I Wanna Defeat The Four Horsemen Of Hardcore Gaming

Creator: BoshyPub

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6.8 / 10
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73.5 / 100
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9 Reviews:

So, this game is pretty good. At first glance it seems like a shitty Happil game with russian memes, but instead of that it's a great bossrush game based off the K2 bossrush(with russian memes).
When you boot up the game you are greeted by an insanely cpu-intensive shader which makes it run at 1fps on my pc, good thing there is an option to turn them off.
Anyway, onto the bosses. They are: Borisov, Bagatsky, Myanovsky, and Pronin.
Let's start with Borisov:
He is the Destination boss of the game, and a pretty well-made one. The first thing you see when entering the boss is some guy with a cap holding 4 bottles of vodka, which is uh... something.
His attacks are pretty unique and are fun to dodge, red 1 has UFOs spawning from the top right and left corners of the screen that shoot bullets at you (duh). Red 2 is red 1 but buffed, fun. Red 3 has UFOs shooting circles made out of colored cards, it's also the second easiest attack in the boss (imo).
Blue 1 shoots a stream of bullets in the shape of a pentagon, that's it. Easiest attack in the entire boss by far. It can instagib you though. Blue 2 is something a bit more interesting: Same concept except a different shape, and it shoots some small bullets at you. Pretty cool. Blue 3 is an R N G F E S T.
Yellow 1 is the worst attack in the boss (again, imo), it shoots out a circle of bullets that stick to the walls and then shoot out at you, pretty meh. Yellow 2 is something right up my alley, it shoots out bullets that explode into smaller bullets, simple, but effective. Yellow 3 is somewhat similiar to
yellow 1 except much much better. It shoots out bullets that bounce from the top and the left and right sides of the screen.
And finally, we have purple. Purple 1 shoots out a spiral while also shooting some aimed circle things that shoot out more bullets, pretty fun attack. Purple 2 is literally the same as purple 1 except the circle things shoot out to the sides of the screen and then go down. Purple 3 is the hardest attack in the boss BY FAR. It shoots out bullets in a set pattern, and those said bullets lay projectiles that go in a random direction. It's also kinda broken.
Then we have the white phase, which is probably the most unique white phase in any destination boss ever made. The Borisov head now starts shooting random(360) bullets, which is pretty much every white phase known to man. The spike however, can also heal the boss. If you shoot it while it's black it will give the boss 1 hp point back, so you have to focus on rng and the spike now. And that's it for Borisov. Onto Bagatsky.
Bagatsky is the Crimson boss of the game, and it's the best crimson boss i've played, ever. I won't bother explaining anything, play it for yourself.
Myanovsky is the Nue of this game.
Instead of being an infinite jump room, the entire boss is just Touhou. My least favorite boss in the game, still a fun boss. That's all i have to say.
And finally, we have Pronin.
He is the "Gravity Man" of this game, and he also happens to be the most interesting one.
Instead of Gravity Man, you have Delirium.
In this boss, you have a time limit, HP, and attack power. When you start off the fight, you have 100 hp points and 1 attack point. Just dodge Delirium's attacks until a portal appears, that's where it gets real.
You get transported to a random endurance room based off Find My Destiny bosses, you can shoot the bosses to decrease Delirium's hp. If you survive those rooms your hp gets refilled to 80 and your attack power increases drastically. Now, you need to shoot Delirium, but you can't move or else you will lose your attack power, so stand still in any case. Your attack power can get refilled if you keep standing still to balance it all out.
After you defeat all of the bosses, you can bypass the 4 gates and enter the warp.
You get sent to a dark corridor which has a painting at the end of it. That's where the current version (ver ends.
Would recommend.

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Rating: 8.7 87       Difficulty: 72 72
Aug 27, 2018
rationale inside

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Aug 27, 2018
тупа орыч

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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 70 70
Aug 27, 2018

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 77 77
Aug 27, 2018
Incredibly fun game, all of the bosses are really cool along with great visuals, the final boss is a really enjoyable experience to play as well, I highly recommend.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 72 72
Aug 18, 2019