I Wanna Have Some Rest Remake

Creator: Shinobu

Average Rating
7.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
72.8 / 100
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Needle (2) Boss (1)


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Creator's Comments:

Shinobu [Creator]
Mainly focused on bosses and I think it worked out pretty well. Also failed difficulty curve on Stage 3. Rest was okay.

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Mar 3, 2018

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Rating doesn't include extra.
Nice fangame consisting of four linear stages of needle platforming, each of which leads to a boss, and then an extra stage at the end, also with a boss at the end of it. The first two stages, I'm not really a fan of. Their platforming is simplistic and relaxing, built in a way that doesn't make it free, but most likely won't get you stuck anywhere either. Progress is smooth and constant, and advancing doesn't demand a lot from the player. The bosses, on the other hand, are challenging and relatively lengthy, with plenty of unusual attacks that force the player to learn and adapt to them (Not necessarily demanding a lot of deaths, but at least plenty of focus). It's a nice style I don't see a lot of, specially in earlier areas of a fangame, so I liked the novelty, but it really didn't fit with the mood the calm, undemanding platforming set for. After experiencing the same feeling twice by the end of the second stage, I was feeling like the game should've left out either, the bosses or the platforming. Not because either of them was bad, but because they didn't mix well.
Well, I'm glad stage 3 proved me wrong. It might sound weird, since it was such a big difficulty spike, but to me it felt like the fault in the difficulty balance lied in the previous two stages, not in stage 3. Anyway, that's where I started truly enjoying the game. I loved the stage it was based on, from I wanna Make the Novelty (At least it looks a lot like that stage), and I loved this stage just as much. The mechanic of warping between the sides of the screen is so simple, yet it feels so much better than plain needle, and constantly climbing feels so satisfying, it's amazing. However, as the difficulty increased, so did my awareness of each stage's length. By the end of the first screen, I was pretty sure the stage was over, but I wasn't even halfway in. By the time I got to the sunset area, I was already tired of climbing without any idea of how far I was from the boss, and seeing the visual change only made me sure that I was still pretty far (Even though I wasn't). Feeling of progression is an important part of a lengthy game, or section of a game. Do it wrong, and your stage will look more like a punishment than it's intended to. Anyway, by the time I got to the boss, I was way more pumped than I was in the previous two stages. It's the effect of a tough platforming section, where beating a save actually feels rewarding. I was actually ready for a hard boss this time, and I'm glad I was, because the third boss is hard as hell. Plenty of tricky patterns (Oddly enough, I struggled the most with the last attack), and then it pulls off a Best Guy move, forcing you to play it all over again. Since it's pretty much completely pattern, I didn't really mind.
And stage 4 is just the best thing ever. It's build around the classic death blocks, but it's designed in a way that makes the death blocks feel amazingly natural. The colors are really well chosen too, you can easily tell the death blocks apart from the normal blocks, but both still feel like they belong to that environment the same. And finally, the gameplay is super fun too, with plenty of creative jumps you don't see a lot of (Mainly thanks to its unique design). It's noticeably shorter than stage 3, and while the last save isn't particularly difficulty, it does give a nice "last save" vibe just because of the way it looks.
Then you get to the last boss and the first non-cherry boss, Kirby. Just like you'd expect given the previous bosses, it's a really tough and learn-heavy fight. You struggle to learn a way of beating an attack that seems hopeless to dodge, only to get hit with yet another attack that's crazy tricky to learn. I hated it at first, but as I started learning the weirder patterns I started to enjoy it more and more and by the end of the fight I really liked it (Or at least the first three attacks, anyway). Side note: You can do the second attack on the right side, then switch to the left during the beginning of the third attack, if you want to.
Then, you can play the extra stage, if you want to. It consists of pure needle with simplistic visuals. A few enjoyable saves, a few saves that weren't so enjoyable, I was starting to get into it and then I got to the second one-save screen, and looked at the last couple of jumps. I'm not sinking my time into that thing. According to the Information file, there are traps later on, and then a difficult avoidance that I most likely wouldn't beat, so now I'm extra glad that I didn't bother.
Anyway, the main game is really fun. The first two stages don't mix well the bosses and the platforming, but it's not like they are bad, and you will spend most of your time on the later two anyway. I'd recommend it.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 79 79
May 25, 2018
This is a pretty fun game with a selection of needle stages, each accompanied by a somewhat simplistic boss with pretty unique attacks. The game also has an extra which I did not yet do, so the review is based solely on the main game.

Have Some Rest features four stages of increasing difficulty and all centred around needle with a slight twist, such as the screen-wrapping climb in stage 3 and the kill-block focused design of stage 4. These two examples are particularly fun, whereas I found the platforming in the first couple of stages to be not as interesting, perhaps due to them being way easier then the later parts. The only real gripe I had was a timed part in stage 3, where a multitude of F-jumps felt unpleasant to keep on doing over and over. Otherwise, the platforming is pretty fun throughout.

The bosses usually feature a cherry doing some wacky cherry hijinks. Similarly to the platforming, the difficulty and creativeness get higher as the stages go on, with the last couple being particularly noteworthy. Inspiration is taken from games such as Emperor and Noesis with a couple attacks, and the final boss in particular has a couple of real tricky parts to it (definitely the difficulty peak of the main game). I enjoyed the later bosses moreso, with the exception of a somewhat dick move at the end of one of the bosses.

Definitely a game where the later half makes more of an impact than the first, but a fun one nonetheless.

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Rating: 7.7 77       Difficulty: 68 68
Mar 21, 2019
(Rating does not include extra.)
This game seriously a mixed bag of both good and bad for me. Throughout the entirety of the game, it progressively got more and more frustrating to me. The game is mostly a needle game with 4 stages (+ an optional extra stage) with a few bosses thrown in at the end of the stages. I'm gonna go into detail with both the needle and the bosses because I have quite to say about both.

Needle - The needle in this game is decent, The needle in the first 2 stages is pretty well designed and balanced, the first stage just being only spike jumps. The stage is rather easy, none of the saves really being a problem difficulty wise, and playability wise. This and the second area I really have no problem with. The second stage is pretty similar to the first, accept this stage has some walljumps throughout the stage. The stage is slightly harder than the first stage, still being pretty fun.

The third stage is where the difficulty completely spikes up out of nowhere. The stage has 3 long vertically scrolling screens, one of which being an auto-scroller. All 3 screens use a pretty cool screen wrapping gimmick which is used well. But unfortunately the stage is overshadowed by the
inconsistent difficulty. The stage has somewhat long saves with multiple difficult jumps within each stage. There are also immobile platforms used all throughout the stage, the most annoying jump of the stage also having to do with them, believe me, you will know what I mean if you play it (The jumps appears multiple times throughout the stage too so have fun finding it OpieOP.) . Speaking of the jumps, the jumps throughout the entire stage are much more precise than they were in the previous 2. The jumps, not just in this stage, are mostly non-generic, and are somewhat complicated, ESPECIALLY in stage 3. But some of the jumps (Like the one mentioned earlier) are REALLY annoying. After the first 2 screens, the autoscroller comes in. This screen starts off with a much simpler save than basically anything else in stage 3. It feels like this was supposed to be the intended difficulty of the stage. But of course the rest of the screen throws that completely out the window. The screens saves are much longer and harder. The third save is pretty interesting, the screen begins to scroll faster, and most of the save is just simple jumps until the end where the screens starts going extremely fast and you BARELY have enough time to get to the end (Protip, only use single jumps at that segment.). The stage is not bad, but it completely kills the difficulty balance. If there was another stage in between this and the second stage, it would be a little better.

The fourth, and final stage does however keep a bit of a difficulty curve from the third stage. The stages "gimmick" is hazardous blocks, the block are thankfully distinguishable from the normal blocks (*cough* Powernao *cough*). The normal blocks being white, and the hazardous blocks being grey. The needle here is actually pretty nice, the saves (mostly) being consistent in difficulty. The first 4 screens having at least 2 saves, and being pretty fun. Some of the saves are pretty difficult, the first save of screen 2 being the most difficult for me. The final save of the area is where the the consistent difficulty of the area gets completely killed. So is it way harder than the rest of the stage? NOPE, its the easiest screen of the game. The screen only has one save, and surprisingly, none of the jumps in the screen are participially difficult, and is not that long (The extra makes up for that though). The stage is pretty cool overall.

Bosses - The first three bosses are actually pretty cool (besides one thing on boss 3, everyone that has played this game knows what i'm talking about)

Boss 1 is a pretty simple boss, the first being pretty simple, and none of them really bothering me.

Boss 2 is pretty bizzare. The boss is easily the hardest out of these three, most attacks having something RNG and pattern based to do with them.

Boss 3 is also pretty interesting. Every attack is basically a pattern, and most of them are relatively simple to learn. The second attack is the only one that has anything to to with RNG, the attack has to curving circles that go at a different angle each attempt, but the circles stay the same for the rest of that attempt. This boss also holds the single douchiest moment of the entire game. After you kill the boss, the boss item appears, and in the OTHER bosses, the item would spawn the warp to the next area. But THIS item just removes the floor under you, and requires you to reach a platform really high into the air, and is really easy to miss even if you know its going to happen.

The final boss is easily the worst part of the game. The boss is MUCH harder than the rest of the game, which would not be much of a problem if the attacks were not so unfair. The first attack is just obnoxious, the boss throws an apple line which creates a spiral behind it at the player, and everytime the apple hits a sreen border it bounces back at the player. The attack while pattern its a very inconsistent pattern. In other words, the pattern will basically never be the same due to how precise the pattern will be to replicate. Some times there are many gaps, other times it completely walls you, and it gets REALLY boring if you die to it more than twice in a row.
While the first attack is just annoying, the second attack is just garbage. Now if you have seen tokorotens area in K3, the screen wrapping star attack near the end of the boss, its basically the same thing. But the direction of the star varies with each attempt, and usually feels like complete luck to find a good pattern. The attack is much better to do on the right side of the screen, the being easier to get into, and the apples just being easier to read, but of coarse, you have to do the attack on the left side (Which I will explain later.).
The third attack is the only attack that does no bother me. The attack is alot like 5-2 in IWBTBarrage. Where the boss shoots out circles form the center that can either spin clockwise or counter clockwise. The attack is pretty hard to read, the circles moving quickly and can give quite a few players trouble.
The fourth attack is what frustrates me off the most. The attack has 2 parts, the first part of it having to do with the player jumping around at the upper the center near the borders, and than dropping near the bottom of the screen when all the apples start homing at the player, its pretty simple. the second part is what frustrates me off the most, the attack basically has to with the player jumping around near the border of the left side of the screen in the center, and jumping through whatever gap is thrown at the player. The reason why this attack pisses me off so much is because it is complete luck to do this attack on the right side, because unlike the other side, the gaps half the time are blocked making it basically Completely RNG based whether you survive or not. And like I said earlier for attack 2, it is MUCH easier to do it on the right side of the screen. The problem with that is, you have to do the rest of the boss on the right side if you do this, and since that makes that last attack complete luck, forcing you to do the star attack on the left side, fantastic. The best part of the boss is that it doesn't dick the player over after you kill it.

After this boss, you clear the game, and get the chance to enter the extra area.

Extra - I didn't do it.

Overall, the needle is decent, and the final boss can lick my balls.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 72 72
Mar 13, 2018
the needle part is amazing, but the bosses are a bit terrible and boring.
Take boss 3 for example, I realise that I will definitely die when i get a new phase for the first time when i see the boss's position.
the first phase is not so bad if you can find the pattern.
the 2nd phase is bad. the curve is too precise i think.
the 3rd phase is good and not so hard as well as the 4th phase
but the worst thing is when you get the boss's item you will fall down. it's terrible and get me mad. i died because of this twice.
Sorry I don't have a definition of 'good boss', and I never make a boss, so i said it is 'a bit terrible and boring'.

In general, this game is absolutely fantastic.
Would recommend to experienced players.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 70 70
Feb 22, 2018
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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 75 75
Feb 21, 2018