I wanna be the Neon 3

Creator: Thenadertwo

Average Rating
9.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
66.0 / 100
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Needle (20) Gimmick (16) Long (6) Dotkid (7) Outline (1) Neon (4) Poggers (1) mostExpensive (1) GravityFlip (1) Gravity (1)


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62 Reviews:

In 2014, when I was beginner to fangames, I heard about Neon. I played it and it came big to me. I had a lot of fun with it and loved it. I enjoyed the game like a child without knowing the time passing.

In 2015, Nader's many neon games are released. I played those and it was more well produced than Neon 1 and 2 and I was surprised at how creative he was.

In 2018, I saw Nader stream on twitch. I was excited to watch Neon creator's gameplay and Nader showed me such a sexy play. He was at least in top 5 of the best consistent needle player I had ever seen. And he was really funny and positive. I found him really charming as human.

And finally in 2019, I was so excited when Nader showed progress of Neon 3 and he never let down my excitement as expected. It was such a godlike game. Every stage is perfect. I could feel how far his creativity improved for 5 years. Even though I'm much better at fangames than I was at first, I was still able to feel the feelings like the first time I played Neon.

Thanks to Nader for giving me unforgettable memories. I love Nader as awesome needle creator, sexy gamer, and nice human. I hope your future will always be great.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 70 70
Nov 25, 2019
This is a game I had been waiting for for a long time, ever since nader jokingly said he would make it. If you are familiar with nader's style you will know what to expect, pretty chill needle, some dotkid and of course neon colours. In this game though, there is more gimmicks added, mixing in gravity changing, upside down, vertical platforms and more to spice up the gameplay.The saves never get too hard though and most of the gameplay is really chill and fun. Also this game has quite the memorable ending; would definetly recommend, even if gimmicks in needle are not your thing.

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Rating: 9.4 94       Difficulty: 67 67
Nov 22, 2019
Another game patterned after CN3, similar to Vandal and VoVoVo.

This is probably the most fun thing I've played by Nader; most of the saves flow very well and even gimmicks that I thought would be cancerous at first ended up being pretty reasonable.

That said, I don't feel like it's that... memorable, I guess? There's a collection of gimmicks, you do needle with them, there's a hub, the end. I could level this same criticism at VoVoVo, but I think the degree to which this apes CN3 does the actual design a disservice, since it invites direct comparisons with a game that is monumentally more expansive in every way.

Like, there are two reasons why the hub in CN3 is so good, imo:
1) It's unexpected. Nobody was expecting CN3 to turn into what it did, and the element of surprise played a big factor in establishing the hub as something to remember. If every game just kind of copies it out of a sense of obligation, it ceases to be exciting.
2) It's large and complex enough that it actually adds a minor element of exploration to the game progression. Everyone ends up taking a very different path through floor 31 of CN3, and it's fun just seeing where all of the different branches lead and eventually piecing the whole map together. Having three or four paths off of one room that don't branch any further doesn't achieve the same sense of adventure, and makes both Neon 3 and VoVoVo feel very small, in an abstract sense, by comparison, even if it doesn't impact the actual design at all.

I think Neon 3 would have been better served by either eliminating the hub or building the entire game around it -- make the sections that are basically just needle into branching paths that lead to the more gimmicky areas, and you have a game that feels more like a cohesive whole (as opposed to a bunch of needle screens in a row) without really needing to alter much of the design itself.

Neon 3 is by no means a shoddily constructed game, but it wears its inspiration on its sleeve and unfortunately ends up feeling a bit derivative for it. I would also say this is a game more suited for less experienced players, as Nader's design tends to trend away from the precise side of things, which is a bit of a double-edged sword, at least for me. Like, yeah, not having a lot of grindy jumps makes for smoother progression through any given save, but there's a lot of points where you can just kind of play sloppily and get away with it, and that doesn't feel too great given how elaborate some of the screen design can be.

Overall, while I acknowledge this is a good game and had fun with it, the flaws definitely stuck out for me.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 65 65
Nov 23, 2019
Easily one of the best needle games to date. This game offers a lengthy experience through the classic Neon-style needle we have seen from the previous games. This time around, the game steps things up a notch by introducing a wide variety of gimmicks to make the experience more interesting and also more challenging. That being said, the pacing is fairly well done, and the balance of the saves seems to be fair with very few segments feeling longer than they should.

When introducing the quantity of style of the gimmicks used in a game like this, there is always a fine line the maker must walk between creating interesting new mechanics, and designing levels around them that compliments them. This game successfully shows you something new, teaches you how it works, and presents them in a setting where they feel fun to play by using the space in each room wisely. It's a rarity lately in some of the newer needle games that have CN3 inspirations.

Production wise the game looks great and comes with the great type of soundtrack you have in the previous Neon games. As with the previous games, there are no bosses to be found, just straight platforming with a pretty hefty amount of dotkid stuff mixed in. There's a fun little story bit at the end of the game that wraps up the experience nicely.

Most needle fans should make a point to play this, and hopefully needle makers will observe the design and flow of this game to better their own productions.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 68 68
Dec 11, 2019
"Probably the end of neon-ish games, getting kinda unmotivated to continue making neon games.
Thanks for downloading! G O O D L I C K H A V E F I N "
-Read Me for I Wanna Clear 50 Neon Floors

We all come back to our passion, sooner or later...

Last year, when I officially began my journey into fangames in an active way, and after learning the fangaming rules of platforming the hard way after being demolished by Sunspike as my third fangame, I stumbled upon this site and learned better ways. I didn't know where to begin. I analyzed the rating and difficulty of Guy, Boshy and Sunspike, and assumed that 50 as a difficulty limit would be proper. Nothing above that. So, I started my way up with beginner recommendations in the Intro page, enjoying the walks, the jokes, the chpeaness of Conquer the Blow Game Trilogy, the surprisingly positive effectiveness of a Katy Perry song in an avoidance, and struggling with that damn Choo Choo Choo Train in Snow Magic. I felt like a child.

For a moment, I thought I was underdoing it, underestimating myself. I wasn't, but still, I thought that. So I looked for something that was minimalist, but visually interesting. Thenadertwo's Neon 1 catches my attention and, with its 46 difficulty, it became exactly my 13th fangame ever. The music, the idea, the eye-catchiness... it was all really good. Design was simplistic, but choosing Jebbal and Alloud for the main music vehicles pumped me up for what was a needle experience that manned me up and made me lose the fear that Sunspike had inserted. It wasn't an easy challenge, but it was something that improved my skills accordingly. The Kid's design was ugly, and the death and sound effects were standard, so it even looked disgusting at times. Besides that, and a trap, the game progressively grew on me. My rating on that game is biased, but I am absolutely content with it. Back then, I had 1,425 deaths in 1:16:00.

That same day, on September 10th, 2018, Neon 2 became my 14th fangame. Harder, with a difficulty of 48, less appealing but ironically more creative, it executed better some ideas while sacrificing the quality of others. It was a strong experience, and assured my (by then) hatred towards the DotKid gimmick. Nevertheless, it did help me to grow more skillful hands marginally. Back then, I had 1,637 deaths in 2:48:00. My time/death ratio decreased significantly, but the experience was tougher due to its length.

When I click on the legendary creator's account, I look for more neon games, picking Neonize the Needle in the process. Watching its dangerous, but probably tolerable difficulty of 51 by the time (now 53 I think), I assume the difference should not be great, and the challenge should be suitable. I begin my journey, and becomes one of the toughest things I have ever achieved so far: EXACTLY 10,000 deaths in 12:14:00. It took me weeks to conquer this game. I noticed an improvement in attention to detail, design and overall quality, but also the game punched me in the face with knuckles full of neon needles. "I can't handle a 51? I must go back."

I felt both disappointed at myself and afraid of fangames, which were labeled in difficulty as "Above Average" by that time (now they are "Novice Challenges", a name I don't fully like because it still calls you a newbie, and the 60s already call you "Advanced"). And so, like my opening quote, I stopped at neon fangames, no matter how much their style, completely non-generic design and music captivated me, and went down again with beginner recs, modifying my bio forever (haven't changed it yet, for some reason).

After conquering the beginnger recs of the Intro section and venturing into the Uhuhu trilogy and a now organized playlist of several fangames sorted by difficulty, I pass through the 30s and 40s, and find Break the Neon Miku in the path AGAIN (I game I bailed out of in September because of the second screen being "impossible" for me). It was time to conquer another fear. The experience proves to be easier, and I successfully Break the Neon Miku with its cancer final screen and everything. Inevitably, however, I am reminded of Nader again in November 26, 2018, exactly one year ago. Was I ready this time? Only putting my big boy pants would answer that question. Before December hits, I conquer Traverse the Neon Rainbow, Colorize the Needle, and Clear 50 Neon Floors, the latter with prior fear due to its difficulty being the highest, and also the closest to the 60s. The three games receive an average rating of 61, which is good in my books, being surprised by the maker's aesthetic vision and progress, and making me upload a screenshot of Colorize which became my WhatsApp cover forever. "I did it! I cleared 50 Neon floors with 3,099 deaths in a little over 3 hours!" I felt realized. Neon games were crossed off the list.

In January, a passionate work is created: Krypton, made by a hero that said he had probably made his last neon fangame, and another hero that wanted to escape the community's unfortunate growing toxicity. The project becomes very personal for both of them, and very close to the community's heart. The spirit wasn't dead, and the mechanics it introduced were fantastic. For many, it became the best, and for me, it was fighting the second/third position against Colorize and Traverse. It was a cheerful moment. I played this game in April 18th, during Easter, when I had free time off work.

Months pass, and this appears. The game that was joked about. The game that became as much of a meme as Kill the Guy being finished. However, we all know that trilogies are stronger in this community than sequels, and so, Nader, being inspired by arzzt's passion and Kale's redefining of the Needle microcosm with CN3, creates this.

What is Neon 3? Neon 3 is a culmination of Thenadertwo's sensibilities as a game creator and as a visual artist, as a person that helped shape our abilities since 2014 while conquering, along with Cake, K2's speedrun WR, among others, such as CN1, CN2, Cn3 (until very recently) and Kermit 2. Very active in the community and featuring his sexy voice during the yearly speedrun marathons, he's a beloved character. But beyond what he has made for us lies his personality towards everyone and his huge modesty when he's told he makes good games.

Neon 3 conglomerates everything that made all neon games good (thanks for considering Colorize as neon too!) and makes it better. The longest neon experience out there, this game features a comprehensive selection of well-defined sections with inventive gravity gimmicks, DotKid done in very efficient ways, and balls. Yes. This game's got a lot of balls. It also has sections of killer circles btw.

Soundtrack is fantastic, probably the best since Neon 1 and Jebbal's Freedom of Dreaming in Clear 50 Neon Floors. Moody when it needs to be, atmospheric when it is required and pumped up to make you do your absolute best, especially during the last challenge, just like Geezer did during True End in NANG, music is a vital part of the experience. Also, just like NANG, it makes a climactic combination of all gimmicks, making of the last section a truly memorable ride.

Also, it features a story, and the game emanates such a strong epic aura that you truly perceive this is the last official neon entry, where the Kid will finally become the Neon! Not only that, but it also recognizes the other Neon games as cannon, as sidequests that the Kid had to undertake in order to truly become the Neon!

Nothing is perfect in this world, and there are backsides to this. This game being 75 screens long, it can have repetitive ideas from time to time. As the definitive fangame neon experience out there, most probably for a very long time, this is also the hardest game. Sometimes too hard. Many times in cheap ways. The most infamous one is the last save of the Kid-->Dot-->Kid gimmick section. It took over 1,000 deaths alone. Most of the designs are appealing, but not all designs look truly like neon, and this is particularly the case of the section I just referred to. There were three saves in particular that wanted me to pull out a gun and shoot either the screen or... the screen. The lack of saves surely amplifies the difficulty, but guarantees a longer gameplay that prevents you from enjoying a more fluent ride. Please notice that my complaint is not "the game being difficult", but how difficulty is implemented against a game that requires time to be explored. This is way harder than NANG's True End, and that one has a little less than 400 screens. This, tragically, affects the entire game.

The way the game is structured is beautiful, where half of the game leads you to a hub of four different sections (not very intuitive that there is a section exactly where you fell from...), one being Reminiscence, and this part is beautiful, because it is 100% memorabilia, featuring buffed screens of the fangames that made us all grow. More passionate than the mini-medley section, it is both a love letter to all fans and also a self-reflection of Nader regarding how much things have changed in his work. It's a virtual autobiography, which is a very heartwarming, but equally brave thing to do. I am very sentimental, but not afraid of admitting it: I shed a tear during this section. So trust me, if you're the sentimental type, leave the left path during the hub for last. If you want to leave the new stuff for last, then take it first.

I also forgot to mention: When I knew of this release through a mail notification of Stonk's new stream, I decided not to see it (sorry Stonk) and play this blindly. It was a highly anticipated not-anticipated fangame. Before playing this, I had to compare my skills of today vs. last year, and the results encouraged me to play this:

-Neon 1: 1,425 deaths and 4,596 seconds down to 262 deaths and 1,173 seconds
-Neon 2: 1,637 deaths and 8,885 seconds down to 399 deaths and 2,107 seconds
-Neonize the Needle: 10,000 deaths and 44,046 seconds down to 1,890 deaths in 9,094 seconds (proving my point that the game is underrated in difficulty)
-Clear 50 Neon Floors: 3,099 deaths and 12,055 seconds down to 2,328 deaths and 9,303 seconds

Didn't replay Traverse or Krypton.

-NUMBERS FOR NEON 3: 14,423 deaths in 15:46:44.

The game is stupidly difficult (those three saves are making me consider to place an 80 to this game, but again, this didn't reach the numbers of the insane Qoqoqo 2), but it is partially forgiven by the fact that the implementation of jumps, gimmicks and combination of gimmicks is outstanding.

Welcome to my super-elitist and strict list of favorites, Nader, and thanks for playing a key role in the needle/gimmick player I am today.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 80 80
Dec 2, 2019