I wanna Kakachick

Creator: Dengol

Average Rating
3.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
52.7 / 100
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4 Reviews:

Off-topic: Finally, after more than a year – new review time! Although I have beaten this game more than 2 years ago...

This time we have a very special game – I wanna Kakachick – publicly unreleased game made by Korean author Dengol, which nowadays is famous for his I wanna be the I WANNA Star series, especially, for the fourth entry. The series were made somewhere around 2019-2020 period. However, this creator has made games long time before that. You might recognize some titles like I wanna escape the world series, which were publicly available in 2015. Yet the creator alongside with these games has also made several games which has never seen light of day publicly, or which were available to be played by very few – chosen ones.

Probably you have seen this title, as well as, I wanna ToTo needle, in I wanna break the Series Z 2. And once again yet irony – I wanna ToTo needle was publicly available. Well, kind of. See, that game (version 0.4 specifically) was available on The SavePoint Cafe Naver for some time before getting deleted. On Cafe Naver the release date is 22nd of May, 2014. Since having access to the Cafe Naver is extremely complicated for non-Korean people, you can say that this game was made as Korean community exclusive. And even then – not the latest version. Because if you check Archive – to ty it, then you are gonna see that version 0.5 is available. Why am I mentioning this? You'll see that the existence of version 0.5 of I wanna ToTo needle is also closely related to the I wanna Kakachick case.

I wanna Kakachick has never seen the light of day. In fact, if you are gonna try to find any information about this game, then you won't find it, even through Naver. There were many unreleased projects of Dengol which were at least mentioned, for example, on his old blog, which by now (as far as I know) is deleted (or does not have anymore of the old posts) . As an examples, you could find information about I Wanna Kill The Leehee (exe date suggests that it was made somewhere around September 2015), as well as, mentioning of I wanna ToTo needle 2 being made, and I believe there was also mentioning of I wanna get the fostropi (which video showcase is available on Cafe Naver), but I might be wrong, it was somewhere around 2017-2018 when blog was still up.

The issue is that I wanna Kakachick was not mentioned as far as I know. So this game was a huge mystery. In fact, when I wanna ToTo needle was shared on Archive first time, it was told that game was not originally shared because author said that game was unreleased despite it being public (even if versions were different) – this was the moment when I thought that I wanna Kakachick could have also been in possession of particular group of people, but was not shared because author did not want it.

This game was shortly leaked on Archive for few hours somewhere around middle of May 2020. And guess what – this game was made in 1st July, 2013, which means that game was made even before I wanna ToTo needle. As you can guess, this is probably Dengol's first ever made game. I would suppose that he has started to make game, but was not very satisfied with the result. However, I suppose he sent the game's exe to Mr PDplayer, who thought it would great opportunity to use the game in the medley after a year. Why? Good question – I guess advertisement of his friends work? Or maybe Dengol himself requested it? Who knows at this point...

However, it is quite weird that game, which was never publicly available had resurfaced. After all, there were more trouble finding I Wanna Break Through Unlock Trials, although there were some public information about it, unlike I wanna Kakachick.

As it turns out, one member of Russian community actually contacted Dengol long time ago (I would suppose that it was somewhere in 2016?) back in Skype days. Author refused sharing but after long discussions, the person persuaded to receive I wanna ToTo needle v0.5 and I wanna Kakachick, however, creator said that games were unreleased, and he would be glad if games wouldn't be shared around.

The mystery is solved, however, does it really matter – maybe the game still sucks? After all the rating it has right now is 2 – do I try to prove something with this?

The game definitely is not the greatest fangame ever, and definitely not among Dengol's other projects. However, I personally think that this game has gotten way too harsh reception.

Let's take a look:

This game is basically something like Adventure, consisting from 5 stages and 4 bosses. When you start the game you will see very weird title screen in Korean. What does Kakachick means I am not sure though. Then even weirder save select screen, which reminds of "YoSniper's" engine (Simple Engine). And then the game starts with some intro screen which is nothing special. However, right after that though... You already meet with infamous "Z2 screen" . I wonder why, PDplayer... Also it uses 498 Tokio soundtrack, but don't forget – this game was made before "K3" was a thing. Anyway, short stage – nothing special. Restarting music kind of ruins the point of music, however, visuals I personally found quite appealing, especially background choice in this game is more original than in some public games... Gameplay does not annoy, it is pretty straight forward. The first boss shares similar vibes – whimsical crocodile which most likely you are gonna beat in few attempts.

Second stage reminds a lot of I wanna be the rainbow MIKU screen from I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 2, except more saves and not as hard. It is also in the colour green. Starting from this stage I felt in both playthroughs that this game definitely has very unique vibes, even if it is not excellent. Soundtrack, the colour choice, the kid's sprite... It all looks different than what you would expect. Maybe platform jumps might seem a bit difficult, but nothing catastrophic. It was still... enjoyable? I guess? Anyway, time to the second boss.

You know, when you hear 'Science is Fun' soundtrack, you have flashbacks of the original I wanna kill the Kamilia. And it definitely worked for me – it looks weird, especially, what the hell is going on with GIFs in the bottom of the screen??? It is so whimsical. Gameplay wise it is a bit precise, but luckily you can spam boss without getting to the later attacks. It is not excellent, but somehow it did not annoy me even on my 2nd playthrough (before writing review).

3rd stage is definitely something – I would even say that it is highlight of the game. The 'Bach-like' (I actually cannot remember the name of soundtrack, my apologies) soundtrack, ice needle (I did not notice ice gimmick up until my second playthrough) and, in my opinion, quite good visual aesthetics of needle, really sticks in your mind. Gameplay is not something revolutionary, but it is not necessarily bad though. I liked the skip option through diagonals on one screen – it was a bit funny for me. And then the boss... Avoidance... Big hamburger! What? You did not expect big drawing of Hamburger, shooting projectiles (some of them extremely weird) and the same Bach-like soundtrack? I think it is just something. The only issue is that Dengol missed to place portal after beating avoidance. Whoops... I guess PDplayer did not play this boss, huh.

However, as user FruitlessWasabi already mentioned in their review – this game has debug keys. Unfortunately, I did not know about their existence, so after some time after getting stuck, I received unofficial modification with the fix. In the first playthrough I was definitely annoyed from not understanding why I could not beat the avoidance. In the second time, when I already knew details, and having fix, it was fun boss. Definitely best boss in the game. It definitely made me smile.

What did not make me smile, especially, on second playthrough was stage 4. I mean, I liked visuals – this fog is just something! And also visuals quite appealing. But, come on, the gameplay is just annoying. First of all, this stage implements 'Shoot saves' at some point along with touch saves which are in other parts of the game. Second of all, gameplay is based on trap needle. And it is annoying. You do not understand where to go, nor what you should do. Should I jump up? Well, no, you need to jump down.... In my first playthrough, I did not notice it being so annoying, but on my second playthrough I was heavily annoyed. I just could not understand why it was there. It was the point where I was losing hope that I am gonna give this game rating 6, which I wanted to give originally in 2020. Now I was thinking about lower rating.

On final boss of the game you see big Teletubby and the avoidance is based around other avoidances of the game! So game literally summarizes what was in the game like many Adventure games do. I liked the boss on my first playthrough, however, it lost its charm of being whimsical on my second playthrough. I also found it to be harder than I remember of it being... And rather it felt being annoying a bit. I still liked it, and I appreciated for author of trying to make logical end to his first project!

Well, almost. The thing is that there is additional stage, which is black & white stage needle without music. Why? I do not know. But it is there. It is quite short and involves some skips and also gimmick of 'Shoot save'. I am not sure why there was such a necessity, but whatever. Anyway, the game ends up with epic ride on platform up (with different colour blocks from all stages – reference to what you have seen before) and with 'Thanks for playing!!! ' pronounced with blocks but in a very nice manner.

With that being said, this game definitely stick in my mind – and I definitely wanted to write special review on it. I was glad of it being my 250th clear. I am glad that finally in 2022 I got motivation to look back on this.

Yes, I am definitely more disappointed with this game than I was in the past, so I got a bit more 'sober'. However, it does not mean that I think that it is terrible. This game is a very unique view on fangames of a new creator which would leave his mark with other games in fangame history.

Did he make better games? Absolutely, yes! I wanna be the I WANNA Star series is enough to say that he achieved good fame.

And yet this does not make his first project extremely bad. It is outdated, in fact, however, it has its own charm. I enjoyed it and I felt that author definitely tried his best, and I absolutely love the history behind this game. Yes, my second impression is worse, but it is only just by little, to be honest.

Difficulty is not very hard, but it is not 20 difficulty as some people claimed it to be. Hamburger and final boss can give you some time.

To sum up, I would recommend this game to anyone who is ready for unique Korean Sudoku-ish experience. Also be prepared for questionable moments and restarting music. If you are not a fan of such type of so-called 'low quality' games, then better avoid, even if you have gotten access to it.

P.S. Hopefully, there are gonna be more reviews and I am not gonna disappear for yet another year! At least, let's hope for that.

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Rating: 5.7 57       Difficulty: 53 53
Aug 10, 2022
Rating based on version 0.1, using debug keys only when necessary (you'll see why soon). Really old fangame, and at least somewhat interesting, but honestly not worth going out of your way to find.

First stage is ok, it's the needle tower thing featured in Z2, probably the only part of the game anyone will recognize. Has a lot of generic jumps, not really worth noting. There's also a plane in this stage, but it's actually easier in this engine, funnily enough. The boss isn't really much of an issue either, assuming you kill it quickly enough.

The next stage has more generic jumps, mainly diagonals near the beginning. Also contains a lot more platforms than the first stage, including one save which literally consists of jumping across platforms on the ceiling while directly above spikes. This stage's boss is probably the most interesting one in the game, but not by much the boss's hitbox doesn't kill you.

After that, we get to stage 3, which isn't very good either. There are some parts that were fun, but it's overall rather mediocre. There's also a few gimmicks thrown in, like ice physics, though they don't really add much. The boss has an invisible maze right before it, and the boss itself is an avoidance with several insta-gibs, but once you know everything the boss does, it's not that bad. The problem, then, is the warp to the next stage...because there is none. In my version of the game, it doesn't exist. The game does give you debug keys 1 and 2 to skip rooms, so that's what I did after beating the boss, in order to progress. (Edit: GaspacoZanis confirmed recently that Zero's copy of the game (the one that spawns the warp) was indeed modified, so I'll add the "Impossible" tag back as of now.)

And what is the next stage like? Trap needle, that's what. This wouldn't be a problem normally, except for the fact that there is just way too many traps packed into each save. Also, the traps themselves are mostly not very creative, simply consisting of spikes flying at the Kid. That said, there were some parts I enjoyed, but only very few of them. Also, the boss is another avoidance, featuring all the other bosses so far. And yes, the burger is still terrible.

The last stage is 2 screens of black and white needle with no music. It's ok for the most part, though the first save features quite a few bad jumps. Good thing this save is entirely skippable, by doing a corner (also easier in this engine for some reason). The game ends immediately after this stage.

Before ending this review, I would also like to bring up something about this game that I feel needs to be mentioned; the saves. The game uses touch saves for most of the game, which can lead to unfavorable results. You can get stuck in the ceiling, the floor, or the walls, if you're not careful. I understand this was an older fangame, however there are also shoot saves in stages 4 and 5. What I don't understand is if shoot saves are a thing that exist in the game, why not use them more often? That just makes zero sense, in my eyes.

It's easy to see why the creator never publicly released this. I'm probably overreacting with such a low rating, but still not recommended.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 50 50
Jun 20, 2020
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 1, 2020
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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 55 55
Jun 1, 2020