I wanna see the Meteor Shower

Creator: 川松

Average Rating
8.0 / 10
Average Difficulty
47.1 / 100
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Adventure (6) Needle (3) Avoidance (6) Trap (5) Boss (4) Miku (2) Traps (1)


  • by omega2020
  • by omega2020
  • by omega2020

11 Reviews:

Very enjoyable trap-heavy adventure, every save contains at least a few but they are usually something you aren't gonna expect and are fun to see and learn, they tend to be pretty minimalistic but still are good at being comedic or clever. The platforming is quite fun, usually based on cycles and enemies, and the bosses are nice too, especially the avoidance at the end which is great. Highly recommended if you have the patience for learny games.

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Rating: 8.7 87       Difficulty: 44 44
Jan 11, 2024
Fun adventure game with an old-school style. The levels were fun and the bosses are interesting. Avoidance was very pretty design wise, but the second half is just fine.

Great adventure game that more people should play.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 50 50
Mar 15, 2023
This is a great Adventure game with a focus on traps and varied gameplay throughout. I greatly enjoyed it and thought it was definitely worth checking out if you can handle traps.

One of the main aspects of the game that holds it up to me is the level of cohesion it has. Most things it does are related to some theme, such as Puyo Puyo slimes or Street Fighter enemies, and it uses these aspects throughout the entire game. The platforming is pretty decent, most of the traps actually gave me a jumpscare or a chuckle which is nice as well; it is worth mentioning however that some traps are at the end of saves a lot of times. There are 2 bosses in the game, both are pretty interesting and have a unique feel and theme to them though they each have like 1 attack you'll need to worry about each. And of course there's the final avoidance, it's rather easy but still rather fun to play.

If I had a complaint it would be about the difficulty of the final stage, especially the last screen, the game could have probably spared a bit of ease on the player here since a lot of them involve some cycles more difficult than other stages (and of course still have traps).

If you like classic adventures games with a lot of traps then you will probably enjoy this, I'd especially recommend it if you also want an avoidance to play on the easy side as well.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 47 47
Jan 17, 2023
A very solid classic trapventure game. There wasn't anything in this game that felt truly exceptional, but it did all the basics very well and was very enjoyable.

Production value was solid, clean and pleasant enough, though they were pretty simplistic and a little repetitive. Music was fitting and sfx were where they needed to be.

The platforming was very much what you'd expect, some minimal spikes built around a good variety of extra obstacles per stage and well paced traps. Likewise the bosses were straightforward enough, though the final avoidance was surprisingly simple and fun and felt balanced, which I'd consider an exception compared to how many avoidances in adventure games turn out (much harder than the rest of the game).

All in all, I liked it a fair bit, though parts felt a bit predictable. It is just a well built game that's enjoyable without trying to push anyone's limits.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 47 47
Aug 6, 2020
wonderful fangame with wonderful idea

miku is beautiful (her song is my favorite)

love this

also best fangame on game maker lite I think

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 45 45
Jun 3, 2023