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Needle (2) Gimmick (1) Puzzle (1)


  • by OccultCube

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OccultCube [Creator]
Please redownload if you downloaded it before 6/24/2022 PM 7:40 (UTC + 9)
My new game, after several years of break. This game is basically 'tame' version of Variety 100. (Puzzle/Gimmick Needle) It is likely to be unbalanced - I apologize for that.

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Jun 19, 2022

2 Reviews:

Mixed feelings about this one throughout. There's a lot to like, but there's also so many problems that its hard to come to a middle ground on. The game is quite hefty too, with a lot of content to play through.

This is at its core a gimmick needle game. The puzzle aspect of it, especially compared to variety 100, is incredibly small. I would liken it in style possibly most to Save my Boy's platforming - a large array of gimmicks that constantly grows and get mixed together constantly. There are some puzzle parts, but truly they are fairly minimal outside of one stage (which, unfortunately, was also the worst stage in the game).

Production is probably not the strongest point. The volume control seemed janky and the bad boshy death sound made me mute the game for its entirety, so its hard to judge. The fact that the tutorial is a messy separate exe as an out for never explaining or properly introducing any of the gimmicks (many of which appear late in segments) is a lazy out.

The platforming has a lot of high points, gimmick interactions get expanded on and explored throughout and there's a huge variety of stuff to get acquainted with and master. The gimmicks are varied, with many of the NANE core gimmicks coming into play, plus a bunch of new ones. I'd say roughly 66% of the game was solid, though definitely not without bumps along the way. It also ended on a high note, the final save was fun, varied and reasonable.

As for the other 1/3 - well, I played on release version and I do know its been updated since then, but something like 20% of the game was glaringly huge skips. This didn't really bother me though, though it is a symptom of the greater problem. If that kind of thing does bother you though, be warned, even after I updated there were still quite a few skips.

As for the other weak points, one stage as mentioned earlier was abhorrent, thankfully it was a bit on the shorter end but it relied entirely on the two kid gimmick and a lot of bad interactions (saves disjointing, single frame taps only moving one kid and so on), had skips, bad flow and generally required a lot of tedious movements. Other than that, the bad parts weren't too big a deal - there's a lot of wildly unnecessary corners which were symbolic of the weakest part of the design - generally the hardest part of saves weren't using the gimmick, it was a random generic jump tossed into the mix. Alternatively, there's just a choke jump at the end which is a fairly basic jump with intentionally awkward physics applied.

Ultimately, it was enjoyable - I did complete it after all, but not without a fair few misgivings. The largest problem overall was the huge lack of polish. The game was as far as I'm aware and based on the readmes untested with some wild balance and very little to enhance the player experience. That said, there's still a lot of core gameplay there if you like stacked gimmick needle and if he does continue to update the game, its possible that the game ends up much better. As is though, I'd only recommend it if you like fairly difficult gimmick needle, have a lot of patience and don't mind slogging through some rough edges to get there.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 78 78
Jun 24, 2022