I Wanna Be The Suitable

Creator: BJEareaf

Average Rating
5.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
37.0 / 100
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Adventure (1) Avoidance (1) Boss (1)


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2 Reviews:

Adventure game by BJEareaf, which contains 5 stages with specific design and 2 bosses.

Game starts with horrible screen, where you see bunch of spammed different heights of gates, see standart tileset and hear restarting guy-rock. Then you realise that game doesn't have special programmed save-blockers, so you can easily skip some gates at the beginning and it will help in the game forward too.

When you complete one screen of "nice" level design, you get to next stage, where you have other type of kid: kid with small hitbox and other music, which is restarting too. This stage is very strange, because one time you see crazy screen with precise jumps, but you can skip through invisible blocks, then you see next screen and don't know how to clear it, because blocks are too high to get on them, no problem, just use save-jumping ( I don't know if I correctly called it), and then you have to get to ledge, what a nice stage! If you clear it then you have first real boss in the water. Boss is pretty confusing and I didn't really get is it boss or avoidance, with "SourPls" song. But main gameplay I didn't really remember I just remember, that I just randomly shoot, and it killed fruits and then you have to get through two gates on which I didn't died and then you get to stage three, which is longest stage in the game.

Stage 3 gives you again normal hitbox, and you first part of stage are similar to z2 screens, but apparently they are a lot worse... You see disbalanced saves, where once you have to do strange "F" jump and then "Sphyncter" jump, and there is also water saves, which have so precise jumps, that I thought, that it is impossible to clear, but it is possible, if you are normal person, who uses save-blocker non-existing bonus. Second part of stage are pretty similar to first, but now you have ice gimmicks, so it is a lot harder to complete. Only good thing, which I found was, that water was frozen, like game have even logic put in it!

Well logic disappears in stage 4, which basically is "Coca-Cola" themed stage. If I remember correctly, ice physics works there too. The main difference between previous stage is that using small-hitbox, you have similar jumps, but placed for small kid. In other word, you have special made corner, diamonds, nine-jumps and etc. It is fun if you save after each of horrible jumps, because other way it is very hard, and I didn't really wanted to frustrate without reasons. Then you have second boss, which I didn't really remember, I just remember that it was pretty smilar to first one, you could shoot fruits, but in the beginning and the end you should jump in corner, on second corner I died once.

Last stage contains one big save, where you have actual save-blocker, and you need to escape from chasing wall of spikes. Needle is pretty simple, you just need to get through some easy jumps like gates (which was around ten)and only hard jumps was half-diamond, where gate is in second half and squished-diamond. Everything after I first-tried. And then is "Thank you for plaing screen" with some text in Korean and background, and music from "Coca-Cola" world.

Game is decent, but not great. It have unique ideas and jumps, some interesting jumps and somehow interesting bosses. Some stages and ideas are terrible, like first and second stage. Game have sometimes very good music, but fact, that it is restarting, made me sometimes annoyed. The hardest stage probably is stage 4, however in difficulty stage 3 and stage 5 is pretty similar too, however probably still little bit easier.

I would say, that if you will play game ,like me, with using fact that there is no save-blockers in places where you can, then I would probably say, that you can try it if you don't have better game to play, other way, without skipping, I highly wouldn't recommend this game.

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Aug 3, 2017
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Jul 3, 2020