I wanna be the Graverobber

Creator: Lss

Average Rating
8.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
37.0 / 100
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Adventure (10) Trap (5) Gimmick (5) Story (1) Short (3) Collectable (1) Shortventure_2018 (7)


  • by Wolfiexe
  • by Wolfiexe
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22 Reviews:

An interesting game to say the least. Story is great and is probably one of the strongest parts. Concept of the game is really nice too but the design execution however is lacking in a few places. Mostly moving around the graveyard isn't as fun but it's mostly compensated but the original and themed graves themselves. There aren't any bosses and a few gags were pretty funny too. THANKS FOR LAMP BROTHER

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick
[3] Likes
Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 35 35
Nov 13, 2018
Out of all the shortventure games we got, I think this one oozes the most charm. The story is so goofy but it works perfectly, and the way you build up courage to do things is a great use of the theme. What I loved the most though was how you made every grave feel special. I was actually excited every time I went into a new one because I wanted to see what you would do with them. And don't get me started on Molestey's grave...

Even aside from the humor and the creativity, it is super polished. The game looks beautiful and the use of sound effects is great too. Honestly, I have nothing bad to say about this game. I liked every part of it. Even before you get into the graveyard there's a good moth meme that made me chuckle. And the attention to detail on everything is perfect, down to the kid progressing through K3 in the credits sequence. (I think the kid is Stonk, by the way, because he clears the game in one sitting).

I have nothing else to say really other than I wish it was longer. Awesome game!

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Gimmick Shortventure_2018
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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 44 44
Nov 13, 2018
I start my new job on Monday. I never knew it would be this profitable. Thanks Lss

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Tagged as: Adventure Shortventure_2018
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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 40 40
Nov 15, 2018
Fun but short game with some cool themes.
Not very difficult platforming, the challenge is instead in the traps and avoidance

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 25 25
Mar 19, 2019
Welp, I didn't have big expectations for this game, but actually it was really really good! The main gimmick is that you collect courage over the main map and unlock graves to rob, which are themed around different professionalities. The game is really short, but incredibly fun. I would really like if this idea was developed into a bigger and harder game with different maps and more of graves to rob

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Tagged as: Adventure Collectable Shortventure_2018
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Rating: 9.9 99       Difficulty: 30 30
Mar 17, 2019