I wanna be the Desolation

Creator: Liphe

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8.4 / 10
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75.0 / 100
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Adventure (4) Needle (2) Trap (3) Gimmick (3) Boss (3) Long (1) Puzzle (3)


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6 Reviews:

Probably one of the hugest hard adventure in terms of fun i've ever played. This game really deserves more attention, it has very unique challenges inside, insanely creative gimmicks as well. Combine it with high difficulty, which makes things spicy and rewarding to beat. I think i need to express my feelings in detailed explanation of every stage (the order of the stage is how i played them, but you can access every stage in free order (except final) from main hub):

-Tower stage. Not really a tower, but it has scrolling core in essense. Pretty fun stage with some clever usage of ladders and springlers, also has some traps and enemies all the way through. Ends up with pretty fun Bowser boss. This boss always makes you maneuver around him and provides decent challenge with some density stuff in the late part of fight. Despite this stage might be not the best in the game, it was still very enjoyable

-Switch stage. Oh, this is were we rollin. Gimmick about this stage is there some blocks in this stage that are active only when you holding some direction like holding left button will force special "leftist" block appear and disappear once you release the button. Simple concept, but the thing is it was never used afaik in fangames before, which makes it even more cool. And let me tell you, execution of this gimmick is even more better: insanely clever saves that has some tricky maneuvers and that are force you to think what you need to do, which bringing up puzzle-core of the game. Pretty nice stuff. Boss of this stage continues gimmick very well, it's hard to describe this boss, overall it feel more like sort of minigame and it was definitely great and fitting end point of the stage

-Trap stage. All-time classic - default tileset with heavy focus on trap gameplay. Pretty fun on it's own, most of the traps were pretty funny and the last save was actually quite insane. Boss of this stage is obvious Apple. I can't say this is bad boss, but it was one of the bosses i didn't really enjoy since it kinda repetative and lasts too long for what it is

-Colors stage. Another banger stage with some focus on puzzle more than gimmicks. The trick about this stage is that you get some color zones with different placement of spikes that you can switch and makes you path through the screens. Hard to describe, but you will get it pretty quickly. Most of the screens are not that hard to figuring out, but the final save of the stage is pretty brutal, i still don't sure how i did it, lmao. Boss of the stage is big meme, didn't see that coming and it was pretty comedical, to say at least

-Chase stage. Probably second best stage in the game after Switch one. Here you will need to find the way to ended up in portal, that are always running from you in square that are divided on 9 sections. The main gimmick is also that you has restricted amount of crossing the sections, so you will need really think about your path. The more you progress through stage, the more intense the gameplay will be with some additions of death warp that will also chasing you, bonus and penalty turns and so on. Very fun stage overall. Unfortunately boss of the stage was kinda meh, it explores exactly one thing that are not easy to understand, but once you do, it will be almost free

After completing main 5 stages there will be last Final stage. This stage focuses on jump refreshers which is absolutely my thing and also sometimes recreates some gimmick from previous stages in addition. For the most part it was done beautifully, huge amount of screens were fantastic... except one. One screen thar brings up springlers back was atrocious in terms how hard it was in comparison with every needle in the game. It doesn't help that figuring out the path was also huge pain in the ass with some non-obvious issue. Got mental breakdown on this screen, but thankfully after this game returns to solid riverbed

And also rewards you with one of the best final bosses i've ever seen. It was not like extremely deep in mechanics and hard bosses, as you can probably expect to see in game like these, nah. It was more just fun RNG-fiesta with really iconic second phase that let me tell you explores refreshers from final stage extremely gooood. Had a ton of fun with this boss

Overall, this game was huge slapper. Some annoying things through didn't stop me from rating this high. This is definitely blast of hard adventure, can call it probably modern classic even and i wish more people will take a look on this, this game really deserves more clears

P.S: getting from start to final boss in one ~12 hours session is one of my proudest achievments

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 78 78
Apr 9, 2023
For starters, this game has a lot of puzzle-ish content, a lot of which I wasn't very into. If I was more into puzzles, particularly the style of puzzle this game has to offer, my rating would certainly be higher. So when reading this review, keep that in mind.

Desolation is a very gimmicky adventure game with a lot to offer in the creativity department. There are six stages, each of which is extremely distinct from each other, in both visuals and gameplay. There's a standard vertical platforming stage with cycles, but also a trap stage, and a variety of puzzle-platforming areas besides that, such as the one with objects that are only solid when moving a particular direction, or the teleportation puzzle area, which is basically something straight out of Ponder. While I personally don't appreciate many of the puzzle areas, I can't deny that they are quite well made, and far from bad, just not really my thing personally. With that being said, the bosses are pretty alright, and overall I have a very positive impression of the game, even if I can't fully enjoy it. Give it a shot.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 69 69
Jun 1, 2023
One of the better hard adventure games to come out in quite some time. It’s an adventure game with 6 or so stages that wildly vary in length and difficulty. Some stages are wacky puzzles, others are more standard gimmicky platforming stages, and some get quite crazy. I felt this game did a good job of making it challenging while also staying quite interesting. At times the game may suffer from some awkward usages of different mechanics, but most of the time it executed the various stages in a fun way.

Much like the platforming, the bosses range wildly in difficulty and creativity. For the most part though, the bosses were quite unique, not the kind of stuff you see very often, and they typically use the stages previous mechanics in the fight, but not always. The difficulty of the bosses is on par, if not harder at times than the platforming, and I found most fights enjoyable so it was fun fighting the bosses.

With all the creativity and difficulty in the game, there’s bound to be a few rough spots, and unfortunately the rough spots can be VERY rough. While nothing really hard stopped me, I had to take a long break halfway through one stage because I couldn’t handle it anymore. But after a long break I came back to it and beat it quite quick, so maybe that something about how one should handle playing this game.

Overall I think this is one of the better hard adventure games to come out in a long time, it doesn’t disguise itself as an adventure game while being just needle, or even gimmicky needle. There’s a lot to like and dislike in this game, but I definitely think more people should give it a shot.

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 78 78
May 26, 2022
(Only get the red star and the yellow star, not clear yet)
Good designs, but the bosses are a bit annoying

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 75 75
Aug 26, 2021
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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 75 75
Jul 19, 2022