I wanna defeat the Discord Makers

Creators: Kamilia, Influcca, Shinobu, PowerNao, Biogom, Stonk, PDPlayer, Noah, Rkdehdtls, Zechul, Whiteshadow, Haegoe, 17Years, Master, Medley, ㅇyㅇ

Average Rating
6.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
91.6 / 100
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Needle (7) Trap (1) Trigger (2) Collab (2) Discord_Makers (3) domu_game (1) god!! (1)


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20 Reviews:

Overall a pretty decent needle game. Most of the areas are enjoyable, and just a few ones are too hard and/or stupid.
The game's own difficulty rating system is completely inaccurate. Sure, it kind of manages to bunch together and separate the easy and hard areas but the actual rankings are horrible for a couple of them.
Will try rating them in the difficulty order I found them to be in, and in version 1.02.

Zechul: The easiest and one of the most fun areas of the game. Mostly straight up needle with some vines and the occasional fake block and triggers.

Whiteshadow: Used to be completely free in previous versions, got a major buff in 1.02. Regular needle that isn't very hard, might be a bit precise at times.

Haegoe: Alright area consisting mostly of regular stuff, but has some saves with a bunch of triggers.

OyO: Pretty decent and nice water area. Has some saves that are a bit harder.

17Years: First screen has some kinda challenging needle, but isn't too hard. After that there's a secret 5-style save that might cause some trouble without an extra shift bind. Not too bad.

Shinobu: Rukito area-style trigger needle. First two screens are nice, third one however has the hardest stuff at the end which might be troublesome.

PDPlayer: Fluctuating quality and difficulty standard needle. Didn't really like it, isn't really bad either, just average.

Biogom: Nice vine/gravity flipping needle. Figuring out the way might be confusing at times but it's fun to play.

Stonk: Alright needle with platforms and vines. First save of final screen was dumb but it's ok otherwise.

Medley: Vine/platform needle with various styles. First screen has just free setup-kind of saves but the second one is a hard single-save screen with some difficult jumps far into it. Final screen is nice again and decently hard.

Influcca: Pretty heavy on low jumping. Especially screen 2 is very problematic because of the ending.

Rkdehdtls: 5 screens each using different jtool skins and styles for their platforming. Final save is a hard one with lots of frameperfect stuff in it. Kind of average.

Noah: 5 screens of many different styles of needle. Two screens are fun short/hard save kind of platforming. Then the last screen is a long, huge consistency test trigger save.

PowerNao: L-screen that pretty consistently gets harder every save. Some spots are a bit unclear because it's hard to know what is a flat spike and what is a block. Save 4 is nerfed in the newest version 1.04 for some reason, but it's still a hard area.

Master: Regular single-save screens. Second screen is hard and surprisingly fun. The last screen is pretty hard and not the greatest, having the difficult parts at the end, especially the moving apple drop.

Kamilia: Responsible for nearly half of my total playtime (mostly because I kept playing when I was tired, and for the whole night). Has very long trigger-chasing consistency check saves with also precise jumps and segments dropped in far into them. The portal at the end of last save can also fuck you up. I doubt it's intended that you can fail the save because of it, the portal just wants you to be in normal gravity when entering but if you have a perfectly unlucky vstring you don't enter and fall down instead.

The easier and good areas are a fun thing to play.
The game has a great sense of diversity and still a great overall unity, which was enjoyable.
Also, music choices are great.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 93 93
Apr 8, 2018
The playable stages that has a reasonable difficulty are Biogom, PDPlayer, Zechul, Whiteshadow, Haegoe and mine. If you are an experienced player, I could also add Stonk's stage to the list. Rest might not worth your time.

As a player's point of view, my rating is only 2.

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[6] Likes
Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 95 95
Jul 23, 2017
a fantastic needle game, would recommend to anyone and everyone who is skilled enough to do it
while, like literally every game, it has flaws, the the good things far outweigh the negatives, and it still deserves a 10 in my opinion. kamilia area was a highlight of the game, which is the opposite of what i expected, going into it i expected to absolutely hate it, but it was actually incredibly well designed, super long saves, super fun, satisfying to pull off, surprised me in the best possible way, and all the other areas are good too (with rough parts sometimes)

thanks to everyone involved in making this game!!

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 90 90
Jun 29, 2019
note: Review is based on completing 8/16 areas so far. Some of those still have to be played on cur ver.

review is based only about certain topics, rating is based on overall fun, difficulty status is: 1 = not a problem, 10 = mentally destroying.

Whiteshadow area: (1.01 ver) Pretty good. visuals are neat, probably by far one of the easier areas. the only thing bothering were the save balances somtimes, not off by far. most of the jumps are pretty generic tho.

rating: 8/10
difficulty: 1/10

Haegoe area: (1.01 ver) I can't say it's bad, neither it's good. the first thing bothering me is the first save in screen 1. The fact is, your spending seconds getting to the first jump. The tileset could've been a bit brighter, near impossible to see where you're standing. Save balances is the biggest issue to discuss, 10 minute saves to an 2,5 hour save, excuse me? Speaking in general, this area needs improvement would it be worthable to play. A greater part is generic.

ofcourse, the review will be changed if I played on 1.02 .

rating: 4/10
diffulty: between 1 - 2.5/10 (last save 4/10)

Oyo area: (1.01 ver) Good. First thing noticable are how perfecto the background, tileset (fady w/ background?) is. the negative things about this area starts with, the save balances. last screen = free except for never ending diagnal save? First huge dissapointment, since everything was fun to play. more than 70% is generic (40% consists out of diagnals) good stuff but whatever. Other than that this area isn't to bad.

rating: 6.8/10
dificulty: 2.5/10

Zechul area: (1.01 ver) Kreygasm. Imo the best one so far. The style of some of the precise jumps reminds me of something rz kinda like. A greater part consists of ungeneric jumps which makes this area extremely interesting to play. Save balances are almost perfect balanced and Tileset + background fits together (if it's not your own still a great pick)

rating: 9.5/10
difficulty: 2.5/10

17Years area: (cur ver) Not to bad. Known for having a secret 5 room. Consists out of 2 rooms, 1st room is in particular the more interesting one. The grey theme isn't to bad, save balances are okay. it would've been better if the 2nd room was so tedious as if it were now. 3 rooms of doing absolutely nothing? If I'd give you advise, to make it more interesting, delete atleast the first 2 screens and add an additional buffed room.

rating: 4.5/10
difficulty: 4.3/10

Pdplayer area: (cur ver) Idk, not my style. Probably 90% is generic and isn't really interesting. Save balances are good, except for a few ones which are a quadrillion times more difficult. Visuals are ok, not distracting. Background + tileset and moving grid fits together. Theres not much to say more about this generic jumps should be changed to something uncommon.

rating: 3.5/10
difficulty: 1.5 - 3/10

Shinobu area: (cur ver) Good. Style is rukito, especially noticable about the triggers. Tileset, background + moving grid is an okay pick, showing the same rukito style. Save balances isn't the best, the generic jumps could've been lower, but the mix up between some more noteveryday things would probably let you forget about that concerns. (Moving grid could be distracting)

rating: 7.5/10
difficulty: 3.7/10

Stonk area: (cur ver) Good. The 1st screen makes some cool uses, of platform, water, vine combination jumps which are fun to learn. Needle is not that generic, difficulty curve between screens are wierd. Visuals are neat, except they get distracting after some time. The background and outline = perfect.

rating: 7.5
difficulty: 5.8/10

Opinion so far: Pretty fun, worthable to play. Recommended if you have some determination and experience.

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Rating: 8.1 81       Difficulty: 95 95
Sep 1, 2017
Difficulty stars rating is questionable

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[2] Likes
Rating: 5.8 58       Difficulty: 92 92
Jul 18, 2017