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3 Reviews:

This is an unexpected one. This is the kind of game that makes a terrible first impression and is presented in a way to get lost in the shuffle but I was impressed by what it offers.

For the terrible first impression - The name is gibberish, the file is 2.5mb and the game screen is non-standard size (640x640) and the title says 'Piece of Shit' in apples. However, there's a surprising amount of depth in a gimmick needle game beyond that, which makes me wonder why the maker chose to give this first impression.

Production wise, its pretty minimal. Simplistic but clean tilesets make the visuals fine, though there's no flair anywhere. The tiny filesize is representation of the sound assets which are... the jump sound, the shoot sound, the death sound and the death music and thats it. So, if you're going to play this, have your own music.

This is a gimmick needle game with a side of puzzle. For reference, I didn't clear every stage, but did complete most of them and tried the rest. There's a lot of interesting gimmicks here and they are mostly well executed. The general gameflow is awkward, you get a hub with 11 portals to the stages. There is no warp out of a stage (as far as I could find) but it tracks completion in a separate file so you can just start a new game to go back out without losing overall progress (and theoretically have 3 saves in different stages progressing independently) which is an interesting approach.

It's worth checking out if you like this, as there's some interesting puzzle gimmicks (one of which is extremely similar to Ponder blocks, so I'm a fan of that) and platforming gimmicks to try out. Some of them are total whiffs in my opinion, the cube looking stage in the screenshots while interesting feels like a really huge downgrade from the cubes seen in cubetech/qoqoqo300/summer feast needle because of the super awkward perspective that you seem to be locked into. Likewise, the shadow stages felt kind of janky and tedious and I wasn't a fan of those. My favorites to recommend would be the puzzle (blocks) and the big map (needle maze style) which is an expansive 5x5 single mazy room.

In general the gimmick usage was cool, though there were definitely skips around the place. The platforming is probably where it falters a lot - its purely 32px everywhere and there's a lot of repetitive generic jumps throughout while being a sizable putoff to me didn't stop me from enjoying many parts of it.

Again, this is probably one that will easily get lost which is why it surprised me and I felt the need to write the extensive review for people to take a look at it. I definitely recommend trying it out to see which stages tickle your fancy. I don't think the full clear would be that appealing to many, but there's a lot of interesting stuff here if you like gimmick needle with mixed puzzle elements.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 65 65
Aug 25, 2019
AMAZING gimmick needle game.
P.S. Something interesting would happen when you put your mouse pointer somewhere and then press 'w' in the game :)

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Rating: 8.6 86       Difficulty: 66 66
Aug 28, 2019
Very awesome gimmick

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 60 60
Aug 23, 2019