I wanna break Things into Pieces

Creators: Gludraq, Ataosama

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8.2 / 10
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77.1 / 100
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Needle (5) Avoidance (6) Sunspike-like (1)


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18 Reviews:

Bruh. This game is amazing.


Bursting onto the needle scene, our needle artist starts the player off in an empty room, unaware of the difficult journey that is to come. After the first collapse, the player is tested with ~10 needle screens that slightly increase in difficulty as you progress through the game. In terms of style, the needle is vanilla with your occasional vine, platform, or water jump. There's no unnecessary gimmick except for the collapse, but those screens are not a problem. Nonetheless, the difficult of our needle starts at around 75-78 in terms of difficulty and once again slightly increases until you reach the last screen. At first, youreally tasked with completing some semi-precise needle, nothing intense or hyper-precise. As you progress, your jump window closes, leading to 1/2 or full frame perfect jumps. While this precision might push people away, I welcome the vanilla atmosphere and enjoyed the 20 hours of investment put into the needle. The precision did make some saves more tedious, but overall the difficulty wasn't too overwhelming. I was annoyed with a few jumps (the gate combined with a spike semicircle was extremely annoying and some of the apple ledge timings were hard to figure out) but it wasn't enough to push me away.

Was it the hardest needle I've played. Arguably; C/O/S/M/O and Phonotaxis are the only games that can compete. Would I still recommend it regardless of difficulty? Yes. I will warn you though: know what you're getting into. It's a difficult, but extremely satisfying journey.


A work of art. The avoidance artist obviously knew what they were doing when making such a masterpiece. Primarily RNG with some pattern breaks. Balanced well, usually fair. Going to break it down attack by attack since I believe this for analysis works well with the fight.

Intro (ceiling rng, ceiling black cherry, gray to red background rng): Visually magnificent, but probably the most unfair part of the fight. It's primarily RNG composed in a way that can wall when it wants to. Since this fight is RNG heavy, building consistency is key for success. The intro of this fight can disturb consistency and make what can be an easy/medium fight into a grind (not taking into account final). Overall, not a group of attacks I was fond of.

Limelike (slightly swaying platform with rng from multiple angles): One of my favorite attacks. Challenges the player's reading ability as well as dodging. Finding gaps to dodge through was thrilling and pulling off precise dodges was very satisfying. Very fun in general.

1st patterns (platforming segment, star patterns, aimed white cherries, blue cherry strings): First real break in the fight. After dodging some RNG, the player is granted with some simple patterns that don't take much time to learn. Once you've got them down, it's almost impossible to die to. Nicely placed after around 30-45 seconds of rng. Very good.

Angles BabyRage (blue bouncing with small orange cherries): I'm on the fence regarding this attack. Once again, it tests your reading ability by launching 5 bouncing cherries with small orange cherries that come from the ceiling. At times, the blue cherries are irrelevant since they don't interact with the middle of the screen. However, one bad angle can force you to either side of the screen, which can cause you to run into rng. It's not heavily dependant on the angle of the cherry, but it can disrupt reading and cause the player to come out of their comfort zone. Overall, okay attack.

Gray to Red Round 2: Nothing special here, basically the intro rotated 90 degrees. Less walls so it's easier to pass.

Haunted House Entrance: This attack will stick with me because I was terribly inconsistent at it. Taking a page out of Leehe's book, the small white cherries curve unpredictably and can lead to some pretty sketchy dodges. I was either on or off with this attack. Once again, this fight requires consistency, and my inconsistency here really hurt. However, reading the curves becomes easier with time so it becomes much easier with more experience. Nice attack.

Leeku: 9 platform with a Leek Miku with bitrate ruining background. Leeku launches leeks and apples at you before leaving 4 triangles for you to dodge. The climb is not necessarily rng dependent but if your path is ruined or cut off in any way, it's very hard to recover. Easy attack, but very annoying to die to.

2nd pattern: Free, should never die to it.

I need better hand-eye coordination (zoomed in trigger attack): My least favorite attack. I was so terrible with this. Extremely inconsistent. Moved into a cherry like 100 times. Flipping the screen fucked me up so much, plus it felt like the triggers were off sync with the song. I don't know man, this attack should be free, but I'm dumb and make everything harder on myself. Whatever, good attack, but I wasn't fond of it at all.

Pre-final: Also free once you learn it. Should never die to it if you implement good strats.

Final: Hardest attack (RIP my boy Crimson Kid). Stars and clusters of RNG are launched at you. Angle of stars can kill attempts if you're in the air too early. Would recommend moving under the collapsing floor, just do what crimson kid does before his tragic death. I personally had a better time reading on the floor, but its up to you. After second stars, rng is launched at your for ~30 seconds until the screen fades to white. I consider this "chokeish rng" but after looking back at my clear vid, dodges can get very tight. Do not underestimate this part of the attack. I didn't pay for it but it's best not to get too overconfident (unless you know you won't die to it). Nice ending to the fight, very hard and tense. Very fun as well.

Overall, amazing fight. Arguably the best fight I've cleared.

Aesthetics: Needle is vanilla, so are it's decorations. Game takes place in broken down Guy Tower (loved the Guy room easter egg). Avoidance is beautiful, song is beautiful. EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL.


Fantastic game. Good things wipe out flaws. Would recommend to anyone willing to grind out the needle/needle gods. The avoidance is a worthwhile reward.

By the way, I rated this on my phone, so it was very hard to proofread this. Apologies in advance for any dumb mistakes. Additionally, I was lazy with the end of this review so my prose becomes extremely casual. Not that it matters since I've already said too much, but it's whatever.

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 85 85
May 3, 2017
The needle is quite a long and difficult part of the game. You need to go through more than 10 screens with various difficult jumps, there is cancer in some places. For players who know at least a little about jumping, this part should not cause serious problems, I think. I don't think that's what this game is worth playing for. I like the needle in general, but I must say right away that it is very specific and will not go to everyone
Avoidance looks quite colorful against the background of everything that had to be passed in the needle part of this game. Lighter tones are already prevailing here. Basically, the difficulty for me here arose due to randomness on almost any attack. The most stable part is the needle part in the avoidance with a star, oddly enough, and I like it because it's creative and cool. The last parts of the avoidance are a bit harsh for me. I did the part with the falling apples by getting up in the apple align, because it's quite dreary and difficult to go through the usual way. Although there is this trick, but the chance of getting on the right spot for me was no more than 45%. The pre-final is a very scary and fast attack because of the bursts of huge apples. There have often been situations that are simply unrealistic to play out in a normal way without subtle gestures. The finale is a big bunch of randomness that is worth being able to control in a good way, which I did not know how to do. As a result, I can say that avoidance is a cool, very cool soundtrack, probably the best Miku soundtrack that I know at the moment, but because of the large number of randomness in each place, I suffered a lot here

I am very glad that I have finished this difficult journey. One of my favorite adventure games has been cleared and it's cool

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 82 82
Dec 10, 2022
needle was really meh
but avoidance was god tier, holy shit
would've been a 10 if it wasn't for the needle

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 75 75
Dec 19, 2020
Still dont like the needle(had to replay it cause i lost my save),but the avoidance is amazing.Very creative and well done.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 80 80
Apr 24, 2016
No rating because I absolutely hated the needle but absolutely loved the avoidance. All the difficulty in this game comes from the needle. The avoidance is challenging but nowhere near as much as the needle imo, and felt like more of a reward for clearing the needle rather than the 2nd part of the game.

If I had to rate the avoidance alone, I'd give it an 8.5 rating and 70 difficulty. It has really fun ideas and good visuals but there is some bad RNG in some places.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 70 70
Feb 19, 2024