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For: I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 3
Rating includes 100% to Boss Rush, will be updated if further progress is made.

Overview: Kamilia 3 is an insane and fun challenge. The difficulty goes from hard to nightmarishly hard rather quickly, and progress always feels rewarding. It is very well produced, with good visuals, options and so on: it's well polished. However it isn't designed for fun, but more for difficulty. Some of the buffs are straight up dumb or uncreative (corners, diamonds for instance), which is fine if you want a challenge. The platforming is much easier than the bosses, yet the secrets (and especially the secret backtrackings) are very hard and grindy.
Maybe because it's so popular, beating it feels more rewarding. What matters is that it's only fun if you're in to challenge yourself. You must never give up. It's definitely worth giving a try.
To give an indication, as a medium-skilled player I reached Boss Rush with all secrets and achieves with 55k deaths in 107 hours. Incredibly satisfying and worth it.

Detailed presentation:

Stage 1 is very fun and easy needle, with mainly 32px generic stuff. It's rather pleasant as you breeze through everything without too much trouble.
Secret 1 is rather easy apart from the backtracking that is quite challenging. The secret itself isn't remarkably well designed, with backtracking, generic jumps (corners and a plane, gates, diagonals mainly).
The Spike Love achievement is actually suprisingly harder than other stage 1 platforming. It just seems to be my opinion anyway.
Flandre is an amazing boss; it's the first difficulty spike. The first attack is absolute garbage, her spawn height determines your ability to damage her, with random bullshit projectiles. Also, the mushrooms can be literally unavoidable later in the fight, pure and cruel RNG. Other than that, the attacks are either aimed or RNG, with cool effects. The last avoidance after the Flandre kill is the hardest part of the boss, I recommend practicing it separatly with "I wanna clear the Crime and Punishment".

Stage 2 is slightly harder needle, but it starts very badly. Vanish Needles is just bad, PiyoPiyo trap is boring, Air is unmemorable, Prism is bad "puzzle" and Buy the Crayon is just ok-ish gimmicks. Silver Tower is well-designed medium difficulty needle, with the Sombrero Jump, that's nice and fun. Macaron is slightly harder easy needle. Payment is literally RNG platforming, which is suprisingly fun (but not well designed).
Secret 2 takes this game to a whole new level. The backtracking is practically free (inside the RNG room), but the secret itself is very hard. It's 32px needle (with a few exceptions), that will devour your soul. The saves are long, with precise jumps that require practicing with jtool/rmj beforehand. Very fun to grind through (if you're up for a challenge), but some criticism can be made. The buffs made to the screen are very bad. The only notable ones are the corner on save 2 and the plane on save 3, which are the two worst jumps in the room. Uncreative buffs.
The rest of stage 2 is fine. The only bad part is the frame-perfect full-jump corner in Magnanimity, what fun.
Shine and Bright is over the top. It's fun to grind but ridiculously harder than Flandre. There is some bullshit involved: Rose Gear can wall you and the Sun's beam attack can also wall you. Other than that and Rose Gear's insane difficulty, the main drama comes from the added random needle jumps you have to do. It's an incredibly bold and good buff in my opinion. Basically, if you get 5 (corner), 6 (diamond), or 9 (9), you have a good chance of dying. It's frighteningly fair and stressful, it gives spice and character to the boss. The last roll falls slowly and will cause heart attacks (I got 6 last and didn't choke, that was some experience...)

Stage 3 starts pretty ok. However, QUT is absolute garbage. It's 100% 16 pixels, and the gravity flip is delayed (unlike in VVVVVV), and there's acceleration (unlike in VVVVVV). Horrible design/room choice. Forehead is a bit meh, really ugly and with many traps. Picture has loong saves with traps, it's pretty good.
Secret 3 is ... free. No, just kidding, it's much easier than secret 2. The backtracking to it (picture room with more backtracks, yay), is the hardest part, although I found it rather fun. The secret has short saves with rather hard needle. Save 3 has a weird ceiling short-double-jump diamond from a platform, that would be free if the platform worked properly. If you could 1f/2f inside the platform and regain your djump (without going back on the platform) like platforms normally work, it would be pretty easy.
The rest of Stage 3 is very serious. Mainly good design and very challenging (harder than secret 3 in my opinion). Uhuhu spike is fantastic (but not the buffs: 16px and inverts). Justice is absolutely amazing, fun and reasonably hard: a good use of conveyors. Flower is bad, just traps. "I wanna hope the end of" has a cool gimmick (it's still a hard room), but the hourglass at the end of screen 2 is uncalled for. RZ is very well designed needle, very challenging and fun. The buffs are a bit bad though (16px after the trash corner in save 2...). Guy Tower is original to K3 and is pretty good. It's very hard, with 16px needle, with a "diagonal" save, the jump refresher save, and the boo-backtrack save. It isn't well designed, but it feels rewarding to beat, especially the Jump Refresher Save: 1 gate, 1 diamond and a scrotum in a row with jump refreshers. Bad, but somehow satisfying.
The Guy is a very well made pattern/aimed boss. I would not recommend to play it blind, but it's very fun to learn. A good challenge, but easier than Boss 2.

Stage 4 starts unevenly. Sunspike is good but it has a bad buff: useless easy jumps in save 3. Azure is meh: cycles. Excursion is horrible: a speed room, and the weird bubble room, that's long, hard and frustrating. Tempest is hard and not always good: hard needle (spikes and apples), but with annoying cycles, and especially that horrible blind part at the end of save 2. Butterfly starts with the moving water gimmick: hard but fun (maybe a bit awkward, you need to get the hang of it).
Secret 4 has a painful Butterfly 1 backtrack, and then it's the TAS room. TAS is 2 easy saves, then the TAS drop save: insanely hard, grindy and fun: very good and vicous design. Save 4 is annoying, with a 6f plane and a a few weird jumps. Save 5 is super easy.
The end of Stage 4 has a lot of character. Butterfly 2 is a very long save with a needle + apple attacks gimmick, absolutely awesome. Hades is hard needle with short saves, not too challenging. Then, dotkid. I found it very hard, with precise timing and jumps, with long saves and a horrible trap (don't play blind, be wise like me). The dotkid screens were rather poor. Then, Black is a good meme but it's abysmal: invisible maze with rng projectiles). Maze shouldn't exist (use the internet.). And Emperor is well designed very hard needle.

Notes on the versions: version 1.30 is the one that you have to use for 100%, but it has issues, mainly with vines that sometimes don't work. If you're only doing a to-Boss-Rush playthrough, ver 0.995 is perhaps more recommendable.

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Tagged as: Needle Medley Boss Long
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 95 95
Jul 31, 2016
For: I Wanna Scroll My Mousewheel Downwards 3 - Scroll with a Vengeance

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 70 70
Jul 25, 2016
For: I wanna celebrate 100
It's a decent 100f game with pretty good needle and weird bosses. Fun to play, but some design choices are questionable (Nya). Overall it's a good game you can have fun with.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 50 50
Jul 20, 2016
For: Jtool
A complete tool for practicing jumps. I can't live without it.
It tells you your jumps heights, your valign, your align, you can change the tileset, it's just awesome.
Simply fantastic.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 20, 2016
For: I Wanna Double Invert
It's a double invert. Clearly worth making a game out of.

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Rating: 0.1 1       Difficulty: 80 80
Jul 20, 2016
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