I wanna qowulu 100

Creator: sunlaoqq

Average Rating
8.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
37.9 / 100
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Needle (19) 100_Floor (9) Long (6) x_Floor (3) Maze (6) 100F (5) x_Floors (2)


  • by sWIfT
  • by ElCochran90
  • by Vicklleall

53 Reviews:

If you get save wrong, you get fucked lol

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Rating: 7.3 73       Difficulty: 35 35
Oct 28, 2020
My first maze game, and I have to admit, it was fun. Using facts and logic to figure out where I was supposed to go was enjoyable, and the needle that wasn't too hard for me was pretty chill as well

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: N/A
Sep 26, 2020
What a fun yet frustrating game. Really makes you think outside of the box to find the next route or path to take with the only indicator that your not going in circles is the saves you have already lighted. Gotta love and hate the creativity with the game. Each area is detailed with purpose.

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Tagged as: Needle 100_Floor Maze
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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 48 48
Jul 15, 2020
One of the best journeys I've taken at my low skill level, and one that ended with a feeling of high satisfaction. It's a maze game consisting of 100 screens connected to each other with Sunlao's traditional pathing. The path is fairly linear, but many times you might need to look for a bit to find out the direction in which you need to go. To help you out, there is a mechanic in-game that makes the saves transparent after using them, which will stop you from going to the same one twice.

Overall, it's a great work from Sunlao, and highly recommended to any player ready to delve into Sunlao's easier works.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 35 35
Jul 15, 2020
Qowulu 100 acts both as a dedication of love to the creator's girlfriend and a testament to the creative abilities of sunla. I expected typical Sunla design, maze-like stuff and generally excellent pathing. I was even ready for some multi-level mazes. I was not ready for the entire game to be one big maze, nor was I ready for this maze to be intricately woven such that you would find yourself going from floor 61 to floor 1 in one move; I especially wasn't ready for this maze to have any sort of difficulty curve, let alone a damn good one.

All of these things continue to astound me even now as I write this review. The needle design is more or less average, if I'm honest, but it's almost entirely irrelevant; it's the cherry on top that the needle design isn't awful, in fact. As is the case with other sunla games, the name of the game is pathing, and if you don't enjoy excellent pathing, then you won't like this game. Half my enjoyment of this game was simply marveling at the design, wondering how someone could ever put this together at all, let alone making it feel smooth and natural to explore. I felt like a damn cartographer charting his way through a foreign land, remembering all the landmarks I passed through on my way to the end. What's even more astounding is that there is a clear path from beginning to end. The times where I felt lost or unsure of where I was meant to go were on me; if you pay attention, then you would be able to go through this game without a moment of thought.

One thing missing from typical Sunla games are the skips; though they are there, one gets this terrifying notion that should you ever go for one, you'll get lost in the maze that is Qowulu forever. Anything I say about the clarity of the main path is entirely null and void should you venture off that path in an attempt to speed up the process. Furthermore, if the saves didn't become transparent once you used them, I would have been lost forever. Finally, making them S saves is a decision I finally agree upon here as someone who enjoys spamming the shoot button for no particular reason. There's also almost never any situation in which it matters that I have to be directly on the save in order to save.

Qowulu is a brilliant game, one that's well worth playing at any skill level.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 40 40
Jul 8, 2020