I wanna be the Tribute

Creator: shaman666

Average Rating
4.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
47.0 / 100
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Adventure (10) Trap (11) Gimmick (6) Boss (6) Special (2) Puzzle (1) unfinished (3) Classic (1) hub (1)


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32 Reviews:

Review is based on clear on difficulty medium and have spoilers about the game, so go to the end of review if you want to know my opinion about the game.

This is very specific game, which was made in time, when was made first fangames, so it is very similar to IWBT Fangame, however it is pretty different. Even interface of screen is similar: Don't have time or death counters, have exclamation mark at the end of the name of game, have restarting music and stage select at the beginning of the game, however content of the game is pretty different and I personally had more fun with this game, than with IWBT Fangame.

To complete game, you have to complete 6 different stages with 6 different bosses in any order you want. I will tell my completion.

I started with stage with red brick design, which have a lot of visible or invisible moving platforms and some small mazes, which are based on fake/real blocks and traps. Personally, I didn't get annoyed, so it was ok. First boss was Giyga boss, which you have to spam with bullets, avoid one sniping bullet (strange bullet) and look at strange epileptic background, oh and giyga don't have in that free phase hitbox too, so you can go close to it, and spam it. But it is not all. Then you have true phase of Giyga, which basically is floting in strange room, where physics are very strange, because you go slowly up, but more faster down, but it is not all, background contains one sprite, and background is more epileptic, than before, but the main problem is gameplay of it. You have to shoot at special kind of bullets six times, and you need to go to special circle when is going Giygas special attack. Problem is, that bullets that he throws at you gets bigger and bigger, circle is going smaller and smaller, but special bullets and Giygas UFO still can kill you. But still boss had very fitting music and I personally still had fun and frustration wasn't that big, however this is still second hardest boss in the game.

Second route I choose route, which was blue-themed area, with nice tileset and interesting enemys, which you should avoid, and ok traps and small mazes, which are hidden in invisible blocks, but still it was very fun to play. I still didn't get was it Kid Icarus or Ducktales world, because boss of the world was Duck, but world looked like Kid Icarus world, ah nevermind, boss was very easy, but idea was very fun and gave me ton of fun and positive emotions, just of boss. Idea was pretty good and I liked realisation of boss.

Third route I choose route, which starts with Mario world, but have 2 more world too. Worlds was more fun, than I expected, it had interesting puzzles with block shooting and interesting enemys from Mario and other games too. Boss for this world is definitely my favourite boss of the game, because it had very interesting idea: kid flies on the top of space-ship and you need to kill some kind of demon or what was that? Attacks was pretty interesting, and I didn't get frustrated. Ideas to shoot asteroids, avoid demons bullets and awesome music made him very good. Oh, and it have cutscene at the beginning too, which you can actually skip, pressing on 's'. I don't know if I get lucky, but I completed it very fast, and was surprised, how fun was boss.

Fourth route I choose, was k2 zone, which had puzzles, interesting gimmicks and fun k2 screen. At the end of stage you need to avoid big boo and shoot at the key, to get to key-hole, and then you get to another Mario world, but now with more awesome music and little bit different theme. It has some puzzles, Mario enemys, some trolls and some more traps to avoid, overall very fun, but boss wasn't that fun... Boss, basically contains is Pokemon themed, however in the beginning you have to choose, which pokemon in shadowed. If you choose "It is Koffing!!", it will say that it is Pikachu, and then you will hear weak "Pika.." sound and you will be hit by meme phase, which made me laugh. If you choose "It is me, Mario!!", you will be hit by Mario, but if you will choose "It is Pikachu!!", you will have to fight Koffing, with other music, which fitted, but problem is, how random it is... It is just crazy boss, where you have to shoot on pokeballs and luckly need to shoot him 6 times. But you need to shoot his bullets too, from, which purples is randomly shot and yellows are triggered by kid... It is definitely the hardest boss in the game, and personally I didn't had fun with it... Luckly I cleared it after ~4-5 hour frustration.

Fifth route, was mixed route from 3 worlds, from which first one was based on fake/real block puzzles, second world was drop from space, where you need to avoid spikes and some other things. And third was only world, where was used RNG in platforming. Strange gimmick was based to shoot some RNG sniped balls,and you need to get out of screen, but every time you need to be careful to not miss traps too. About its shooting I didn't get at once, I little bit later found out this special gimmick. And then you have screen with disappearing/appearing block puzzle, like in IWBT Fangame. And then you have chasing boss fight in the water, where you have to avoid different traps, objects and other creatures or things. It have interesting inside bossfight puzzles and was pretty fun to learn and was pretty easy too.

Last route I chose was Cheethaman world followed, with screen with standart tileset. Maybe idea was ok, but world wasn't anything special, until you get to some sort of gameboy or what was it? There you have to avoid army randomly shot bullets by space invaders, followed by silence, yes, there is no music at all... After I died on last second, I found out that you can actually skip that mini-boss if you go properly at the right wall. Thanks at least for that.. And then you have small segment, where you have a lot of gimmicks at once: Fan gimmick, fake spike gimmick, trap gimmick and strangely flying tornados. If you get through all of this, you have 2 screens of Cheethaman world, fllowed by some traps and interesting death effect sound and then boss, which strangely I liked a lot, it was Phoenix Wright boss, followed by epic music and epic cutscene, which can skip again. Yes, boss can be slow-pased, and I played it very safely, so I shoot him every 3 cycles, when is more safer, so that even music ended. Yes, it is pretty hard to dodge strange robot thing and not to die to random blocks or orbs. Anyway, I had a lot of even tho he is slow-pased, but still you need to be careful and concentrated to complete it. But anyway, I had so much fun, that I can say, that it is my second favourite boss in the game.

After you clear all 6 routes, you can go at downer portal, where you will see all 6 greyish portraits of boss, which you have beaten, followed by nice music and good feeling that you completed them all. And then you have screen, which tells, that it is end of the game.

Now some details, which I very liked, that was in the game:

1. Game has interesting death effect, and some times interesting death sound (probably even more than in IWBT Fangame).
2. Game has some unique effects, like block destroying sound, jumping in water effect and etc.
3. Restarting music doesn't make you so annoyed, because saves are sometimes little bit longer and music isn't so special, that restarting music can make you angry.
4. Game has one secret area and secret boss.

Overall, I really liked this game a lot, however I thought, that it will be worst fangame ever, but it wasn't so bad actually and after finishing it, I without any reproach put it to my favourite games, however in the beginning I didn't thought, that I will like it so much to give it favorite. It was very fun, had 10/10 music, very nice tilesets in the most cases, interesting gimmicks, interesting trolls, interesting, appropriate in the most cases and not so annoying traps and very unique and interesting ideas for each of boss, some special effects in the game and other things, which made game very interesting and one of my favourite adventure games. Yes, game has its issues, like Pokemon boss or space invader mini-boss, but even those have something special and you will have some positive emmotions too. Personally I didn't get, why everyone hate this game, and why everyone thinks, that this is worse than IWBT Fangame, because for me IWBT Fangame, was pretty annoying, with annoying and boring platforming, pretty strange physics, inappropriate music and very strange bosses, so I can say that for me, this game was more fun, than IWBT Fangame, and I definitely recommend this game for everyone, who is in fangames, and if you don't do k2 Savage Mountain challenge, then still play it, I think it is worth of your time, because it definitely have a lot of very good things, which are worth to play!

Edit: After quite a lot time I thought to play some stages again, and maybe to find something new, why I there are so many rage comments about this game. I can say, that in second playthrough I had felt that some traps are p[retty annoying and some bosses may look too simple or boring. I was thinking to make lower rating, but I won't do it. Why? Answer is, because I rethought that this is one of the first IWBTG fangames, which was ever released. If we look on games, which was released around that time, for example, I wanna be the fangame!, we can see similarities, restaring music, trap based, contains medley of classic old games and etc. What should be noticed, is that in that time, there was no criterias for good fangame. They was based on original IWBTG, so they tried to make something more unique. And for that time, people probably liked them. Only problem is that time goes on, and there appears new fangames, and in 2018 we are waiting for game with amazing visuals, non-restarting music and something unusual. Of course, it is reason why the most of people wouldn't like these old classics. Yes, I said that I wouldn't recommend IWBT Fangame!, but reason is, because I still wouldn't like it even if I would play it 3 years ago. Tribute for me looked more fun even now, however of course there are it cons for sure. Maybe for some people effects are the main reason for playing, and even if they had fun with it, then they just don't want to say it, because this game doesn't have effects like the newest games... For me the first criteria for rating game is having fun with it and only then looking does it have fascinating effects or no. After playing it, I can feel that creator tried to make as best as he can, and he tried to make content different for each stage. Only strange would be to compare this with happil or bad Kamilia 3 clones, bad guy rock games (like Explorer) or bad miku avoidances. I don't want to offend anyone, I just want to sya, that if somebody want to compare this way, then its wierd, since they compare old game, where creator tried his best, and games, where people doesn't put any original idea at all, since they will just copy already existing things and doesn't show anything new. But what is important is that these are a lot newer games that Tribute, and if anyone is thing that way, then it is strange to be honest. I don't want to say that Tribute is the best game ever, but I just want to say, that it is really good classic fangame, since for that time it has quite a lot of interesting content to try. But anyway if you play games only for effects not for having fun, then I probably can't recommend it. But anyway I just wanted to say my view of the game, which I of course won't force to like. If you have similar preferences like me, then you can try it for sure! And again, this edit was just to expand my view of the game and NOT to offend anyone.

P.S. Actually going through old posts of the game, I found out that this game was actually gonna have final stage, which creator wanted to make really hard, but he dropped project, as I get it, because of rage of people who didn't want game to be super hard. So yeah, the game is even unfinished and will be unfinished forever.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Gimmick unfinished
[5] Likes
Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 44 44
Aug 7, 2017
This game could have been decent. Unfortunately, the absolute trash-tier platforming, production value, and difficulty balance completely turn whatever potential this had into a waste of a fangame. Just to give an idea of how bad this game is, playing on any mode besides Medium forces you to play through platforming before each boss. I know that this was made way back at the beginning of fangame creation, but IWBTF is way better than this, and I feel like shaman was trying to emulate it. Only play this if you're doing the k2 challenge. That's it.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Gimmick Special
[5] Likes
Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 40 40
Nov 22, 2015
It's another of 'those' fangames games. Yes, 'those'. It had the potential, it had the references, it had some good traps, it was even funny at some points, and some bosses had interesting concepts. It had all that, and yet...Yes, negative points for the gameplay. Save placement is random, sometimes there are more saves than necessary and sometimes you would love to have a save nearby, but you won't find any through the next 3 screens. Long screens mixing slow-paced gimmicks with tons of traps, bad use to fake blocks and invisible blocks, bad gimmicks, unexplained gimmicks, glitchy gimmicks. Flawed boss design (Koffing, Giygas and the weird demon are way too RNG-heavy, the duck doesn't even seem like a boss at all, Phoenix Wright is so slow-paced that it's boring, and the remaining boss is a chase segment with traps, which should say enough about it). Stuff like that.
It could be good. But it isn't. Wouldn't recommend.

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Tagged as: Trap Gimmick
[4] Likes
Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 46 46
May 16, 2015
I hate this game. It's one of those old classic fangames that doesn't hold up well. It didn't really even hold up well back in the day either. There are some annoying bosses in this game. Just skip this one.

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[3] Likes
Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 40 40
Apr 30, 2015
Very dated game with the only real good thing being the bosses. All but two (Koffing and Giegue/Giygas) were pretty fun to fight, even the secret boss. My personal favorite was the one in the SMB2 area. The actual game wasn't too hard, but it had a fair share of moments where I just got annoyed.

I had no idea what to do at the Space Invaders segment, until I found out that you had to press the buttons on the DS. Guess what? You need to control The Kid too, one hit and he's dead. The aliens keep shooting at you and keep lowering until they charge and insta-gib you. Turns out you need to go to the right once you killed all of them. You can enter the tunnel to the right right when you enter the room, but they will automatically charge once you try to enter the next area.

It has aged poorly and isn't that fun to play, with the exception of the bosses and the title theme. Not worth checking out, in my opinion.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Boss Puzzle
[2] Likes
Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 43 43
Jan 28, 2018