Humble Abode

Creators: RandomChaos_, RandomErik, rdtoi1, egg, Skulldude, IanBoy141, Q123

Average Rating
7.8 / 10
Average Difficulty
69.7 / 100
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Needle (7) Avoidance (4) Gimmick (2) Boss (6) 100_Floor (3) x_Floor (3) SourPls (2) Wonderful_music (1)


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Creator's Comments:

RandomChaos_ [Creator]
New Version Link (v1.5):!EbomgQpC!CzSzWNEVSHVe8tyMvsrY2OLkIJnp2ktRkHo6NOkaZPE

Update changes(v1.1-v1.5): A small change to Boss 1 and removed a useless warp. Nerfs the late/end game platforming and also gave an option to pick one of two final bosses because the original was not enjoyable for most people sadly. I added save blockers to saves I forgot and patched a skip in q123 area. Fixed a bug where you die during the credits. Nerfs to Ianboy141 area and final stage platfoming.

This will hopefully be the last update unless something breaks(bugs) or something crazy happens.

I would like to say, I really appreciate kurath's review very much and do not take this out of context, but please do not just read the review and not give it at least a try because he did play a harder version and with the updates the game is not too hard anymore (difficulty 65-70). Also, this is not a kermit/wonderful game, it is just inspired, so please do not go and think this will be the exact style. Again, I really appreciate the time kurath took to play and review this game, but I feel most people will not play it because of his review.

(If you want to beat both final bosses for whatever reason, you need to backup your save when you get to floor 100)

This is a 100 floor game I have been working on for a while now.

Most of my inspiration was from Wonderful and egg.(SourPls)

I hope you enjoy it!

Any feedback is nice, good or bad.

Good Luck and Have Fun!


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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 65 65
May 2, 2019

18 Reviews:

Review based on 1.1 - RandomChaos indicated he is still interested in refining some things so this may end up out of date.
Edit for 1.3 - Since this had been a talking point, I felt I owed it to rc to see what the updates did. He's put in some good effort to polish off endgame concerns and did identify many of the problem saves in the later segments as well as introducing an alternate final boss. This makes a smoother experience to the end and shows a level of commitment, but does not address the overarching problems.

A real mixed bag. First off, it begs itself the comparison to wonderful games (and I'd say more specifically the Kermit series) and this is a comparison that it does not come out favorably in.

It's a 100ish floor game featuring 60 floors followed by 5 5-room guest stages followed by a final stage with some bosses sprinkled throughout. Outside of that, its difficult to really describe as the style changes quite a lot (for better or for worse).

Production wise, its pretty mediocre. I found myself immediately annoyed with the save noise, tried using the in-game volume control to turn it down and found that it affects literally every sound but that one, keeping that one peaked out at max volume no matter what. A minor annoyance, since many gm8 games don't have volume controls anyway. Roughly half the game is just recolored guy tiles and the remainder of the tilesets are either taken from something else or bleak dichromatic schemes. The music is meant to be as wonderful style I guess (I actually strongly disagree with this, it just feels like its the makers personal playlist where his listed inspirations tend to try and have a song that lends itself to the ambiance), and while I enjoyed many of the songs I found myself playing most of the game muted because of the aforementioned sound effect and it didn't feel like it contributed anything. It feels like the simplistic nature of the wonderful games without any the color or life that make makes those games shine, which ends up just seeming low effort. Sounds effects are nigh nonexistent, even in boss fights.

Platforming wise, this is where the game shines for the most part. Much of the needle in the game is very good, especially early on. It then introduces some gimmicky stages which mix it up a bit, though they're mostly interesting. Problematically so though, the difficulty curve takes a wild swing at the guest stages (with the exception of one). This isn't really that big of a deal though I found the balance between the guest stages somewhat offputting. The main problem with the platforming is everytime you start enjoying it, he reminds you that he can throw something that's so bafflingly bad that you begin to question the rest of the game. A secret 5 copy has no meme value, no gameplay value and well, no redeeming value at all. An hp stage where literally every segment forces you to tank damage and the final stage where he decides to abandon the open, sweeping needle that made the majority of the game good and replace it with mediocre, overly dense claustrophobic corridor needle

Finally the bosses. With the exception of one guest stage, they feel quite repetitive with many of the same attacks reappearing between fights. Fortunately, they're generally way easier than the platforming anyway and won't be a hold up and serve as a minor diversion. The final boss too, struck a bad chord since it was basically just a copy/paste boss rush of every boss in the game, reminding you how mediocre and repetitive they all were and this drags on way too long, a 4+ minute where you see basically nothing new is a bad close to a game.

Unfortunately, for me, this was a huge step down from his previous work and a huge disappointment for someone who really enjoys the Kermit games. I could recommend it if you're hugely interested in 100F games and want one with some stylistic flair, but overall its got too many flaws.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 70 70
May 6, 2019
RandomChaos has come a long way as a maker. Back when I played his games under his alias of random360, his games were frankly some of the worst garbage you could play, but he never stopped and slowly but surely, his style and gamemaking skill started to mature into this beautiful game we have right here.

Taking very obvious inspiration from wonderful and egg, Random has created a 100 floor game with an almost adventure sort of feel to it, mixing simple gimmicks with regular platforming to create something great. Though it does feel difficult, nothing ever feels impossible or too precise. It all feels consistently smooth and relaxing, creating a very chill experience. There are plenty of bosses in this game too, but none of them are meant to be that difficult or distract you from the main core of the game, which is the platforming.

The game is effectively divided into four segments. This is when the spoiler part of the review begins so only keep on reading if I haven't convinced you to try the game out yet.

The first 32 floors are pretty standard needle. The theme switches up pretty frequently and the platforming has some basic gimmicks like occasional moving spikes, and simple vine/platform needle.

Floors 33-64 focus on more gimmick needle, and include some gimmicks like low gravity, triple jump, and catharsis water. This is probably the strongest part of the game for me, as it's just the right level of difficulty, and every theme is refreshing and doesn't drag on longer than it needs to. You feel fulfilled with the gimmick by the time you get to the next area. Also there's an avoidance to the friends theme. It's fucking fantastic.

Floors 65-89 are the guest areas. Erik, Skulldude, Q123, IanBoy, and egg all have 5 room long areas, and erik and egg even made their own decently fun bosses for them.

Erik Area: A simple area focusing on jump stars from NANG. The easiest of the guest areas, and just fairly simple.

Skulldude Area: Probably my least favorite area in the game, though it's not really due to the actual quality as much as it is i tend to dislike skull's style. The area focuses on using gravity arrows to create varied and interesting jumps. Probably the 2nd hardest area for me.

Q123 area: Probably my 2nd favorite guest area. Q123 has such a nice style where he can fit so much into a tiny space, and yet it never feels cramped. Right in the middle for difficulty with me along with egg's area.

IanBoy: Decently fun jtool type needle with some occasional water jump conservation. Probably the hardest of the guest areas but still not that bad compared to the other 4. Ian has a lot of promise as a new needle maker and I'd be on the lookout for anything else he produces.

Egg: Probably my favorite guest area and about the same difficulty as Q123. Fits right in with the atmosphere of the game and has a very smooth difficulty. The boss of this area is also probably the most creative boss in the game, though it is still pretty simple.

Floors 90-100 are the throwback rooms, combining the themes of all previous areas into a fun, challenging romp. The final boss also strikes me as pretty memorable and fun. It is very similar to the Kermit 3 final boss, though not quite as unique. Still a good way to end off the game regardless.

Overall, I greatly respect the time and effort random put into this game. It was overall a great experience and probably my 2nd favorite fangame from 2019 thus far. If you like the kermit series, I heavily recommend playing this.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 70 70
May 3, 2019
Humble Abode is a fairly lengthy needle-centric game with a frequent focus on moving spikes and a couple of bosses and short avoidances sprinkled throughout to keep things fresh. It also has that signature wacky music playlist going on throughout so expect a lot of variety there.

The game follows a floor-based format for the most part, changing the visuals and music every few floors. The general style of platforming doesn't change much for the first lump of the game, using primarily different coloured sharpened Guy tilesets alongside a different colour and some moving spike shenanigans. I would've liked to have seen more variety in these early stages but the general platforming was fun and enjoyably designed regardless. Later on it gets a bit different with some small gimmicks such as triple jump and catharsis water, which were definitely the more memorable stages for me. I particularly liked the black/white stage with circular and irregularly shaped hazards.

The boss fights are well spaced apart, being generally pretty short and not too difficult to get past. Most of them utilized a similar RNG design making some of them feel a little forgettable, although they served as nice breaks to split apart the platforming. There were a couple of design hiccups I wasn't big on such as the rose boss where shooting both down at the same time gives you no chance to react to the spikes immediately appearing beneath you, and also the final boss having an abrupt transition after the first attack. Some telegraphing might help in future just to prevent deaths that can feel a little cheap.

The game also features a helping of guest stages towards the end. I found them all to be pretty fun in their own way with often interesting design and a unique theme, with Q123's probably being my favourite due to the unusual level and layout design mixed with very well balanced difficulty and aesthetics. I did find it a little odd how easy Erik's area is compared to the others, particularly Egg, Skull and Ian who all had pretty challenging areas, arguably the hardest segments of the game (and where the 70 difficulty is mainly coming from here). There were a few bumpy spots but I had a good time with these.

On top of a whole lot of content with enjoyable level design, there were a couple of sore spots that stuck out for me. The HP stage kind of felt like it could've been adjusted, as having "3" HP doesn't really feel correct. You really only have 1 HP to spare, as the 2nd was mandatory to tank an obstacle at the end which happened in every save, and then the 3rd would've killed you. Doing without the ending obstacle probably would've been a nice change and worked with the HP leniency better. I also wasn't big on the first half of the final stage, feeling very cramped with excessive use of minispikes, diagonals and nerfed corners which is probably a result of using the already cramped layout of the tower. Whilst I also liked the final boss (the original one as opposed to the somewhat free one which I do appreciate being an option), I do think shorter snippets of the boss flashbacks would've been better and perhaps some original content to end it, as opposed to just a boss rush where a good deal of them felt fairly similar, at least in my experience.

Despite the gripes I had, it's an enjoyable game that you're sure to have a fun time with if you're looking for something to scratch a needle itch. I think Random's needle design is at its best when not confined to small corridors and spaces and makes use of gimmicks such as catharsis water, which in both this and Otherside have been a standout part of the game. Overall, I'd recommend giving the game a play for sure.

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 70 70
Nov 13, 2019
This was a pretty hefty clear for me. The needle was very fun and good for the most part. The final stage contained a lot of annoyingly perfect jumps and several saves started taking me over an hour each to clear. As for the rest of the game, a lot of the gimmicks in each area felt very unnecessary. Entire screens with water 1 that could just as easily not have any water, having "extra" health yet you could only afford to get hit 1 times anyway. Lots of things like that. I also wasn't a big fan of the music, though it was relaxing and I think a lot of people would like it. Final thing, as for the final boss, there were a lot of complaints about it being unoriginal and way too long. That's been kinda fixed by adding a second option for a boss, but it's ***way*** too short, so either way it kinda sucks for an ending.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 70 70
Aug 28, 2020
This game might be heavily inspired by Kermit series, but the game designs were kind of plain and mediocre in comparison. The most fun parts might be guest stages. Also, I still insisted that the left warp of 100th floor could be more suitable for a final boss if added a few more HPs for kid.(the right one being a laughably short avoidance)
Overall not bad game experience.

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Rating: 7.1 71       Difficulty: 71 71
May 13, 2019