Collab Automaker v1.0

Creator: cloakman

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Creator's Comments:

cloakman [Creator]
Hi there this is cloakman, this tool is an automated tool helping one to make a needle game in GMS1 Yoyoyo engine really fast.

What you need to do is placing jmaps, tilesets and music files in the resources folders following the instructions from readme, and by running "collab_automaker.exe" you get a GMS1 project generated.

The project generated shall have all tilesets, rooms and sounds imported, with autotile codes and inter-room/inter-stage/reaching-game-clear-room transitions provided, you can preview the effects in "roomTransitions.exe".

The tool also supports importing screens of multiple rooms by renaming the jmap files following the naming rules stated in readme.

All the user-settings for the output project could be done in "config.txt". in which you may set the name of the project, whether to enable room transitions in the scenarios stated above, and which kinds of effect you prefer to use there.

Current version of the tool is v1.2.0. but there may be further updates, don't hesitate to comment here or tell me your questions and/or suggestions for the tool. Enjoy yourselves !

1. For your interest, there is a demo video for using the tool:
2. Due to Mediafire's "Copyright" issue, v1.0.1 of the tool is uploaded, in which the resource folders are now zipped, please unzip it in advance before using the tool following instructions in readme file, sorry for the inconvenience caused.
3. If the tool in the link remains unaccessible, please try to close the tab and try again, if the problem persists, please contact cloakmann#8600 in I Wanna Community Discord Channel.

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Feb 12, 2022

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You genius

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