I wanna be the Lizardmanmaster3!! vs Love Dragons!!

Creator: レシギア

Average Rating
3.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
40.0 / 100
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Boss (1) StageRush (1) Lizardmanmaster (1)


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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 50 50
Oct 9, 2018
Rating, dificulty and review is based on main clear of the game and has spoilers.

This is third official released game of Lizardmanmaster series and so far it is the worst. Game is totally different than previous 2 and even the main structure isn't really like as adventure game style. This game has stagerush style tho. To clear all main content of the game, you should clear 5 different areas and 1 boss.

Start of the game is different than in other 2 games too. In this game we can see, that we don't play as usual kid, and we play as some sort of lizardmankid (if we can call it like that). But to start the game, we should choose the difficulty, which all are renamed and has some obstacles to get to them. Medium now is easy mode, but hard mode is nomal mode (this isn't my mistake, it is really called as nomal mode..), very hard is hard mode, but impossible is mendes (I don't know what this name is supposed to be). To be honest, it is hard to tell, on which difficulty this game is meant to be played, but nomal mode doesn't looked like normal mode, since it was 3 times harder to deal with, and isn't really fun to play. But easy mode wasn't really much better too, even tho there was quite more saves too (but still this mode, doesn't make extra easier...). Good thing is that this game has title in the up, not engine name, even tho difficulty name is wrong (it isn't called as creator wanted, but as standart difficulty). And yes, this game is made on game maker lite too. But still, as far as I get creator counted even easy mode clear, since in old site, this game had status as game, which was cleared by many people, which I doubt mean that everyone played on nomal mode, but still I want to tell how bad this game is even on easy mode. Oh, and yes, this game has some wierd tutorial, which can be skipped!

As I wrote before, this game is stage rush. To clear it, you have to clear 4 different areas, after what last area will be unlocked. I started with upper-right area. This area has some screens, which contain couple of traps, invisible and fake block, gravity changes and etc., which makes it as some sort of maze stage. Stage has interesting classic music soundtrack, which fits nice, but sadly, it restarts too, as in previous games... Gameplay isn't something really special, so it wasn't really something worth of seeing. And yes, every stage in this game is pretty short.

Next I tried upper-left stage, which is followed by standart tileset as in other stages, but has pretty annoying gameplay with gravity and platforms. Soundtrack is ok, but it doesn't really fit in this stage. This stage has worst secret item ever, but about that later. To be honest, I can't really say much more about this stage, since it doesn't have anything more special...

As third I chose downer-left stage, which was at least more unique, than previous ones. Here you should go up and up to get to portal. This stage felt smoothly in FPS rate, since it doesn't lagged, even tho, you should go up and up, and ithas feature to go down too, so it is balanced. Still, probably it can lag on less powered computers, but still it was more or less ok. This stage has strange gameplay with vines too, which has couple of skips if you save right. Soundtrack is wierd, but it at least fits. This was probably one of better contents in the game, but it isn't really the stage, which would be the reason to play this game.

Downer-right path is based on platform and grabity change gameplay. This stage has saves, which has wierd gameplay and timings of fruits, has nice background, ok soundtrack and more traps as usual. Is there anything special? Not really, so lets get to final stage!

Last stage is based like some sort of ruined castle, which has some deleted blocks, which sometimes are like real killer blocks, but sometimes as free space. It makes stage puzzlish, but it doesn't make it fun to play. Music fits well, butfact that it is restarting, makes it very annoying, because there isn't a lot of clues, where is traps, so it sometimes is just based on guessing, and can make it really unfun. Could be good stage, but it was just ruined by bad gameplay. What we have as last boss? It is giant normal kid! This was probably only part of the game, where I had at least little bit of fun, but still just little bit. Probably I just got very lucky, but boss is pure RNG based boss, with couple of phases. It looks more like some clown fiesta, where you have to fast kill the boss, or some random wall of spiked will kill you from behind, or you will be killed by some fruits. Music really makes it more fun, but bad RNG can make this process of playing just uninteresting. After this we have "Thank you for playing?" screen, which tells, that game has secrets and extra content. If there wouldn't be any% category as it was told before in creators site, I wouldn't count it as clear, but since it still counts, let's say that it was pretty easy (the easiest game so far), but had really nothing that is really worth of playing and isn't even fun, even tho I cleared it like in ~1.5 hours. Conclusion for casual players: this game has nothing worth of playing in ant% category. It has ok parts, but mostly it is unfun both in easy and both in nomal mode. So, let's not waste time, and I will just say that I wouldn't recommend this game for anyone at least for this content. Rating is based until main clear without secrets and difficulty is based on content without secrets and on easy mode, since I haven't cleared this game on nomal mode (and I doubt that I will). This is just standart private game, which isn't even worth of finding it...

This part of the review isn't finished, since I haven't beat all extra content, and it has opinion about, what I had cleared:

One of the good things in the game, is that game has room, which tells where is secret locations, since you don't really need to waste your time on finding them. The main secrets are sometimes fun to get, but sometimes really unfun.

The most fun would probably be he downer-left, which doesn;t even have right location in hint-room, but, which is really well hidden with going up gimmick. Reall well hidden item and was fun to get it.

The most unfun to get it upper-left area, which doesn't have save in the start, but has saves with vines, which is really unfun to play, and which isn't really easy to get even on the easiest mode. Just awful, but at least thanks, that area ends after that secret.

Upper-right secret is hidden in the very beginning, where you have to go left in the wall, and you have one stndart gameplay room, after,which you got teleported to stagerush room.

Downer-right area has secret in the very end, where you have to jump, where screen ends, and you got to another room, where you have time correctly to get thorugh fruits and get secret afte, which you can escape this area.

After getting all items, you can go down, where you have 2 pictures of strange creator, which was in first Lizardmanmaster. In normal colours you see after getting all items, but red one you get after clearing gigant kid. After getting all items, you get to portal after which you teleport in another room with another stagerush from 2 stages and with nervous soundtrack. I chose path where was fuit timing area. This was just horrible stae, which I couldn't manage to beat without saving as far as I can. Soundtrack is same as you got to new stagerush. This stage has fruits, which aims to you, but you should somehow escape them. I can't imagine how somebody could beat it on nomal mode, since even on easy mode it felt like really wierd to time it correctly.

I dropped this game on boss of this area. It is fruit, which you have to shoot, but in the same time you have to avoid aiming fruits... Big fruit has too much HP, butafter you beat it, you have another phase, where it is much faster, but you don't have a save... Is this really the easy mode? I don't know how I will beat it, but if I will beat it, then I will write more about this game. And yes, if you have question what does clearing extra gives and what is the point of playing it, then I can tell you that clearing extra unlocks you password after which you can play I wanna be the Lizardmanmaster3!! vs Love Dragons!! vs 裏モード , which I would like to play, but for now it doesn't look real for me to complete this game, which is pretty sad...

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Rating: 3.7 37       Difficulty: 30 30
Dec 24, 2017
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May 13, 2020