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im 14 and i first played IWBTG when i was 5 and i still play fangames and stuffs after 8 years

also my new username is Kiiview but im not making a new account lol

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21 Reviews

For: I wanna #
brilliant L game

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Tagged as: L_Game
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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 75 75
Jul 2, 2020
For: I wanna play the SIF
fuck this stupid fucikng bouncing anime girl boss fucking stupid attacks fucking mechanics like suicide bomber bitch who creates 10 anime girls after you think youve won or fucking spawner girl that creates MORE FUCKIGN SUICIDE BOMBERS and i have to spam shoot for several minutes at a fucking time and my wrist is in so much pain i quit these fucking anime girls always crushing me its such a fucking stupid boss

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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 60 60
Jun 30, 2020
For: I wanna explore giant anime girls
literally like 2 of the images are good, but everything is softcore so if you like that then yea this is for you

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Tagged as: dakimakura
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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 1 1
Jun 11, 2020
For: Designer L's Wacky Randventure!
really entertaining, love the ideas and gimmicks

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Tagged as: Needle Meme RNG
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 65 65
Feb 30, 2020
For: I wanna keep my Mental
rating based on the original version of the game since difficult and leehetic mode are seperate games

i have a shitton of history with this game, its fun as hell, the songs are so fucking godlike, and not too hard to beat

gray miku itself is a longtime classic, with me wishing the ping-pong attack was implemented more in modern day avoidances

star miku just feels nice to pull off, tho all the difficulty comes from the aimed solgryn bullets attack

luka uses a p neat concept, the song and the colors are so beautiful to me and i literally have no clue why, and its short enough for you to just wanna nohit it

bottomright miku im a bit iffy about, the attack choices are very odd, pretty weak imo

len and rin im honestly indifferent about, its not bad tbh

solgryn do be kinda weak doe

ufo uses such a fucking good song, its a strange concept but its p fun to play

the best boss in this game is trap card, best boss ive ever played in a fangame

i loved this game so much that i longed to play this game ever since the whole leehe incident, recovering the game by asking one of the victors if he still somehow had it on his pc

only problem is the yosniper engine, but come on this fangame is old can you really blame it

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Tagged as: Avoidance
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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 70 70
Mar 27, 2020
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I wanna be the Crimson Needle 88.0 7.2
I wanna be the Fangame! N/A N/A
I wanna keep my Mental 70.0 8.0
I wanna take the Timemachine N/A N/A
I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 3 92.0 7.8
I wanna # 75.0 8.5
I Wanna Maker N/A N/A