I wanna clear the Crime & Punishment Ver.W&B

Creator: はる

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5.5 / 10
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53.4 / 100
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Avoidance (6) Short (4) RNG (2) Barrage (1) BossRush (1)


  • by NightShark115

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Well... I really never thought I'd join a world in which I beat this avoidance, but here we are. Six long years ago, I sat down and grinded Crime and Punishment for five hours total, taking exactly 2000 in-game lives to get nowhere. Now, after having been back for a month or two since being totally absent from the fangame community for the better part of the most important years of my life, I came here once more with no real goal in mind. I didn't expect success of any sort, I just wanted to boot it up and take a look at what the fuss was all about for my past self; the second I heard that song come in, though, I felt the drive that pushed me six years before.

It really didn't take me long to clear, maybe five minutes or so at the most; yet, I can feel every single failure before this one great success coming to the forefront of my mind to leave me be for all time.

I don't know how I feel about this game, which really isn't even a game. The avoidance itself is thirty seconds, and the game is more or less just practice for Black & White or K3 Boss 1, but I treated it differently. I'm not good at avoidances, so this is what I had to prove my worth. Of course, I'm not worthy of much for beating just this, but it is an achievement that I'm glad to have under my belt. Nonetheless, all this is to say that the only way I know that I enjoyed the game was that I felt the need to beat it, and that even is not in itself a surefire way of knowing. Therefore, I shall not rate the game anything.

Difficulty is similarly up in the air, but based on other ratings and my own experience today, I believe I've done the best I could. I don't know why you'd play this game now, or where you'd even find it, so I wouldn't really recommend this game. But that doesn't really matter, I suppose. This little journey was mine, and I don't need to suggest anyone else take it.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 60 60
May 31, 2020
Deaths: 51
Time: 00:09:44 (in-game)

Gaspaco explained the entire lore of this choke avoidance to me like 4 years ago, and I still don't understand and have many questions.

-So, there are at least three different versions. Was this the original version, or a nerfed of the original?
-This has 9 projectiles per attack, and normal has 12 (original?). Is this the version included in W&B as the title would suggest? How many projectiles does White & Black have per attack? This felt extremely different from the main game White & Black.
-If there are 3 different versions, why on freaking Earth does Del-Fruit list 7 in total?

Logging this would technically say that I have beaten White & Black, but in parts. Now it's time to tackle the full avoidance. Or is it? Again, how many projectiles does the original game have? I know the title of this one says W&B but I don't trust in anything anymore.

I see no need to describe this game, as it is the final part of the avoidance, which is the final challenge of the game. How unbalanced is your game so that you actually make a separate game featuring exclusively the choke attack? Moreover, I have spoken about this avoidance in my B&W review, which is one of the only two games I have left as uncleared and still rated and reviewed along with LoveTrap.

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Rating: 1.1 11       Difficulty: 45 45
Dec 30, 2023
Review updated as of 04/02/2022 (dd/mm/yyyy).

I wanna Clear the Crime & Punishment feels closer to a practice tool than an actual avoidance. It's a modified version of the last attack in I wanna be the White & Black, notorious for being bajillions of times harder than the rest of the avoidance.
It's an interesting attack. It consists of a barrage of curving and straight cherries, coupled with occasional fast sniping attacks in sync with the music, lasting for 31 seconds (Not including intro and outro). GaspacoZanis has described this attack in detail, but just so that you remember:
- Easy version (W&B) spawns 9 fruits per burst;
- Normal spawns 12 fruits per burst;
- Hard (W) spawns 15 fruits per burst;
- Original "I wanna be the White & Black" spawns 9 fruits per burst too;
The reason why this attack is interesting is because it's more complicated than it looks. You have to manage your position very carefully: If you waste a single jump or move too far to the left, there's a good chance that you will die before you know it. There's an interesting decision-making process involved in playing this.
W&B mode is...pretty chill in general. It generally doesn't wall you and the dodges required are easier to pull off. It might require some solid reflexes and map awareness at times, but it's several times more manageable than the other versions.

So yeah, this is just a practice tool for a single attack. It's a pretty interesting attack, but it's still hard to call this a game at all. It's kinda fun to play for a few minutes, though. Maybe I would recommend, just to kill a few minutes or maybe to enhance your reflexes.

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Rating: 4.6 46       Difficulty: 50 50
Jan 3, 2019
This is rewritten review, which I wrote for original game, but now I remove it and some parts of it is available here.

So, let's start with fact, that はる originally made 3 versions of I wanna clear the crime & punishment, which was version w, version w&b and version normal. About version w I can't really say much, since I played just little bit and didn't see anything too different from normal version, but normal version and w&b version are VERY different. W&B is a lot easier, more enjoyable and more fair, than normal version. Originally I played version W&B, since somebody gave it to me, and I didn't know, that there are other versions too. Later on, I tried to find this game for my other PC too to download, and I found, that there is actually more than one version. After testing little bit, I finally found, why version W&B did't felt to be very hard, so I thought to rewrite review, since to be more correct.

About avoidance: It is short 43 second avoidance, which contains both intro and outro, and of course main gameplay. Intro is 3 seconds long, outro is 9 seconds long and main gameplay is 31 second long (before clear I looked these times in one guys video, because I was curious), so you basically have to live ~ half minute, which can look easy, but if you will try, you will get, that to complete game, you need skill too, not only good RNG, however that is important too. Only main difference between some other games, which is similar to this game, for example, Just five seconds and IWBT Burst are different, because this avoidance won't give you such unfair RNG like in Just five seconds and not too precise RNG and such crazy RNG, like in IWBT Burst. And of course this game is more fun than those 2 and I had a lot fun. And yes, this avoidance is last attack from avoidance IWBT White and Black, and there it isn't probably so fun to play.

However game has just 2 real attacks overall and those are curving fruits and timed aimed fruits, but I didn't get frustrated and that was more fun than bunch of unfair attacks, like in Just five seconds, but I wouldn't say that this avoidance was too difficult and took me just 5 hours, which is pretty fast for me, who aren't very skilled player, but it is of course a lot easier than normal version.

Overall, I really liked this version of avoidance (probably it is way more fun than normal version), and I highly recommend to try this version, because it isn't so hard and unfair and is fun to play, and,of course, even this version will definitely improve your skill!

Edit: I tried to look on each version and looks like that the main difference between versions is that in w&b version there spawns like ~9 fruits per burst; in normal like 12 per burst but in version w like ~15 per burst.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 54 54
Sep 7, 2017
Somewhat satisfying to play, the attack itself is pretty hard but its short enough that you don't actually need to be very skilled to clear it.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 55 55
Jul 22, 2021