I Wanna Be the Sadist

Creator: ベリー

Average Rating
1.8 / 10
Average Difficulty
79.6 / 100
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Adventure (4) Trap (2) Boss (3) RNG (1) Killer_Cursor (1)


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9 Reviews:

After i got that roll in K2mania, i thought this is gonna be like "ok, i heard there is some BS, i can get through without much of a problem, i hope"

Welp, my mistake, this game was a lot worse than i could imagine, platforming sucks almost all the way, and it's also not easy, bosses themselfs okayish before the last boss. Last boss is quite a big garbage pit, no less. I recommend to avoid this game.

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Tagged as: Adventure
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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 75 75
May 17, 2019
I wanna be the Sadist is a 5 stage game with mostly trap-based platforming and a few themes or gimmicks to keep things sort of interesting. I'll start by saying that I don't think this is nearly as bad as other people make it out to be, but it's still pretty not good. The platforming difficulty is all over the place but there are some interesting jumps, and the themes/gimmicks are mostly ok.

The traps are what this is kind of known for: they're really, really fast flying spikes mostly. The first stage had a good amount of them but the amount gradually goes down as you progress through the game, letting the platforming take over. I thought I would end up not enjoying these but the saves aren't really long in the first place for the most part, and the longer saves don't have many traps in the first place.

The bosses are what really drag this game down. 2 of them basically don't really exist, but the 3 that do might drive you insane. The first boss only lets you use your double jump from the ground, and it shoots cherries at you when you shoot it, which are a lot harder to dodge when you can't go high. The third boss isn't that bad if it wasn't for the invisible maze with death pits that you have to do after the boss. Had to beat it 10 times or so before I found the way out. And the infamous final boss isn't a terrible concept, but shooting the bees can be a pain because of precise hitbox and if you have to go to the top, you're basically praying for good luck, cause you can't react to the random boulders. I didn't really have much trouble with any of them somehow, but it's still easy to see that this is the game's downfall.

In the end, yeah this kinda sucks. You probably shouldn't play this, and you definitively shouldn't try to beat the final boss.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap
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Rating: 2.5 25       Difficulty: 75 75
Mar 21, 2020
I occasionally liked some of its level design ideas, that's the only good thing I have to say about this game. The final boss in particular is great concept-wise, but it's ridiculously luck based.

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Rating: 4.5 45       Difficulty: 70 70
Sep 5, 2015
The goomba is awful and the bee is really incredibly fucking stupidly shit awful. The rest of the game is mostly just bad.

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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 75 75
Feb 9, 2021

An extremely bad adventure game. It features extremely fast moving traps, tricky saves and probably the worst boss ever. The platforming turns peak difficulty at the jungle stage since you have to so stuff like jump through an invert near the end of the screen or 16px gaps inbetween some spikes early on.

3 out of the 5 bosses are fairly simple, one even having just a cutscene and nothing else. First off, the Len bulldozer. The entirety of this boss takes place on a conveyor belt without double jump and each time you hit him a cherry spawns while spikes rapidly fall from the top of the screen along with a spike that rides the conveyor Towards the second half more spikes appear and another spike rides the belt so you'll have to play it strategically.

Meanwhile you also have a Goomba that runs on a set path where you have to mash the shoot button and hope that he doesn't run into you. A bouncing cherry allies him so shit becomes even worse. If you beat the boss there's an invisible maze and hope that you get through it fast enough or else the cherry that bounces in the boss room (it doesn't go away after you kill the Goomba) might go into the maze and kill you.

The next stage has a Kracko boss that is fairly easy, only following a path and occasionally spawning thunder bolts.

It still isn't done yet, and the worst has yet to come. The last stage takes place in a tower with toxic water that instakills you when you touch it. It has some brutal segments and don't make a single mistake or else you'll most likely end up dying by the water.

After you get through that tower you find yourself at the bee. You may think "This isn't so bad, just shoot the brown rocks and don't get hit by the gray balls!" but you are so wrong, and it's exactly the opposite of that. The boss spawns 3 little zingers every few seconds with weird hitboxes, especially around its wings. You'll have to jump and hit the ceiling a lot in order to hit some of them properly, considering a large amount of them spawn from below. To go with the trend gray balls spawn completely random, even when you hope you are in a safe spot. If you hit the boss without hitting a brown rock first, the boss deflects your bullet and charges right back towards you. Lastly, the toxic water returns and the tide changes every single time. If it goes real high then you have to hang out at either the top left or the platform next to it while the gray balls can instagib you at any second along with zingers that roam the screen. You wanna know how many HP this boss has? 25. Everything can kill you at any moment, whether it be a simple mistake or just being plain unlucky. The latter will happen a ton. This boss will very likely take much longer to beat than the rest of the game up to this point, just pray that you get the best luck ever at this boss and don't screw up the last 30 seconds.

I highly not recommend this garbage, trust me.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 84 84
Apr 29, 2018