I wanna qoqoqo 2

Creator: sunlaoqq

Average Rating
7.8 / 10
Average Difficulty
72.1 / 100
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Needle (9) Gimmick (1) 100_Floor (5) Long (1) x_Floor (2) Softlock (1) Pathing_Puzzle (1)


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[Edit November 2: 2020. Deleted in December, 22nd while making my GBC review. It served no purpose.]


Before I go insane...

Hi. I am Edgar Cochran, a novice in fangaming yet, and I have a long story to tell.

I know. You probably don't come here to read long stories. You come here to interact with the community in fun ways and discover new fangames with the aid of quick reviews and average ratings of quality and difficulty. However, this fangame changed my fangame life for all the right and wrong reasons, where the wrong probably overcome the right. But it is probably the other way around. I haven't decided. It did me well, but I suffered a lot in the process.

No, it wasn't the difficulty. Allow me to explain.

As I said, I'm a beginner in fangames whose greatest achievement yet is to finish I Wanna Sunspike in less than 45 minutes and first-trying the final boss like 5 times (and beating her several times now). I can handle my gates and diagonals. I sort-of handle my corners and diamonds. I hesitate with double diamonds and, for some strange psychological reason, I can't do block double diamonds consistently (even if, theoretically, they might be easier). Planes drive me crazy, but Celebrate 100 encouraged me to do my first plane 3 months ago OPTIONALLY and that ability to choose gave me the courage to try one 100 times and nail it. Now I am building strategies for planes.

Ok, so after being (not) famous in this community for making Sunspike my third fangame ever and dying slightly less than 30,000 times, I learned about this site in August of last year (2018) and about an intended way to do things. There is a natural order. A difficulty ladder exists and that is why beginner recommendations exist.

So I do this since summer of last year: I built a queue, exported it to Excel and sorted it by lowest to highest rating. If a new fangame appears in the meantime that catches my interest, I happily add it and insert it in the corresponding row according to its difficulty rating. Currently, I am gaining confidence in the 50-59 difficulty spectrum. After stumbling across Appreciate the Meteor Stream and testing my patience to no end (I have covered around 80% of those glorious 13 minutes), I decided to take a break and make a second investigation for easier fangames again to chill, and then proceed with the difficulty ladder. My genre of choice? X_floor games. I like them.

I searched for Conquer the Blow Game and happily clicked the X-Floor tag I put myself in my review. Then I sorted by lowest to highest difficulty, and chose those that had more than 15 reviews. Two games catch my attention: Qoqoqo Origin and Qoqoqo 200 (aka Qoqoqo 2). I don't know what my brain did, but I queued three games thinking they were two (I don't do drugs). It turned out I queued Qoqoqo 100 also without noticing along the other 12 picks I chose. Given the lack of a release date for Origin, I am led to believe this is the first installment, and Qoqoqo 200 is the sequel "with a difficulty around 57". So I beat Origins and reviewed it in January of this year. I play 200 thinking it was the sequel and I wasn't heard of again...

I promise this gets better.

The first floors surprise me in how intricately designed they are. They require a lot of brainwork to decipher a correct route, and the difficulty felt slightly aggressive, but nothing I couldn't handle after the training provided by Thenader2's well-made neon experiences. I pass the first 25 floors and I feel successful, but my mind was fixated with a "57 difficulty rating", so I think that the difficulty curve must have a low slope.

Enter the 130s and I perceive and advanced difficulty. I begin to be scared. This is not normal. It is a big difficulty change, but I proceed, visually keeping track of my deaths.

Enter the vine gimmicks at the 140s (hate vines in general) and I learn, the hard way, two things: a) you can actually change the height of vine jumps (I had no idea), and b) this is not the game that was meant to be played YET. However, I have a flaw: I cannot leave things unfinished, be it a movie, book or game (except Appreciate the Meteor Stream; that was made by the devil). So I say: "You have Sunspike in your side: you can handle a Veteran experience. It won't be the first time." So I proceed.

By the time the gray 160s arrive, they punch me in the face with full force and a striking obsession with multiple diagonals. Like, diagonals everywhere. Drop gates too, for good measure, but not as much as those hundreds of diagonals. Therefore, I develop Skillz and handle my multiple diagonals and the unbearable pressure of finishing entire screens without a single intermediate save. You must do screens with one single try each.

Enter the 170s. Enter hell itself: Water gimmicks with frame-perfect jumps and even multiple downward planes in a row with water gravity. My hands hurt; my heart freezes. I come to a point where I say: "I will never replay this brutal game again, so I don't deserve to be a fangamer. However, I will beat this".

And finally, my breaking point came: THE LEGENDARY SCREEN 172. Yeah, it has an underwater corner and multiple diagonals in a row underwater. But that isn't what changed my life, my dear SUNLAOQQ (you reading me sunlaoqq??). What scarred me for life is that I hit the save located at the upper left corner of the screen in a particular frame that actually registered The Kid as being on a non-existent left, black screen. I die, so I hit R. I immediately die again. I hit R again while pressing RIGHT so that I can avoid dying and resave on a better spot. I die. I close the game in fear, re-open it and load my game. I die. Finally, I make sure to hit R and RIGHT at the exact same frame. I inevitably die. If I keep pressing R, The Kid dies 15 deaths per second.


I bail on the game for a couple of days and get back to work, because I suffered through screens that I swore I would never suffer through again. However, sunlaoqq stood out for two reasons: his amazing level design and incredible music choices. The variety was pleasing and pleasantly-looking, even if more than the first quarter is just the same, but the amount of thought behind the design of almost every screen, including the 4X4 puzzle of the 130s, was very unusual.

And then I begin to think about what that game actually did for me: improving my needle skills significantly. After much thought, I decide to restart a very intimidating fangame that was out of my league... or so I thought. But, somehow, this sentient game begins to challenge my patience: "traps" appear. Unintended ones. I begin to die in badly programmed ways I hadn't died before: Screens 110, 117 and 124, decide, this time, to kill me in the last jump. It turns out that if you align yourself with the wall of the blocks at both extremes, you can die: you enter into a huge empty room and can spot out how the classic "smoke" sign that takes you to the next screen expanded in size like in Microsoft Paint. Funny, but not funny, especially screen 124. That hurts. The game was definitely resisting. Is the game mocking me for retrying??

I re-enter the 160s reluctantly: brutal, merciless, one-save-per-screen needle with a huge amount of diagonals. I pass the unthinkable 170 and 171 screens, and reach 172, the screen that ruined(?) everything. I save VEEEEEERY CAREFULLY after an army of diagonals on the right side, and proceed with the game. Then I paused and saw if there was a difference between the first and the second playthrough:

2,426 less deaths
4:36:25 quicker

That's a lot for my standards.

Screen 174 particularly shocked me because, towards the end, there is a jump that requires you to go through three minispikes. I pass through what I consider is the toughest part of the entire game (yup, harder than the last section), and enter the infamous, maligned 180s with its gravity gimmick. It was fun and very creative, and with screen 188 I was cheering (it has lots of time skips too), but several people hate it and I can see why. I saw it as very fun and amusing, and a breath of fresh air after what is still, for me, brutal needle.

And then, a legendary moment comes, a moment I consider one of the most memorable in fangame history: 191-199. It is a miracle, as miraculous as the 100% version of Go Across the Rainbow that Cultured grabbed in the Stage Rush section. It's like if the game was saying: "I'm sorry for everything!". sunlaoqq provided a map in the download folder, but my best recommendation is this: When you reach it, close the game and continue it another day. Make sure 191-199 is a one-day experience and be very attentive to everything you do. Be very observant and remember what you have done and the saves you have hit. It won't be as difficult as it sounds because the entire huge section is never repetitive. That is amazing. I wasn't attentive two times and had to repeat entire sections two times. No harm done, because it was never boring. To top it all, this section features the fantastic song "Weekend" by Dick Reichardt, featured in the film Kokowääh 2 (2013). Yeah, I know my cinema.

During my second playthrough, I appreciated at an even larger extent the genius of the level design. I will not exaggerate with this statement: I think it is on par with Majora's Mask Stone Tower Temple. I am not even kidding. sunlaoqq should be taken seriously as a smart and original level designer, with some flaws. Did I already mention an obsession with diagonals? Fix that.

If some flaws were fixed, this would be, in my book, a masterpiece of needle. I agree that my lack of fangame experience interfered with how I reacted to the game destroying more than 9 hours of personal effort, but it is a fatal flaw that should be fixed. SCREEN 172, upper-left save. Don't save too much on the left. Remember that. Also, fix screens 110, 117 and 124. Rating has been greatly affected because of those "tiny" flaws that can be fatal.


17,795 deaths
21.7333 hours

ONE LAST NOTE: I came to a point where the final jump of the 191-199 section is visible. I saved the game there, and I noticed what could probably be a major skip. It is a tough horizontal-gate/corner jump difficult to describe, followed by a very precise second jump to reach the "smoke" to reach the final clear screen of the game. Was it my time to take revenge? It sure seemed. I took it, and with my basic pixel-align knowledge, I calculated the best align for the corner, made a tiny jump, went through it and BOOM! I beat the game. Justice was sort-of done. I became very enthusiastic about that major skip and went to YouTube to see if anyone had found it. It turns out one of our earthly gods, the good Paragus, had already done it (and of course made it in much less time than me). Well, you can't be the discoverer of anything, but I am proud I saw it and attempted it by myself, being able to make the most difficult, unintended, beat-the-game jump I have ever done.

So, sunlaoqq, we cool, but you sure owe me a cookie. I didn't bail on your game. If you send me an MP3 file of the song at the 140s vine section, which I can't find anywhere even by name, we will be friends again :)


Update for March 2020: I already found the song. It is "Inner Twilight" from the OST of Sen no Kiseki II. You never replied. We are OK still, but not replying was kind of poopy. You still owe me that cookie.

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick Long x_Floor Softlock
[15] Likes
Rating: 5.6 56       Difficulty: 80 80
Apr 14, 2019
An amazing yet very challenging 100 floor game. The level design starts strong and remains top notch the entire way through the game. Every so many floors in the second half you will see a gimmick get swapped in, and design around these gimmicks is great. The gravity flipping near the end of the game outstayed its welcome for me quite a bit, but the final screen is certainly one you will not soon forget.

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[4] Likes
Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 65 65
Jun 28, 2016
Fabulous music, needle that hurts your brain more than your hands, and cool mechanics to mix it up. I enjoyed the entire game aside from a few screens towards the end, but the final area was a wonderful payoff to it all.

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Tagged as: Needle 100_Floor
[2] Likes
Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 65 65
Feb 5, 2019
I would like to start with something.this is one of my favorite needles.It is 100 floors,every 10 floors change the stage, including vines, water, diagonals almost everywhere and everywhere.Very interesting jumps,wonderful music at each of the stages.The difficulty curve jumps quite sharply from the 150th floor,each floor feels like it becomes harder.I thought that the difficulty would be around 55-60 maximum
I didn't feel any special difficulties until the 160th floor. And here, on the one hand, there is a minus, on the other hand, there is a highlight in this,if you do not like to indent.Each screen has no saves,you need to go from the beginning to the end. And so on to the 170th floor.It was interesting ,but the complexity is quite itself.170-180 floors, favorite games, but there is one THING!!!
For me personally, the second сheckpoint of the 180th floor was an absolute torment, I don't know how for the others.I reached it with 4000 deaths, and left purely with this save having already 5500 deaths!!!One save for 1500 deaths,I don't know what it's connected with,but I didn't experience such difficulties either further or before.
There are flaws, such as inconvenient saves in many places,the lack of saves in the 160-170 stage,but in any case, the game is wonderful

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Rating: 8.7 87       Difficulty: 73 73
Jul 25, 2021
Here the story of me and this game :
One year ago, I started this thinking I'm good enough to beat it because I already beat some games rated 70 on deflruit. The first 60 floors were a bliss, everything was so well-crafted and fun, the pathing was genious and no screen felt flat or frustrating. And then I entered the 60s (or the 160s in game). The game took a huge spike in difficulty, having long screens with only one save but also a dive in quality, becoming a diagonal hell where the 32px grid starts to show its limit. I tried, I really tried but I didn't had fun grinding it anymore so I just gave up and forgot abour it.

I recently decided to finish all my on-going game I never finished and of course qoqoqo 2 is one of them and to be honest, I had a lot of fun this time. The game became just rougher and more unforgiving toward mistakes because save are overall really longer. Some screens have really bruh jumps and unpolished level design, but it's honestly nitpicking when the majority of the game is brillant. The last huge screen is a good way to finish the game and I really enjoyed it.

Sunlaoqq is a great maker and this game is as good as I expected, but be careful if you're not confident enough with your skills because this game can be way harder than what it looks like.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 75 75
Sep 27, 2020