I wanna be the Pacemaker

Creator: Nogard

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6.0 / 10
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52.7 / 100
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Avoidance (4) Barrage (2) domu_the_meaning_of_life (1)


  • by GaspacoZanis
  • by GaspacoZanis

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Nogard [Creator]
It's a joke.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 60 60
May 5, 2017

7 Reviews:

Unexpectedly - game, which provokes of thoughts about life's meaning and problems of my personal life.

I should say honestly, why I started to play this game. Originally, I always was unaware about this game. I have seen it sometimes on Twitch, but it also seemed very hard for me.The only real reason, why I started it was because of unexpected clear of I wanna be the Plasma, which gave motivation to risk on trying this game out. Even more bravery on checking this out gave me the ratings given for this game. And what is even more, the ratings given by avoidance players, whom I would dare to call as very 'skilled' or even 'professional' ones. AndresSgarrido - 50; Vengevine - 39; Ramirus (on his avoidance list) - 53 (and I think that before update rating was 51) and creator - Nogard - itself - 60. Everything seemed pretty fine and I actually believed that nothing can go wrong, even though I was quite afraid of this avoidance. Well, actually something went wrong.

Avoidance itself is only around 2 minutes long and consists of quite little amount of different attacks. Quite long and easy intro, following attack with falling arrows and fast bursts, which are hard to read, then random orbs going from all sides, fast arrows, which slows speed with time, but which also adds density, then again random orbs, finale, which is pure RNG, but, luckily, slows speed with time and then post-finale, which can be quite unfair, to be honest. Also in avoidance you have ability to infinite jump and dot hitbox.

Now question is how did avoidance go for me and did I like this short, clearly trial-and-error avoidance? Answer is that it went oppositely than I expected. It was 11+ hour experience ([url]https://prnt.sc/qh996v[/url]), which is around as much, as the hardest avoidance (for me) of I wanna be the Tune took me at the end. Death count is 1689, which is exactly as much as I wanna revenge the snow avoidance took me. The only difference is that avoidance in I wanna revenge the snow I have beaten in 8 hours, and my personal state was quite different. I first tried finale, but died on post-finale, somewhere around 2 hours or so it had taken me. After that I died on the beginning of the finale like 10 times? And other attacks gave me some real trouble. Everything started from second attack, which for me seemed very hard due to speed of the arrows. Maybe I read it incorrectly, but it was painful to die there and then all the time to replay intro, which is very easy. The next attack wasn't much easier. I only got better on it on the day, when I beat avoidance. I guess the spinning thing around orbs, which doesn't kill, gave me confusion and made it harder to read. But, I guess, the most painful was the next attack, in which maybe first 2 rays are not as hard as they could be, but when you have to read 3 of them, then it gets really hard, and I changed my strats all the time, ending up staying to the ground as much as possible. Also bouncing was quite annoying, and I am not even talking of how frustrating it was to die on finale. Luckily, I second-tried post-finale, and now I am free from this avoidance. But, here is the most interesting thing. This avoidance felt special, when I played it. While playing it, I wished to find more similar avoidances. It was simple in everything. Simple design, simple visuals, simplistic audio synchronisation and attacks themselves were actually simple. Avoidance was made as some kind of 'Spanish meme', but except 'Thank you for playing!' screen, I didn't find anything Memem-ish here, so that is reason, why I am not giving it tag 'Meme'. But here hides another thing, about which I mentioned at the very beginning.

I really couldn't make me playing anything else, except this game. I knew, that it shouldn't be as hard, as it felt for me, but I still had feeling that I am playing bad, that I couldn't beat it, so I couldn't get me playing any other hard game more than for 30 minutes, otherwise I was frustrated. Playing easy games I didn't want, since I wish to stuck with 50+ games for a while (at least, I am trying to). And when Nogard said, that this is easy avoidance, it gave me quite more of dark mood.

I am not complaining to anyone though. Dark moods can be for anyone, but they sometimes open something more in our minds than we can imagine. While playing this game, I had many times rethought about my life, about what I am doing correctly or incorrectly. I was more thinking on how to deal with my problems in real life, or just acknowledging that something is wrong. It seems whimsical and crazy, but it just gives a reason, to think about, let's say cliché phrase - 'the meaning of life'. After having several frustrating moments, while playing the game, I had made some conversations with my family in these days and many thoughts too. And even though they may seem quite depressing or 'dark', I still feel that maybe I have done something correct, and maybe even understood something more. I even could do at least some things, which I was procrastinating, just because I didn't want to play anything. And what is even more crazy is that it is almost the end of 2019! It really gives me good feeling, that I left all dark stuff and memories in the past, and that I am motivated to find light sparks in the future, symbolically, in 2020. And, I believe in that.

In conclusion I would like to emphasis, that I may be bad player and that my difficulty rating is way too off the place, but I feel that I should say my opinion, and, yes, I totally believe that I may change it after some time, but for now, I would like to keep it as high, as I see it in my eyes, and for me it seemed as harder avoidance, than some others, requiring higher skill to clear it. But, I can truely suggest it if you are confident in your attainments to have fun and not getting dark though shades, as I had, even though maybe that is what you want? Anyway, I know that this may sound silly and childish and that you can have such a thoughts in every game, but I actually do not care much about it, I just told you my story and that is all, since this felt for me like special game, where I felt that, and, overall, I tried to make my review more original in the end of this year. Is it interesting or chaotic you decide.

Thank you Nogard for making this game and thank you if you have read this far!

Will end my 'stream of consciousness' with short verdict: Would probably recommend.

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Rating: 5.6 56       Difficulty: 66 66
Dec 30, 2019
Decent simple avoidance. I enjoyed the way that acceleration and deceleration was used here, made the pretty basic attacks much more interesting. Balance-wise, it's not the best, with attack 2 being the biggest offender here. Cool song.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 53 53
Oct 16, 2023

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Rating: 5.6 56       Difficulty: 50 50
Feb 11, 2017
Tagged as: Avoidance
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 7, 2021
Tagged as: Avoidance Barrage
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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 48 48
Oct 13, 2020