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Creator: Derf

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This is a collection of my work from around 2014-2015. A few of these have been released before, but the majority of them have not. (I have starred the best games in this collection, in my opinion).


Small Man 4: This was one of a few hoax games I released. The gimmick is a quadruple jump and a reduced resolution size. I still enjoy this game--I think the level design is pretty interesting and the gameboy aesthetic works (even if it can be a bit hard to see sometimes). That said, I'm not sure how well it has aged.

* XIFT: This is probably the best game that I've made and released. I really shot myself in the foot by: a). keeping it a secret; and b). only releasing it in this collection. As a result I think a lot of people missed this the first time around--though I believe it holds up 2 years on. It's a 50 floor needle game set inside an hallucination. It's the prequel to the unfinished adventure game PSIFT that features some unique graphics and interesting jumps. If you try anything from this collection, I would highly recommend this.

* Rendez-vous: I did a pretty poor job of explaining the concept of this game, and as a result the few people who did play it were left, rightly, confused. This is a ten room needle game, and each room corresponds to a 10th of the difficulty scale on here (room 3 is 30/100, room 9 is 90/100, etc). At the beginning you set how far you think you can go, and that is how long the game is. If you are confident only at level 60, you select the 6th difficulty setting and the game will be beaten after stage 6. I like this game, and I think the graphics are still really nice even for some simple draw effects in Gamemaker 8.0. My major gripe is that the later level design begins to become obnoxious, especially at the point where I was making levels above my skill level.

Peanuts: This is another one of my hoax games, and probably the most popular. It's not a great game in honesty--the appeal was more in the hoax, which has now sadly passed. Instead of playing this, I recommend catching videos on youtube/twitch of people playing it and freaking out. UltrJMan's on youtube is funny, and if it's still available so was Paragus' reaction.

Might my Mighty Might Wanna be the Guy?: This is another entirely unreleased game and is a dotkid game which experiments with how you can clip through thin walls due to Gamemaker 8.0's poor collision detection. It's fairly short, there are 10 stages and then an unfinished parody of the piano avoidance. Honestly, this is one of the weaker games in the collection and the gimmick doesn't justify the length of the game. I included it in the collection because it was an homage to PatrickGH3, one of the community's finest souls. I'm not sure if I got his style down, but I gave it a good shot.

I Wanna Get Through Hyades: Hyades has been floating about for a while--a few streamers played it. It's a sort of avoidance-style Gradius shmup set on a pretend Commodore 64 cartridge. . . it's hard to explain. It's another game, like Peanuts, that I don't think is worth playing for its gameplay, which is not great. I do believe it's worth looking a for the spectacle. Like a lot of my favourite games it does some very strange things and stretches the boundaries of what can be done in a fangame.

* I Wanna Drive On Toward Death Through the Cooling Twilight: An HD remaster of I Wanna be a Brute of a Man, that has been nerfed in areas to make it both possible and enjoyable. I think this one holds up too, and is still worth playing today. I did a good job updating the graphics whilst ensuring they are still faithful to the original.

There are a few other things in there as well, but they're not worth touching.


Releasing these all as a collection was probably a mistake, since I know this whole thing was written off by people who might have enjoyed some of the singular entries here (such as XIFT). I've debated releasing the better ones as standalones, but I do not wish to clog up the wiki/del-fruit.

Regardless, if you never got to play the starred games here, I'd recommend them (biased opinion, I know).

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 70 70
Jun 28, 2017
A large collection of different needle games, many of which have pretty kicking graphics. One of my favoritse, XIFT, has a great graphic style and effect as well. It's pretty freaking hard, so I recommend to good grinders/needle players.

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Rating: 8.4 84       Difficulty: 73 73
Aug 17, 2016
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Jun 11, 2017