I Wanna Develop An Appreciation For Music

Creator: Racic

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Creator's Comments:

Racic [Creator]
Latest Version: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xujbtdledbu94x7/I_Wanna_Develop_An_Appreciation_For_Music_v1.6.zip/file

Hey. I'm Racic. I made this game.

This game is a complete off the wall trap game. It's made as an ode to the genre of fangames that I love the most, so there's a lot of inspiration grabbed from a number of different trapgames, and trapgame makers, all redone with a "Racic twist."

The entire IDEA (not plot, you gotta play the game for that ;) ) behind the game is simple. As an older, and far far less skilled player of fangames, I had noticed that newer games kept coming out with more complicated gimmicks, and the skill level kept getting higher and higher. One of my goals was to take fangames back to that old-school silly trap, dated references, fun. Is this game going to change your life? No. Will you think about this game 20 minutes after you play it? Probably not. As long as you have some fun while you're playing, that's all I want. :) It's not SUPER difficult, it's not going to change your outlook on life, it won't be in any speedruns or anything. You'll play it, you'll (hopefully) laugh a bit, and that'll be that. <3

v1.6 - February 2, 2024
* Fixed a bug where, uh, you couldn't actually enter the Eurodance boss stage without the game crashing. Oops.

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Apr 19, 2022

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