I wanna be the needle extremity

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Creator's Comments:

MrChen233 [Creator]
I'm the creator.

This game is actually my needle collection, so some of the needles in the game are pretty stupid.

I chose the most of the needles either because they are interesting or they are the most extreme one in the same type.

In green hub, there are 2.9375 nerfed floor invert, 27px double diamond, 2.65625 invert, 24px 9jump.

Blue hub has floor triple invert but start with water, 24px invert, 2.28125 one block height invert.

Grey hub has 2.84375 floor invert, 1.5 buffed dplane, 21px one block height diamond, down 5px narrower plane, 1.71875 25px floor invert(hotgoo jump is 1.625 25px floor invert, but I think 1.71875 is the extremity by using triple cancel)

There are 3 really hard ex in the game, I think they are nearly humanly impossible, especially ex2.

Also I'm sorry for the bugs in the game. I can't fix it due to my bad coding ability.

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Jul 5, 2021

3 Reviews:

no rating or difficulty because uncleared, however this is no doubt a contender for one of the hardest needle games out there.

I wanna be the needle extremity contains 4 hubs filled with jumps that are not merely precise, but require state of the art needle science to even figure out before executing. While there are some mundane jumps here and there, nearly every jump requires knowledge and usage of multiple advanced needle techniques. Advancing to the next hub requires clearing a certain amount of content, depending on the hub.

While I have only played hub 1 and such am in no way qualified to give a comprehensive review, here are a few things that you can expect right from the get go, in no particular order:

-required dual collision

-a dtrick 8f cactus done with hfpi

-squished 9jump and double diamond

-multiple invert variations, including 2.875 floor invert w/ dtrick, PDinvert, and 2.(5?) invert 16px above ground.

-a jump requiring your valign to be within 0.01 from the highest possible point

-a double uplane, except you start in the middle

-a double cancel into a plane

While I would be excited to see someone go for it, I'd definitely say that this is a massive undertaking that would require a lot of both knowledge and skill, that I see unlikely to be beaten anytime soon. For what it is, though, it does have some very interesting jumps, and I appreciate this game's existence.

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Jun 15, 2021
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Jun 13, 2021