the first row). Boss itself took around 9 hours and 600 deaths. It has 4 stars and is 3 minute and 26 seconds long. For me this was t second hardest boss from all game, so stars shows more or less appropriate difficulty. Boss is probably the only one which has kind of too calm song, even though it is still fun to play. Boss itself is pretty fair even though it has one unfair attack around at 2 minutes and 35 seconds, since attack is RNG dependend and can give walls, even though there are a lot of space to dodge so it may require skill too. The very first attack later on gets buffed so it requires skill to dodge even though it can look as it is RNG dependend. A lot of attacks are pretty free, but those few attacks buff boss and can be hard to dodge. The final attack and splash I first tried so I can't say is it RNG or pattern, but it didn't felt too hard or something, even though the buffed first attacked is really hard to learn, since you have to do it 2 times. Some attacks look cheaply made, but it was still nice avoidance for me.

Rating: 5.5
Difficulty: 54

The next one I chose to play the middle one in second row, which is rated on 5 stars and is 3 minutes and 40 seconds long. The boss unexpectadely took only around 4 hours and 300 deaths. SpiCa was definitely my favourite one! It is basically fair RNG dependend, and unlike other bosses, RNG most time is readable, so it isn't only about farm. Yes, boss has several repeating same aiming attacks, RNG attacks and etc., but is fun to play. Yes, the first and third attack has savespot in the middle platform on right side. Yes, the first hard RNG attack is hard to read. Yes, 2nd and 4th hard RNG attacks are the same and 3rd and 5th ones too. After the third RNG you can even see, how bad sprite was cut in paint (even though before it you can't even notice it). But still even after all of this, I can't say that I disliked this boss. It was really fun to play and unlike the all other boss, it doesn't have instagib pattern in the end! The last RNG can be first tried, and every RNG attack and some pattern attacks too, looks unique and fun to play. Just because of how fun it was, I will definitely give higher rating, since I really felt that creator tried to make good boss! And it isn't even that hard too to play!

Edit: After clearing I wanna be the Goshi Barrage, I came to conclusion, that this is my second favourite avoidance from both games and that I really liked it and maybe a little bit underrated. Because of this, I will give +0.7 to the rating (and only for this avoidance, all the others I will keep as they are for now)

Rating: 6.7
Difficulty: 50

After 2 fine bosses we have one pretty much horrible boss, which could be good too. I am talking about the left avoidance in second row. It is avoidance with track 'Hacking to the gate' from Steins;gate. It has 3 stars and is 4 minutes and 15 seconds long. For me it was thwe hardest boss, which took me around 19 hours and 1000 deaths. It is boss, where you will only see gears and lasers (on two attacks). This boss would be OK, even though it has many places where you just have to wait, because nothing is happening. The main problem of the boss gets somewhere around when is left like 2-3 minutes, mainly horizontal attacks. Those horizontal attacks are purely RNG depended, since you have so less place to move and dodge and after that you have one more RNG depended attack, which can get impossible random, since gears stop in random places and after that you have to go with aiming somehow trhough that. Aimings can be easy if you now how to dodge those easily even though that isn't obvious. Oh and it can be laggy if you play not so good device, which means you can easily die on patterns and etc. Laser attacks can be annoying too. The first one is OK, but second one is easily chokeable, because it is after horizontal and random attack... And for the last attack you have once more aiming (yes, the whole avoid has a lot of those...) you have the last instagib, which guess what is even hard to dodge... I died like 2 times on it and somehow dodged it on third time, even though it was really precise dodge. Could be fine boss, but is just ruined by few attacks. Never again... (rating is little bit higher for track and ideas)

Rating: 3
Difficulty: 57

So as last bossrush boss we have boss, which have 2 stars, but is 4 minutes long. For me it was boss, which took around 14 hours and 1300 deaths. It is Babel Miku avoidance. I wouldn't call it as hard, even though the difficulty is really similar to Summer festival one. Here we have boss, which gives us ton of pattern and RNG attacks. Boss has the worst sprite in the game (like really badly cut Miku sprite) too. At first there are few unique random and pattern attacks, as we as some not so unique like boring aiming or free RNG attacks. The real problems start when there is left around 2 minutes and 30 seconds. There is wierd attack, which is RNG, but should have appropriate strat to dodge. After that we have buffed RNG attack and aiming. After that the floor fells down and you have to dodge everything on platforms. More RNG, more annoying and hard aiming, and then you get to the last minute and finla phase, which guess what, is the same as the first attack! The only problem is that it is easier to dodge on gorund, but we don't have ground anymore, which means that we have RNG depended attack, and if you got through it somehow, you will have instagib too, on which I even managed to die once... The boss is better than steins;gate one, but it isn't as great as it would be, it isn't as fun too but I will still give higher rating because of unique attacks and gameplay.

Rating: 5
Difficulty: 54

We have defeated the whole boss rush, and look, we have one more boss, which has not star rating, but have track from anime (Magic girl or something like that). Boss itself unlike the first game, is more concentrated to be as a reference to other avoidances, even though starightly you will only see attacks from Babel Miku and Summer festival Gumi and Miku. Avoidance is really long (5 minutes and 13 seconds), for me it took around 9 hours and 500 deaths. This boss has like 2 different phases, from which the first one has infinite jump, but second has same layout as Summer festival avoidance and without infinite jump. You will see pattern and random attacks from upper-mentioned avoidances as well as attacks, which inderectly represents steins;gate too. Interesting gameplay thing is the appearing airship in 2 minute of avoidance. When it appears it can go in 2 directions: left or right, which is randomly generated, but is important to make gameplay easier. For example to dodge easier the first airships aiming attacks you should dodge in opposite direction on which starts to go airship, for second attack you should go on other side and third like first time and etc. Is avoidance hard? Well it would be OK if not one few random attacks in last minute of avoidance. There is buffed fruit rain, which can give walls easily and after that you have randomly bouncing fruits (indirect reference to steins;gate or Gumi from first Goshi barrage), which later on splashes and can give unreadable walls. Luckily last phase I survived from my third attempt, even though attack looks really tough, since you have to dodge both first attack of Summer festival and aiming, and that isn't as easy as it looks. I would say that 2 floors of blocks was useles, but as reference to Summer festival it was fine (even though blocks were different). Was easier than Summer festival Gumi and Miku and Babel Miku, but is still challenging. I really liked the avoidance at first, but liked it less at the end. But still, it was fun experience! Oh and the airship is the same as in I wanna be the Magic Girl, only other sprite, which kind of looked like prequel or something even though in LIPCONE's game its completely different, but still fun fact.

Rating: 5.5
Difficulty: 52

When you finish the game you see 'Thank you for playing!', but you click on wierd new button, which appears when you clear every boss, you can go to credits and you will get to 'Thank you for playing!' screen, which is the same as in First Goshi barrage. And my bonus rating for the game will really high since I liked how did the creator tried to make visuals, chose good soundtracks and has interesting ideas for the game .

Bonus rating: 6

If there wouldn't be bonus rating, then rating of the game would be 5.03 (before edit 4.9), but after bonus rating it is 5.171 (before edit 5.07), which round of to 5.2 (before edit to 5.1). Did I like this game? I should admit that I liked it and I had fun even though this game was made in 2011! Game has its issues and has questionable content, but if you are determined to find good things among bad things, then you can try this one, but if you don't like old games and don't want to do questionable stuff or don't have that high skill to play this one, then you can skip this one, even though I doubt that random player who reads this review will be able to find the link of the game. But still, one of the better Hanshin's games, which is still better than a lot of nowadays games. Pretty chill one since you don't have platforming and you won't have restarting music or lot amount of trap problems. Don't see reason to talk more, since I already everything about each boss, and now just make your decisions whether it is or not worth to play!

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Rating: 5.2 52       Difficulty: 57 57
Jun 3, 2018
This game has 6 avoidances total, you have to clear 5 of them first in any order you want and then the final one unlocks. The game is pretty old and really doesn't have many different kind of attacks, mainly rng, aiming, bouncing, and lots of waiting. LOTS of waiting.
The 1 star avoidance is really easy and kinda fun. Also has the gimmick on relocating platforms which is the most advanced this in the game.
The 2 star difficulty one is horrible, has more than 1 minute of waiting in it and there is 2 hard attacks that are in late.
The 3 star one is kinda fun again, has some waiting yet again though. It's also pretty hard honestly and the instagib circle at the end is rng and actually really prescise which sucks.
The 4 star avoidance is pretty easy, has 1 unfair attack and also a gib circle at the end that is overly precise.
The 5 star one is alright. Ye.
Final avoidace is really long, 5m13s, and incredibly easy for roughly 4minutes. Then there is an incredibly stupid attack there and the end of the fight is decently diffcult, which is just great.
I really can't even judge the difficulty of this because a lot is just boring, but here and there there are really hard attacks and there is also a lot of actual unfair shit going on as well since the design is really poor.
I guess "No need to play this" sums it up pretty well.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: N/A
Apr 7, 2021
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 5, 2021