I Wanna Dodge The DVD Screensaver For Seven Hours

Creator: tijit

Average Rating
8.6 / 10
Average Difficulty
42.3 / 100
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Avoidance (5) Meme (1)


  • by TehDude
  • by Dog

Creator's Comments:

tijit [Creator]
due to a bug where i have (once again) mixed up 50 and 60 frames per second, the timer runs too slowly and you actually need to dodge the screensaver for 8.4 hours

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Dec 10, 2021

12 Reviews:

while playing this
i was playing mario party and was able to get 2 stars in one turn LMAO

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Dec 6, 2021
You get what you ask for.

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Dec 2, 2021
I do apologise for asking a question like this but.... why does this game require money? Why can't it be "pay what you want" or "It's free, but you can pay this amount"? Why does it have to priced? I want to be able to play it for my YouTube Channel, in the future, because I have loved and known about The dvd screensaver zfor a long time. I want to give this game a go but.... there's a pricing. If you could email this game to me at "[email protected]", if I think the game is a "well-done" game, I will buy the game to support you!

I just don't want to buy indie games to then result in me not liking the game and not being about the refund the game because of the ridiculous service they provide on these platforms.

So, if you see this comment, could you please send the whole game to that email that I provided?

Thank you for reading, hope to play your game soon! :)

- dono - YouTube Personality in Gaming

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Dec 2, 2021
I Wanna Dodge The DVD Screensaver For Seven Hours

Tonight, I just finished my playthrough of I Wanna Dodge the DVD Screensaver For Seven Hours, it is the most misunderstood piece of art I have ever encountered in my journey through life. A deconstruction of fangames, and a huge societal critique. Slow Cinema transposed onto video game.

Deconstruction of FanGames: Desire "I Wanna"
This fangame deconstructs fangames in the sense of its title. I Wanna Dodge the Dvd Screensaver For Seven Hours, Society wants to dodge their troubles, this game forces complete self-awareness of its existence as a game. Allowing you to focus on its title. Its a critique of the worldly desire present in every single fangame, the basis being the wants and desires of "the little guy" Bringing into question the morals of fangames, what do these pieces of art glorify? That brings me into my next topic.
Critique of Society: The Desire to Avoid Troubles
This game is quite symbolic in its images. DvD Screensaver as a sign for laziness, representing societies issues, and the laziness taken with said issues. The desire of "little guy"/the world, is to "dodge" said troubles. There is a reason for the games excessive length, it is used to make you feel its length. To show the consequences on the human condition that is involved when you don't confront your troubles, but rather "dodge" them.
I Wanna Dodge The DVD Screensaver For Seven Hours is an absolute piece of perfection in fangame history. Deconstructing the idea of what a fangame glorifies, and providing an incredibly important societal critique, that is universal for all times. A misunderstood game, why? Because modern society is not open to art! Their lack of engagement in turn for desire and entertainment is simply gross. A n important game. Love it so much

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 81 81
Aug 6, 2023
Completing this was an experience i must say

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 21 21
Dec 10, 2021