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cloakman [Creator]
For: Staged Jtool
Github Page:
a readme has been written there, all issue reports, advice, etc. are welcomed.

Additional contacts:
QQ: 2895332218
Discord: cloakmann#8600

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Feb 8, 2023
cloakman [Creator]
For: Gimmick Collab Helper
When hosting collabs with gimmicks such as Vandals, NANC, etc., one of the sufferings is to track what objects are used in the stages, tired of the manual work this tool is developed, you may:
1. track objects that directly appear in *
2. follow the readme file to filter some of the objects, e.g. objBlock, objSpikeUp, etc., that you sure do not contain gimmicks, FX or any other objects that may contain code
3. if any bug, track that through log.txt
4. the object list will be shown in object_list.txt

To make things clear, the window itself does not show anything in particular, all the outputs are in the files generated, follow the guide and you will get the list of names of objects, then you may start working on that without worrying that something is missing.

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Jan 20, 2023
For: I Wanna Reach The Steins Gate
Haven't beat yet, will probably update the review later if I beat it.

Having looked up the game's walkthrough videos, I am currently at 4/5 of pre-avoidance part

It is probably too mean to say so, but I think the moving object parts are genuinely a rotten piece of shxt, especially the parts that many high speed killers moving in very unintuitive paths e.g. in top right corner of a screen that 4 or 5 killers moving in different speed in parabola paths, forcing me to blindly move in some paths that "proves not killing you", makes a very frustrating experience and I think it is really irresponsible for a maker to do something unreasonable like this.

I tried to comment after I clear the game, but the unreasonable parts of the game drained all my patience and every screen is holy agony, so I have to leave a comment here, I shall update that later in a medium possibility, in case if I feel like clearing the last screen of shxt(yes, talking about the last screen before the red screen)

To conclude, up to the current progress I have played, I would rather prefer screens of static needle instead of "Gimmicks".


Above is the comment before I clear the screen of messy orbs and enter the last stage before avoidance.

The last stage is pretty well a god-like stage, good visuals, reasonable platforming(except for the last 1 screen of messy orbs again, but the music has made up for the disappointments caused) and esp. brilliant background music, I have not cleared the avoidance yet, but the last stage has totally overriden the negative experience given by the previous rooms.

Steins Gate has a very slow pace starting both in the game and for the anime, but to be honest it is very courageous to do so in gamemaking, if players like me stop playing right before the last stage, the game will end up as a trash game in their mind.

For this reason, I could not give out my 10, but rather a 7, despite the last needle stage that really deserve at least a 9.

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Tagged as: Needle Avoidance Gimmick
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: N/A
Sep 17, 2022
For: I wanna play various ways
An amateur puzzle gimmick game, I did not clear the game, but it shall be overall decent.

the maker tried to make the best use of the gimmicks, but to be honest the game could be much better than it is now in various ways.
imo gimmicks shall not overconcentrate on making the players "think about it", long saves and unintuitive gimmicks makes the platforming quite tedious: You think a lot and you might be skillful in controlling your jumps, but you may still die quite a lot of times as you will find it time-consuming to figure out the entire picture of current map (multiple screens), and when you die, you go miles back to the starting save, which makes the puzzle much less enjoyable.

The platforming of this game is rather of an ancient style, I thought it might be an antique being dug out from some 10-year-old hard disc, with tilesets very likely picked up from some common packages or even within the engine, I think the maker might need to work more on making the game "special" instead of stacking resources provided by the engine.

Overall, as a fangame, it is decent, but you can't ask for more.

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick
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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: N/A
Sep 7, 2022
cloakman [Creator]
For: The Avoidance Tool Relic
Hi, as one of the members in the team, I would like to have a brief introduction about the relic project.
This project is planned to allow makers to perform hot-reload programming in making avoidances.
In the tool there is one and only one preconfigured timeline, by using the tool one may add event codes by typing the code into the code editor window and may even compile and demo the timeline on the fly.
The project has been aborted since Jul 27, 2022, detailed info of the tool is described in the page below:

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Jul 29, 2022

16 Games

GameDifficultyAverage Rating# of Ratings
Collab Automaker 100.0 10.0 7
Gimmick Collab Helper N/A N/A 3
Marie, Happy Birthday ! 51.9 6.8 8
P.M.P 1 33.3 6.9 15
Phase 1-1 49.7 7.5 11
Phase 1-2 53.9 7.6 14
Phase 1-3 60.4 7.8 14
Phase 1-4 58.1 7.5 9
Phase 1-5 56.7 7.5 11
Phase 2-1 54.9 7.4 11
Phase 2-2 56.8 7.7 6
Speedy_Mar09 35.0 7.3 2
Sprite Editor 50.0 6.5 5
Staged Jtool N/A N/A 2
I Wanna Start Out Small 71.0 6.8 3
The Avoidance Tool Relic N/A N/A 3
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