I wanna be the Groovy

Creator: どるっぴ

Average Rating
5.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
42.3 / 100
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Adventure (6) Trap (7) Gimmick (5) Boss (5) Visual_Challenge (4)


  • by Zurai
  • by zebbe94
  • by Zurai
  • by Zurai
  • by zebbe94

26 Reviews:

Banger, except few traps and bosses were kinda slow paced (especially final one)

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Rating: 7.9 79       Difficulty: 44 44
Dec 10, 2023
Fangame Clear #29

Nearly every single aspect of this game is so utterly terrible to play through that it significantly dampens the very few bright moments this game has. This is the lowest I will rate something for a very long time, and below I will detail exactly why.

The first stage features a completely random wind-gimmick that starts blowing in a random direction every time you respawn, meaning that if you die, sometimes you can wait up to 10 full seconds to be able to play the game again. This stage is filled with jumps that require the use of this wind gimmick, while throwing in constant traps and even a minute-long horrible avoidance that ends in blocks falling on top of you. Utterly miserable.

The second stage is somehow even worse, with the foreground completely blocking most of your vision for the entire duration of the stage. This stage is simply the worst when it comes to traps and indication, I'm absolutely convinced you need a video for some of the red coin screens because of how little you can see. At the end of the stage there's a multiple screen-long autoscroller, followed by not one, not two, but THREE separate traps without a save point, so that every single time you die by one of these, you must redo the entire autoscroller. Probably the worst stage I've seen, and I've played this a month and a half ago. The second boss is no break, given that the difficulty variation between the kinds of attacks you get can vary between an absolute cakewalk and something moderately difficult, thrown in with the way in which you attack him being extremely annoying and not fun whatsoever.

The third stage completely blurs your vision if you're in the water too long, keeping up the trend of making it impossible to see throughout the duration of this game. This one is filled with annoying traps and backtracking, making this just another awful bit to play through. The shark boss is practically free in comparison to the one before it.

The final stage is horribly made, the snowballs are made to be incredibly annoying to dodge and the rooms feature another red coin stage and a bed boss that is super boring and long. The final boss can be completely cheesed by standing on the ledge of a spike in the top right.

The ONLY good things about this game are the graphics (which you cant even see half of the time,) and specifically the first boss, which was honestly quite well-made. Unfortunately, the rest of this game is beyond a trainwreck, and I urge you to play literally anything else unless you have to for FSR. Miserable game.

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Rating: 0.4 4       Difficulty: 36 36
Aug 30, 2023
Quite literally one of the worst adventure games I have ever played, it took me nearly 2 years to find the strength to come back and beat it due to how horrible my first playthrough felt before quitting, and the return was not glorious at all.

Groovy has 3 main issues, it has traps at the end of the longest saves, visual challenge as a main gimmick, and terrible cycles. There is one save where you need to perform a long autoscroller on a bounce pad, which has both foreground clutter all over the screen, cycles of killer objects, traps in the middle of it, and is followed by a screen that has no save on it, falling killers as traps, a fake floor as a trap, and a spring when you jump down that you have to double jump over; this save is quite literally one of the worst things put into an adventure game.

Visual Challenges are all over this game, especially in the Cave and Ocean stages. The Ocean stage has a gimmick that literally just makes your screen blurry the longer you are underwater and is basically what I've decided to call the "Concussion" gimmick. There's also a bit of mashing in the game, such as the wizard boss as well as the snowballs in the last stage, so be prepared for that. Another cycle issue comes from the wind gimmick, you basically have a 50/50 chance for the wind to go the way you need it at the start of a save, so you're just going to be resetting to make it happen faster or you'll need to wait a while just for the next wind direction change.

I try my best to give games like this a chance, but frankly it was not worth it. I would not recommend this game at all, it's terrible and a monument to bad design.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Gimmick Boss Visual_Challenge
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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 45 45
May 10, 2022
The game was a combination of fun and frustrating. I liked how each stage had their own style and the bosses were entertaining to fight. Definetly a visually challenging game that can rack your nerves alittle. lol. But a fun game all around.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Boss Visual_Challenge
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 45 45
May 13, 2020
A really fun adventure game that is pretty short. There are traps featured in every stage and each stage uses it's own gimmick in a pretty fun way. Although said gimmicks are considered "annoying" they were still a great experience. The bosses have RNG for their attack decisions, but once you learn to take on every attack, you'll know what to do when the specific queue pops! There are a few things I didn't like, such as having saves being about 5-10 seconds away from encountering a boss. A few saves also were pretty not fun to go through but pretty much most of the game was really fun! I really do recommend this game if you are looking for a fun little adventure game.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 40 40
Oct 9, 2018