I wanna be the Best Guy 3

Creator: Gustav

Average Rating
7.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
52.5 / 100
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Adventure (5) Needle (3) Gimmick (5) Boss (5) Story (1) Visual_Challenge (1) Different_Engine (1) Prepare_The_Death (1)


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13 Reviews:

Third series of Best Guy saga, which started to fix jump height to full jumping. I actually don't mind the change since the game is designed to fit that.

There is a reward system that makes you able to get some bonus things. You can get a weapon/card. Weapon drop is random of other 3 iirc and Card drop is always the boss that you just cleared(Final reward screen is RNG of 1/3 considering that).

Oh, and the same as Best Guy 2 review, my difficulty is based on only the main game, not the Death Wish mode. If I consider that, I'd give this game 70~80.

Stage 1 : Surprisingly, no traps in this game! Nothing special, you can get through it quickly if you got comfortable with always full-jumping. Also take a good look at that spinning Shuriken, you'll see a lot of it later on.
Boss 1(Strider) : The pistol is pretty hard to dodge. Other than that, it's pretty straightforward and easy.
Stage 2 : Here comes the series-first water stage! It is also pretty hard. The constant spike barrage falling from the ceiling made this a small nightmare.
Boss 2(Mesie) : Easy, but this boss is pretty RNG-dependant. Other than that it's kinda bland.
Stage 3 : After the underwater stage, you have to climb the tower. Not a long tower though. It has some hard parts but it's mostly manageable.
Boss 3(Rakhris) : He's back! He lose his counter pattern though. He got some patterns to replace his counter like aimed swords, aimed explosions...etc. After you notice that his vertical slash is supposed to be dodged by jumping, this will end fairly quickly. Mediocre in terms of difficulty.
Stage 4 : Infiltrating a castle, pretty nasty platforming parts joins in here. Still not that unbearably hard though.
Boss 4(Icarus) : You might get pretty annoyed by that looong trail of the orbs. It's a pretty hard boss. There are some button mashing patterns which is pretty cool. This might be the first boss that Gustav used the button thing in the pattern.
Stage 5-1 : It's a lab and also a nightmare. There are A LOT of spinning shurikens from what I remember. Also at the end, there are some 16px spam which I hated the most in the past. Pretty hard platforming.
Boss 5-1(Fleako & Rav) : The origin of Bird guy! The rule is, when the bird almost hit the top, you should shoot before it flies away. After the first round, there are some fake moves executed by the bird, so be wary about that. Seems like the chance of the bird executing fake move increases each round. I think this is the most unique I wanna boss I ever saw.
Stage 5-2 : You continue the lab infiltrating, it's pretty short.
Boss 5-2(Becket.D.Perfectman('s robot)) : This boss might be the hardest in this game, since it always spawns two drones in a relatively short delay. It dies in 1 hit, but your concentration might divide and lose attention to what he is actually doing. Other than that, it has pretty straightforward patterns.
Final Boss(Counterfeit) : Yup, Becket brought him back after all. What you're going to do? Blow him away again! He's actually easier than BG2(imo of course), so I think you'll have no problem beating him. Watch out for his enrage pattern though.

After that, Becket tries to teleport you to your home(which was why because he rekt Gustav Counterfeit in BG2). However, as we all know, there's BG4. Find out if he finally returns to his home there!

Overall I think this is the best game in IWBTBG saga(with Death Wish). I enjoyed it a lot.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 50 50
Mar 9, 2017
quite flawed but still a really fun and unique game gustav fight sucks tho lol

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 55 55
Feb 7, 2024
Rating doesn't include Death Wish.

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Rating: 8.4 84       Difficulty: 60 60
Jun 1, 2023
Rating doesn't include Death Wish.
The third game in the Best Guy series, and the first one to use a completely original engine. In this engine, you can only full jump, and there is no possibility to low jump, similarly to the engine that Kayin originally designed back in 2007. These physics work surprisingly well with the game (with the exception of needing to tap the left and right buttons again upon screen transitions or restarting, in order to actually move). The gameplay itself is also similar to the other games in the series thus far, and a lot of fun. There's also some dumb RNG rewards system that I didn't really bother with, but that's only for stuff like other weapons, which is kind of annoying, but I don't really mind it.
Overall, a great continuation to the Best Guy series, recommended by me.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 55 55
Jul 21, 2020
Unlike many bad games that are done with the intention of being bad and even pissing people off, this is not one of those cases. Gustav is a talented gamemaker in the production value department. This is a visual experiment, grabbing influence from IWBTBG 2 much more than the first entry, and experiments with new visuals and a new engine.

The problems are several. However, I will rank them according to their importance:

-The engine is strikingly awful. No matter how many frames you jump, you will always make a full jump. However, the second jump acts in the same way: as a full first jump regardless of the frame input. If you will experiment with an engine, it's fine, as long as the gameplay suits the game. It doesn't. It ruins the entire game and costs several dozens of deaths and five extra points of difficulty. That leads us to...
-...the platforming. Horrible again, as it is known in the series, and this time, there are more segments. There are tons of moments where you would benefit from the old engine, but that is not the case. You have to maneuver and calculate with two full jumps and a very stiff Kid.
-The bosses are extraordinarily boring. The first boss in particular threw all the creativity down the drain, and therefore, all future bosses are recycled from the previous entry, including the final boss, which visuals are, yes, amazing, but copy-pasted from the true final boss of IWBTBG 2, except for a man in a water stage that is upside down and throws green pixelated diarrhea at you. Several unfair attacks when combined one after the other bring along a truly bad experience.
-The visuals! Yeah! Ever stumbled upon any game where it strikes you that production value does not equal to quality or being "good"? This is one case. It is paradoxical that Gustav improved the graphics, but the tilesets are still Guy tower tiles, brown tiles, green grass tiles, etc., just like I Wanna Be the Guy! There are even TWO stages that resemble Guy's tower. This is trying to polish garbage.

This is one of the sad cases where the phrase "wasted potential" truly applies. What a shame, because I can see something behind the trilogy: a wild meme ride with fantastic bosses and promising visuals. However, they seem to be mutually exclusive.

Gustav, I will keep trying your games until a proper balance is reached, like Timemachine.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 60 60
Dec 10, 2019