I wanna be the colorful life

Creator: 二飘

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7.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
36.6 / 100
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Adventure (1) Needle (2) Avoidance (4) Trap (1) Gimmick (1) Boss (2) Trigger (1) StageRush (1)


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6 Reviews:

Review is based on the clear of the game and probably have some spoilers.

This is very nice, pretty long and pretty old chinese game. It consists itself from 8 different stages, however to unlock last stage, you have to beat other 7 stages in any order you want.

Stage 1 is pretty long (~ 5 minutes) avoidance, which was also used in the boss rush of I wanna kill the Bric . If we talk about avoidance, then I can say, that in my opinion it is the best part of the game. Avoidance is pretty easy to get into, but it also have very nice sync with music, interesting to learn patterns and very nice attacks at all and for me very nice background, however I know, that a lot of people hate this background, because for them blue and white background hurts their eyes, but again, for me everything was ok in this case, and I really had ton of fun in this avoidance, which is surprised me, since I didn’t waited to have such fun with avoidance! Maybe I would only wanted from avoidance, that, first, it wouldn’t be like in the first stage, because it is pretty strange to have only one avoidance in the whole game, which is in the beginning of the game (if it would be in the end of the game, it would be really awesome!), second, that there would be less attacks, where you just stay in front of wall, and, third, for one of the figures in the middle of the avoidance, I would put less speed of the rotation, but those are just details, but whole concept of avoidance was very good and fun to play too. With that said, this is very cute and awesome avoidance, which gives high advantage to the whole game.

Stage 2 is stage, which have basic needle, without any really special jumps, but also it haves relaxing music and okay tileset. Only disadvantage is, that music for some stages glitch out, which means, that it doesn’t restart, and you have to go to the title screen and rego to your savefile, after what, you can hear relaxing music once again.

Stage 3 is basically trapland, which actually creator made pretty well (better than needle stage), because traps was fun to find and learn how to avoid them. Stage has very suitable music and overall very fun to play!

Stage 4 is boss stage. This boss is delicious-fruit, which have 8 different attacks (every attack, have its color of the rainbow), from which some are pattern based (like lightblue attack) and some can have pretty bad RNG (like red or yellow attack). Boss have fair ammount of HP, and if you kill him, then boss doesn’t end, because after that it have one more phase (black phase), where you have to survive small amount of time, while screen is shaking. The main problem here is unfair RNG or screen shaking. This boss strangely doesn’t have music, but even that, doesn’t make boss boring, because it was still very fun to learn! By the way, interesting is fact, that actually you can complete boss very easily if you play only darkblue attack, since it is aimed attack, which ends if fruits get hit in the wall or ground, but if you go carefully you can make them not get hit by wall, but again I haven’t tried to skip the boss, so I haven’t tested if it actually works, so if it doesn’t work, then sorry.

Stage 5 main gimmick is needle with green balls, which have one trajectory. It doesn’t make stage too hard, however is interesting to find proper timing for some saves. And similarly like other stages, this stage have awesome music in the background!

Stage 6 is probably one my favourite platforming stages. It have very interesting gimmick- purple stage, where you have spotlight only around kid. This gimmick gives for stage some puzzlish feeling, because you should find out where to go and where not to go. It have also nice tilesets and textures, and interesting jumps (some are harder to do) and very appropriate music too.

Stage 7 is needle stage with touchable button gimmick. This is the hardest stage in the game, but it isn’t too hard or too annoying. It have more unusual jumps or tracks to go. This stage have interesting blue background, but outlines of objects change their colors (in the whole rainbow spectre), which can look similarly like in I wanna Sunspike. Even tho it is the hardest stage in the game, only last save can take little bit longer than other saves, so it won’t be too hard to complete. This stage have quite relaxing music too, so it won’t be annoying stage at all.

Stage 8, which is the last stage in the game, is some kind of easy stage rush and memory stage, where you have to beat 3 screens, which have 2 world gimmicks (there are 3 choices: stage 2 and stage 5 screen; stage 3 and stage 5 screen; stage 6 and stage 7 screen). Screens itself aren’t very hard to beat, since difficulty doesn’t really change much (for stage 6 and stage 7 it makes even easier, because you can skip second save actually). Interesting fact is that all stages have black and white design, and have one soundtrack, which really fits for some reminiscene stage. And after this stage you have unlocked “Thank you for playing!” screen.

To sum up, this is really great game, which have so big variety of stages, musics and different tilesets. And for every stage, you can see, that creator really tried to make this game even better (especially in the stage 1 and stage 8). Yes, game have its bugs and disadvantages, like bug with music, strange bug, where you can’t start new savefile 2, no music for stage 4 and other things, but, still, I really enjoyed this game, and if you can find it, then I highly recommend it for anyone, because it have amazing avoidance and very nice and enjoyable platforming stages, and if you are beginner, then this game can improve your skill too! Even though there are quite a lot of people who dislike avoidance or some other things, I still disagree with them and that is why I highly recommend it for everyone!

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Rating: 8.6 86       Difficulty: 34 34
Oct 22, 2017
7 stages with a variety of content as described by Gaspaco, so I won't go in depth.

Long avoidance but slow, peaceful and nice to look at.
Needle had quite a few choky endings, other than that mostly standard jumps.

Trigger / Trap stage felt a bit better although there's one trigger that may be accidentally triggered earlier than expected.

Boss stage was good I guess, most of the attacks can really be RNG non friendly though especially when it comes to final phase with the shaky stuff. Fortunately there's a way to trivialize all RNG on the first part: Dark blue won't stop if the following fruit is kept alive

Moving circle stage had a really nice pace to it

Spotlight / gimmick stage was nice, exploring the screens can help figuring out the blind spots beforehand.

Button stage would be the hardest of all by far especially the ending, which also has some choky parts and may be the longest save in the game.

Final stage is a medley rehash of 2 needle stage combined together on one screen with 3 different combinations available. The order can be chosen but all of them have to be done.
It feels easier than the button stage overall. Maybe ther could have been some better screen choices but I feel that the gimmick combination felt good.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 37 37
Feb 7, 2021
Decent game, it has 8 stages, mostly need-ish, 1 good boss but with no music and a avoidance that I didn't liked at all.
Also music doesn't loop.

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Rating: 6.4 64       Difficulty: 40 40
Oct 21, 2019
everything is great except trap area.
avoidance is easy but beautiful. relly enjoy it.

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Rating: 8.1 81       Difficulty: 37 37
Oct 6, 2019
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 5, 2021