I wanna be the Lizardmanmaster

Creator: レシギア

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4.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
59.0 / 100
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Adventure (1) Avoidance (1) Trap (2) Boss (3) Lizardmanmaster (1)


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The last boss is very hard

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 65 65
Jul 20, 2020
In 29th of September in 2011 (according to this:[url]https://www21.atwiki.jp/iwannabethewiki/pages/585.html[/url]) was released game, which was destined to be the first game of series, game serie of more than 15 different games – the main games, their remakes and couple of special edition games. For now almost every game from this serie is private, but still a lot of them can be found in the internet, and this game isn’t the exception too.

To start, I would like to make small note about corrently this game, and one rumor related to it. Rumor is that v.3.0 is original Lizardmanmaster, not the remake as it supossed to be. The main rumor was made, because around in 2015 in wasn’t added all the Lizardmanmaster, which existed in that time, and in that time there was only and page for remake was made only in 27th of June in 2016, and in that time, as I guess, officially only remake version could be downloaded, but for some reason it was named as remake, but just as Lizardmanmaster v.3.0. To explain, how to know that v.3.0 is supposed to be a remake? Well, in open internet the only evidence to it is on Lizamas blog and aiwanna wiki old posts, which shows date for almost all released Lizardmanmasters. It shows that remake was released on 27th of August in 2012. If you look at (old) aiwanna wiki posts, then we can find that in that date was released Lizardmanmaster update and for now that is only link which works, so we can open it, and we will see that it is Lizardmanmaster v.3.0, so we can make conclusion that it is Lizardmanmaster remake.

Now about the main game. I had started this game around in July, so I could make some mistakes about gameplay, but I hope I won’t mistake. How far I remember this game has 4 the main platforming stages and 5 boss stages in total. Before we start game, we can see that game was made in gamemaker lite, doesn’t have proper title name (title name is I wanna be the Engine Japan!) , doesn’t have “Lizamas productions” title and have static title screen, so the beginning of the game is totally the opposite than its remake. Now lets talk little bit about the main stages.

(WARNING!: Spoilers!)

The first main stage is basically Kirby music stage (restarting music tho), which shows us some invisble block mazes, traps and fact, that game doesn’t have saveblockers. If you think that it is the same as in remake, then sadly no. This version doesn’t have bouncy traps, gravity changes and other gimmicks. For the first boss we see green colored lizard (is it really lizard?), which name looks like is Zekrom. All bosses looks like have 100 HP, but this is one of the most simple from all bosses, since you don’t have to stay at the platforms all the time, because there are no spikes at the ground. You should only shoot carefully, since every dealt 1 damage, will summon one arrow (from stepmania?) from the Lizard, plus, you have to dodge randomly falling from the ceiling arrows too. Only this boss have bad surprise after the kill: it have one trap, so be careful!

Second stage is pretty much just basic needle, where you only have one new gimmick: spiked can move in cycles. It isn’t pretty hard tho, so it won’t take too much time. Boss for this stage is pretty much as easy, as first one, but here we have really strange flying monster, which flies all the time from up to down (if I remember correctly). The main gameplay isn’t very hard, and I really fast killed this boss. Only I remember, that this boss had other kind of gameplay.

Third stage isn’t very hard, however is pretty long. Gameplay I remember very badly, but it had connected worlds together and had more platform saves. The boss I remember smoothly tho! This isn’t really the boss, it is more like spike wall chase. To escape this boss you have to go all the time up and as further you get, as harder it gets. More at the end you will have fast paced platforms, and on last screen some traps. It was quite fun tho!

Last stage I remember very smotthly, since it was very specific and very different from other stages. It have 3 differently designed stages, which is connected together. This stage have higher difficulty too. Oh, and this stage is very special, since all of the stages has very good soundtracks. First part was place, where we have screen with goat, sound voltex and more stepmania arrows. First part has quite a lot tougher saves, which can make you angry, and especially 2 of the mini avoidances, where you have dodge very strangely stepmania arrows. Luckily you can skip second one, since it is very annoying, and have troll at the end. The more whimsical view on it, can bring the music, which is very catchy, but strange in the same time. Second part is just wow. It is part, where you have just basic design, purple background, but again new, but really catchy song in english! This part have basically just 2 screens, where you have to do one screen, but in the 2 ways. From down to up, and then oppositely – from down to up. Yes, idea is little bit banal, but is fun! Last part of the stage is puzzle based stage with 3 different puzzle screens, with catchy music by DJ Yoshitaka – Evans (soundtracks picture is also displayed in the background). These puzzles, with such great soundtrack, gave me ton of fun. Only fact, that music restarts is quite obnoxious. What we have after such a good stage? Yup, we have boss, which basically is the same boss as first boss, only here we have some differences: we have spikes on the ground, and now it is other lizard, which name I don’t know, we don’t have any troll at the end (only if you don’t die on the spiked by mistake as I did), and we have DJ Yoshitaka Evans soundtrack once more. I guess, if there wouldn’t be that soundtrack, I would be more frustrated, but luckily I have beaten pretty fast (around 30-60 minutes).

After we had beaten that boss, we have spawned in some sort of tower, and we see arrows, which shows, that we should go up. If we go upper and upper, we will see save and some portal, which leads to the screen, which tells that boss stage is incoming, as usually, only difference, is that above the name boss stage, we see from fruits made name “Last”. So here we go final boss of the game! But to say: Hallelujah! is too early. This is the hardest boss in the game, and probably for beginners it will make big frustration or just simple drop of the game. To make summary: I get to final boss like in 3-4 hours, last boss took me around 8.5 hours! This is Reshiram boss. Boss is quite different, than other bosses: it have other platform cycles and the highest platform is located lower than the highest platform in other bosses, which means, that in one go you can deal maximum 4 damage per “round” (except for the very beginning where you can deal around 7 damage). Maybe boss looks simple, but it can get really nervous, when you get further. This boss can be tough to learn cycles for the platforms, and to read properly, since the randomly falling from ceiling arrows can make walls for you if you won’t be too careful! Thing why this boss was still fun to play, was the music. Music is really good for the final boss, and can make good atmosphere even with such a simple gameplay. This boss doesn’t have any trolls at the end, and it even spawns not moving spiked, which means, that you can’t really choke after killing bosses. After that you have screen clear and soon after screen “Thank you for playing!” made from fruits.

To sum up, however this game used to be bad, and probably other people would give it 0 or 1 rating, I want to say, that it still have very interesting parts to play (for example stage 4), and even tho last boss can be frustrating, it is still very good experience to play, and yes, it isn’t great, it is most likely mediocre, but I personally think it is good game to challenge your patience and nerves, so look yourself if you want or not want to play it, even though in the first you should find it, which can be problem for someone. And in the last I want to say, that for the first game for this creator, it was ok, and it could be even worse, so make your own decisions about the game, but mine you can see in my given numbers!

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Rating: 4.7 47       Difficulty: 55 55
Nov 18, 2017
Terrible bossfights, falling platform bugs, unfunny traps "oh hey lets put a trap at the end of a buggy segment!", final boss was complete garbage, and overall the game wasnt fun

so yeah typical old fangame

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Rating: 2.8 28       Difficulty: 57 57
Jun 25, 2019
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May 13, 2020