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Avoidance (7)


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If you are looking for an avoidance that has cute visuals and a cute miku, you should definitely play this.

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Rating: 9.1 91       Difficulty: 66 66
Jun 20, 2016
Usually those who play games have their own experience with games. They make a journey in it to clear it.

But there is also a second kind of journey. It is when player needs to 'set up' everything on the device to have the best adventure in the game.

In I wanna be the whoknows I had to deal with both kind of 'journeys' .

I am laptop user, and to explain what exactly I had to get rid of, I will quote what I said in review for Sun Flower: 'It is YoYoYo engine (as far as I know) , which is very widely used in Western community. I just noticed it by the fact that on first attack I felt that it is lagging, even though it didn't. It just wasn't smooth enough. I have this problem on several games made on this engine. Luckily, I didn't notice this problem anywhere else, except the beginning.'

Unfortunately, this time, literally, almost every attack was lacking of smoothness. I was very upset, at first. Yet I found a solution. I decided to make a recording (in Bandicam) of avoidance to see what is actually wrong. Because I had feeling that everything is fine, but I was just thinking up.

When I started the recording everything suddenly was OK. I could play the game without any problems. And it was very essential, otherwise attacks like aiming was almost impossible to play.

I mean, I have heard before that it could solve the problem, but since on my previous laptop this method didn't work at all, I thought that here it wouldn't work too at all.

But that is not all.

Literally, on the day when I downloaded the game and played like an hour or so, I had another surprise. When I decided to turn off my laptop, I needed to download big update of windows 10. And on the next day I found out that I don't have a save for I wanna be the whoknows anymore. I was extremely upset. Luckily, I found out about folder 'Windows.old' in which under hidden files I found a missing save. I really don't know the reason why this was only game which had this weird glitch, but it was very unpleasant, I have to say.

So, I would suggest to be ready for everything regarding this game, seriously.


Anyway, here is the actual review of the game:

This is avoidance game by Sudnep, which I would describe as an attempt to make good 'Western Miku avoidance' with cool visual effects. And surely it has very good ideas in it.

I would like to start that game has a very cool and inventive idea. Everything starts with kid being in I wanna be the LoveTrap Miku room and then very short after intro there is transition to the different room. It is differently designed and has other Miku sprite. Now kid has to leave this 'cute' world and get back.

And while kid is away from 'home' , everything collapse and change pretty quickly. The layout rotates to 90 degrees as the song progresses and kid has to get used to it. At one moment kid gets even to another room in which there is a clock and ton of small Mikus. Suddenly, Miku makes a sound of sneeze and kid is being teleported to the room with only one platform and in which everything mixes up from what he has seen before. And the grand finale is the returning to the first colourful layout and kid being sent very soon as Miku sneezes again to his 'home' , yet without Miku.

Moreover, I cannot say that the gameplay is boring. Sudnep is very creative in combining so many interesting and unusual attacks. You have zoom-in, infinity jump section and unusual patterns. And yet, although it has potential to be better than I wanna be the Twinkle Days, it manages to ruin on several attacks.

First of all, first and second chorus is very inconvenient for dodging and, moreover, I am not exactly sure about how fair it is. I mean, second chorus have potential to be fair, yet hard. But the first one felt very annoying for me. Not only the last orange pattern, which actually gives random angle and thus can give very 'cool' situations, but also RNG falling down is very questionable.

Second of all, I have questions in second couplet. Mainly, about this attack [url]https://youtu.be/Ah3LS1eho_I?t=82[/url] and bouncing before second chorus. Uhm, why these attacks exist? They look horrible in the context, because they are way more unreadable than everything else. Even pattern before bouncing, which seemed hard for some people, is acceptable (it is actually very easy to find your own strats without video) . But this RNG is so fast that I am not fully sure that it is actually 'fair' .

I would also say that aiming attack looks a little bit out of place, but comparing with some other attacks, I won't judge this attack much, although I was not exactly sure why author decided to put it here. Also I think final phase could be designed more originally, because it feels something missing, but I am not exactly sure, what could be done better (I guess more visual effects could actually help, maybe?) .

No, do not get me wrong. This avoidance has TON of fun stuff. As a good example is everything starting from the 'clock' attack. I died once on the very ending of the avoidance after first-trying everything from the clock attack to the end, because I was too nervous, and I thought that I got lucky and won't beat avoidance soon enough. I had big surprise when I had literally on the next attempt to the clock attack and have beaten the avoidance.

Avoidance is actually very fair and readable starting from the clock attack. It requires some knowledge what to do, but most of the attacks are readable (even on this moment – [url]https://youtu.be/Ah3LS1eho_I?t=165[/url] – you actually cannot be killed? Or at least it is not as precise as I thought) . And then I was perplexed, why author could make enjoyable beginning and ending but not the middle part? Just for the difficulty or why? I don't know.

Of course I had played in non-blind playthrough, yet I used many my own strategies. But I don't think that my opinion would change much. Yes, I wouldn't beat it in 4 hours, but still. This avoidance has very interesting ideas. I even liked bizarre ones like the infinite jump part, which is designed very originally, in my opinion.

I have feeling that author tried to make something like I wanna be the Twinkle Days. Even the difficulty is more or less very similar. And yes, visual effects I surely liked in I wanna be the whoknows more than in I wanna be the Twinkle Days, but gameplay has its problems in Sudnep's game. It makes avoidance harder, although it was unnecessary, and makes everything more frustrating. Dealing with chorus parts is really a stressful task.

I do not really want this time to dig more in the actual gameplay, because I do not think that it is necessary. I just want to say that this is surely potentially good avoidance, but it could be better if everything was better balanced. I can recommend this if you can deal with avoidances in difficulty like I wanna be the Twinkle Days, but I am not sure that you will be fully satisfied. It is surely something different than average avoidance, but I feel that it has some questionable parts and unnecessary stuff in, which you may dislike. I had good time, but it could be even better if avoidance was more polished. So I am gonna say that I would recommend this avoidance if you feel that you really want to try it out and you are ready to stay in for several hours. If you feel trying random avoidances just for a short while, then maybe check for something different, because I doubt that everyone can beat this avoidance in 1 hour or faster even in non-blind playthrough.

Anyway, when I wanna be the whoknows 2, Sudnep?

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Rating: 8.4 84       Difficulty: 59 59
Jul 7, 2020
Pretty fun avoidance. The boss plays really well blind, there's only two spots that are kinda difficult to learn without abusing recordings (the start and the end of chorus 2). The RNG in the orange circle in verse 1 and the start of chorus 1 are both quite luck based, which can be annoying as the rest of the avoidance is fair. Also the violet cherries in verse 2 blend with the BG, but it doesn't mess up gameplay that much.

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Rating: 7.4 74       Difficulty: 60 60
Jun 23, 2016
Brilliant!The miku and the music almost melted my heart.

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Rating: 8.2 82       Difficulty: 68 68
Nov 27, 2020
Отличный авойд с интересным исполнением атак. Рекомендую

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Rating: 8.6 86       Difficulty: 65 65
Aug 17, 2020