I Wanna Be the Sadist

Creator: ベリー

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1.9 / 10
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78.1 / 100
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Adventure (6) Trap (3) Boss (3) Long (1) RNG (1) Killer_Cursor (2) Troll_Boss (1)


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13 Reviews:

This is---- legendary. That is a fact, indeed. Unfortunately it's a fact.

The hardest pending fangame I had for the K2 Challenge, which is probably the only reason why one would care about this game (Edit: Catastrophe doesn't count because it is Cochranly_Impossible).

Let's be objective (having as a given that both ratings for quality and difficulty are subjective). The game is not an entire putrid steaming pile of goat shit (my, the good old days of AVGN came to me all of a sudden). Old fangames had the tradition of putting the absolute worst and simultaneously most generic stage as the very first stage: common tilesets, guy rock, needle and delicious fruits. It's there. It's ugly and stupid. Two screens of the first stage look like you already know how they look, and the third one looks like the bottom screens of LoveTrap if you decide to go down in the original LoveTrap from the very first screen: also default tilesets with a pitch dark orange background. Is this a tribute? Maybe.

The problem with this stage? The presentation is horrible, it has very annoying traps (have fun with the 16 pixels madness here and with the first save of the third screen which has delicious fruits bouncing from wall to wall ridiculously fast while you jump over spikes). The first two screens are not riddled, they are infested with traps with every move you make, and to top it all, the spikes move at the speed of light. You have two frames at the most to react because they really aim at getting to the moon with that speed.

The first boss is an amusingly cheap and basic one: it has a child version of Len ""driving"" a steamroller towards you while spikes from the ground appear from right to left. Also, as a good LoveTrap boss would do, each time you make damage, that's a free cherry on screen for you, except it is position-based. So, it is impossible to spam the boss with bullets. It is hilariously cute to an unbearable degree, because you need 15 tons of imagination to really understand what's going on. There is an eye-piercing yellow background, so you cannot know both of you are moving. Everything is static. But he's riding this steamroller, you see? It's funny, because the intended IMAGINATION is that you picture he's actually driving towards you and you are "escaping" from him because the floor is a conveyor belt that pushes you to the left, towards Len. The conveyor belt is what drives people insane in this boss, because, besides pushing you to the left really fast, it also has the unwelcome gimmick of only making you able to make second-jump heights, as if you were in water. So, the jump calculations will fail you until you get used to the second-jump height and movement. Add some RNG of raining spikes and a huge bar of HP, and you will you have a lot of fun.

To be honest, this boss is one of patience. It is so ugly, you want to get rid of him fast, but it's there. It exists. The more patient and calculating you are, the biggest the odds of success are. It's not difficult; it's frustratingly slow and annoying to control. Don't be afraid of it. Do mind, however, that a successful attempt will take time.

So, everything is like 0.3/10 material at the moment.

Then the next stages come. They have interesting ideas and fun moments. I won't lie. When you arrive to the "Final Fantasy Remix Theme" stage, the needle is OK. It still has traps at the speed of light, but it's not atrocious. It's bad, but not atrocious, and I found the pathing of the first save of the first screen to be fun. From there, the second screen is really annoying because it implements the conveyor belt once again, that which makes you jump only with your second jump mechanics, and a brown platform logic that you won't understand until you try it many times. Too bad the save is difficult to learn and grind for you to have many attempts. The joke of the save is also that the conveyor pushes you to the left so hard that, if you don't do anything, it makes you be stuck on the wall to the left.

But hey... that block in which you get stuck on has different jumping mechanics, because there is a couple of frames in which you're not governed by the converyor belt's physics.... right?

What if.... I.... Wait.

And then, this led me to discover a skip that, as far as a I know, no one in the fangame community had ever discovered. I decided to exploit this oversight, leading me to mock at the game to my most sincere pleasure, and I had to share it with everyone (save spoilers):


The part in which I flaunt endlessly is obviously me joking, but I did feel powerful.

From there, as a reward, you get one of the most infamous screen transitions, one that involves making a leap of faith into a horizontal gate immediately after you screen-transition. Godawful in every way.

The Mario and Kirby stages are fine. For the Mario stage, I was shocked to see a side-scrolling section for such a maligned fangame, and it wouldn't be a total waste if it wasn't because of the 16-pixel fixation of the first save, making it the hardest. The rest has a laughable visual design, but at least none of it is default tileset design.

The boss is infamous for making you wasting your time. It's not bad. It has a bizarre pathing that can go through blocks with a del-fruit annoying you, but nothing too bad. It's OK, it's a fast victory..... Except it isn't, because when you beat it, you fall into a trap while walking to the warp. Oh know. It's maze time! Now you have to embrace the terrible revelation that, unless you see a video or guide, you will die several times to find the correct path (and warp!) to clear the bloody stage.

The Kirby stage has the toughest needle, and the precious Nekoron engine, so have fun making unintended full jumps when making the half diamonds! Third screen shows its teeth with really precise saves and traps at the end: extremely fair. The boss is a joke. Second-try because I had to determine the correct safe spot during the thunder attack.

Last stage leading to the final boss is fun. It's a vertical-scrolling section and a race against time before the acid.. er.. "soda cream melon" according to the Japanese text, reaches you and makes you explode, as it would logically happen in real life. It's Donkey-Kong-Country 2 themed with Zingers all over the place, some of them of course moving incredibly fast (this is Be The Sadist, have you forgotten?). The difficulty balance is all over the place, and it is strongly recommended that, after getting to a save, you do take your time to know the next save even if the "soda cream melon" reaches you because, when you hit R for retrying, the "acid" appears at a default location and is way too close to you! You will wish you had used your opportunity better!


This boss deserves a review of its own. There is no need to make it long; a list of its problems suffices.

-What you have to do: Shoot brown rocks at it to damage it

The end.

Characteristics and facts:

-The soda cream melon "acid" is pattern. It will behave in the exact same way everytime.
-The brown rocks depend on a timer. They will come out exactly after every X frames.
-The gray boulders are RNG and will come out of 13 different holes.
-Just like the brown rocks, little bees will spawn exactly after every X frames, and from the same locations. An additional bee will spawn every time you inflict damage on Zanto, the final boss.


-The music sucks. It's a 4.5 second loop of the same exact tune except for the intro.
-The gray boulders are RNG.
-The more damage you inflict on the boss, the faster the gray boulders rain over you.
-The boss has a huge, unwelcome amount of HP. There's a moment in which you will go "WHY WON'T YOU JUST DIE?!" The amount of hits it has is exactly 25 hits by brown rocks.
-If you hit the boss with your bullets, it will bounce them back at you, no questions asked.
-If you hit any gray boulder by accident, it doesn't only block your bullets: it bounces them back at you! Why on Earth?? (It starts to get worse from here)
-If you shoot a gray boulder from the right side, it goes THROUGH it. How come they were programmed in such a specific way?
-If you shoot the boss or a gray boulder, and the bullet bounces back at a little bee, IT FREAKING GOES THROUGH IT, KILLING YOU? What the f*** is the logic in that? At least I would expect some courtesy from bad aiming, but no, a bounced bullet from the boss can go through a gray boulder and through a bee until it reaches you and kills you!! What in the holy f*%/&!
-There is a point in which the "acid" reaches all the way to the top, so high, that you cannot react to the RNG of the boulders. You are expected to do this between 4 and 5 times depending on the RNG the boss gives you. That amounts for a total of 18 possible boulders PRAYING that they don't hit you.
-With the acid thing, it is only optimal to be at a single height of the screen, so the rest of the platforms are basically there just for decoration.
-The bees move at your speed. Miss a bullet, and it will either hit something that bounces it back at you, or the bee does the work. Every bullet counts.
-The main bee boss is programmed in such a way that it only moves slowly up and down, but it moves so high at one point that the brown rocks that damage it will go UNDER IT. WHy????
-Samewise, the boss will go down so much that there is a slim chance that the brown rock goes above it.
-If the song loops, there is a small probability that the game freezes half a second.
-Given the RNG of the gray boulders and the set pattern of the brown rocks, you will have several of your shoots being blocked by the gray boulders to count.
-Finally, there will be more instances than you can imagine, as unlikely as it might sound, that the sprite of the little bees (which are circa the Kid's size) occupy the space of a gray boulder, making a perfect eclipse. You will then shoot the bee thinking you will kill it, but since the bee's hitbox is extremely inconsistent (sometimes, the bullet will go through the bee, and it never hits the wings or the feet), the gray boulder hitbox predominates over the bee's, and you're dead, because of the bouncing deal.

Given that this is objectively a luck boss, under the assumption that you don't face any of the aforementioned BS problems in an entirely successful run, considering that a boulder has a chance of 1/13 of appearing exactly above where you are when the acid forces you to be at the very top, right under the boulders, the P(Not Getting Hit | x = 1/13) equals to (1-[1/13])^18 = 23.7% < 25%. This is less than 1 out of every 4 times. The grind required is insane, and it doesn't depend on you.

With all things considered, the final boss of GR has been topped, making this the worst final boss of a fangame in history, dismissing impossible bosses, the most unfair and the most frustrating. Luck-based bosses are always an extremely bad idea.

Up to the final boss, the game is around a 68 in difficulty and a 3.0 at best if you're tolerant to old fangame tropes and their common ups and downs and varying quality. However, I do rate a fangame only and only if I have beaten it completely, without considering extra (only exceptions so far are LoveTrap, and White & Black).

If you are curious, you could try the normal stages. When you see the infamous final boss, delete the game forever.

Here you have, hence, the final results.

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[9] Likes
Rating: 0.7 7       Difficulty: 81 81
Jan 28, 2023
I'm understand that some people can be interested in this because it's quite intriguing game because of title and aura about it, but DON'T. It's not worth it by any means and you will be heavily discouraged if you decide to go in

This game basically has a exact line once you reach final boss. So before final boss, this game is just messy and bad-tier adventure fangame. It has mostly bearable, but preposterous platforming with occasionally some sort of creative saves and traps, but not that many of them. I also feel like Kirby water world stage (K2 one) and final bee tower is quite decent even by standard judgments, but that's kinda hot take, so don't take this too seriously. Also, there is some pretty incredibly annoying and frustrating save that opens a Mario stage (with cart), it's completely out of difficulty curve and just feels really dumb overall

What about a bosses, so the first boss is quite ok, I would say. The only issue that it has too many HP and kinda boring, but I still enjoy it. Second boss didn't exist and the third one, Goomba, I feel is alright. It's pattern fight with bouncing apple, and i've actually had fun discovering how optimize my damage on Goomba while avoiding apple. Maze after boss tho is absolutely stupid concept and I hate it. Fourth boss, Kracko, is insanely free

And then once you've beat almost everything in this game it's finally reveals true face with final boss. GOD, IT'S SO BAD, THAT I CAN'T HOLD MY CAPS DEFENSE. It's ridiculously bad and this is really soft words for this garbage hole

So let's start with concept. It's not that bad if you think about it. There's a wasp that has 25 HP, it's spawns at you bees quite frequently and simultaneously there is a rocks that falling from top and the water that restrict your movements by coming from bottom. Feels like not that trash, huh? Well, forget about it. Everything is way much worse than you thinking

If you watch this boss, you can say that this doesn't looking that bad, but let me explain. So basically start with bees. They have ABSOLUTELY DOGSHIT HITBOXES. You basically sometimes shoot them and they just don't care, because bullet FLY THROUGH THEM. Very fun, isn't it? Then rocks. Rocks is reflecting your bullets in you and this is not like worst part, but what makes this actually stupid is how often rocks block you from shooting main wasp with red rocks, that spawns way rarely then they're should. Basically in the average attempt you will miss decent amount of your shoots, because of that

And this is still not a worst part. Remember water? Well sometimes water will rise so high, that you will need to climb the highest platforms. And then... you need to pray. Because the chance that rock will fall exactly on your head is extremely high and you have basically NO TIME to react it. Just pray. Not once. 4-5 times for clear

Also just to concludes this to absolute disgrace of fangaming, the wasp also reflects your shots in you, the red rocks don't damage wasp when she at the top part of the screen and the rocks will falling faster in the second half of fight

So, you will need play very carefully entire fucking fight. You need to be focused to not shoot rock, not shoot wasp, dealing with hitboxes of upcoming bees and pray every time you climb on top without even knowing how much HP boss have, because there is no HP bar for this fight. This is epitomy of this shithole calling final boss of Sadist

In some defense I can say that conception-wise this boss pretty interesting (very unique even, but it's not redeems it at all) and I rarely have fun dealing with hard situations in this fight, but it's like almost nothing in compare with how much negative and devastation I have from this

So yeah. Insanely bad game overall. Absolutely awful actually. Fuck it. Don't repeat my mistake and don't download this ever

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[5] Likes
Rating: 2.5 25       Difficulty: 83 83
May 7, 2022
After i got that roll in K2mania, i thought this is gonna be like "ok, i heard there is some BS, i can get through without much of a problem, i hope"

Welp, my mistake, this game was a lot worse than i could imagine, platforming sucks almost all the way, and it's also not easy, bosses themselfs okayish before the last boss. Last boss is quite a big garbage pit, no less. I recommend to avoid this game.

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Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 75 75
May 17, 2019
I actually think the bulk of this game in terms of content is not horrible, in particular the platforming is kinda cool, there's a few interesting cycles and jumps, the traps are kinda annoying but they are far from the worst thing ever. I think the third stage has some kinda annoying jumps but in contrast, I enjoyed the platforming in stages 4 and 5 a fair bit. The bosses are a bit more shaky, bosses 2 and 4 are free, boss 1 is probably my favorite, you can only double jump on the ground which is kinda neat and leads to some fun situations. Boss 3 is terrible, not interesting to learn and the invisible maze is just dumb. Up to the final boss I'd probably give the game like a 4 or 5.

The final boss of Sadist is very infamous, it nearly tripled my playtime for the game, I reached it in under an hour and by the time I was done, I was almost at 3 hours. This boss is why I rate this game so low, it's such a significant portion of playtime on a boss which is alarmingly poorly executed. The luck element is horrendous, having to rely on good rock RNG to hit the boss or just not die when the acid goes really high, shooting the small bees sucks because precise hitboxes, recoil shots are kinda cool but can be agonizing to die to, and the boss has a ton of health considering your limited damage opportunities. It's the kind of gambling which isn't fun, it just feels so out of your control. Even some of the most luck based bosses can be really fun when you can influence the situation, it feels like the player is in control even if RNG can wipe away your attempt. The bee does not give you this luxury, you will die because he wants to kill you and there's basically nothing that can be done about it. There's definitely a skill element, you need good control of the kid to play optimally to maximize chances, but it just feels so hopeless and frustrating.

I think this game is somewhat worth playing up to the bee, beyond that I wouldn't bother, it's far too much effort for a boss which is not rewarding at all.

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Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: 76 76
Mar 19, 2024
I wanna be the Sadist is a 5 stage game with mostly trap-based platforming and a few themes or gimmicks to keep things sort of interesting. I'll start by saying that I don't think this is nearly as bad as other people make it out to be, but it's still pretty not good. The platforming difficulty is all over the place but there are some interesting jumps, and the themes/gimmicks are mostly ok.

The traps are what this is kind of known for: they're really, really fast flying spikes mostly. The first stage had a good amount of them but the amount gradually goes down as you progress through the game, letting the platforming take over. I thought I would end up not enjoying these but the saves aren't really long in the first place for the most part, and the longer saves don't have many traps in the first place.

The bosses are what really drag this game down. 2 of them basically don't really exist, but the 3 that do might drive you insane. The first boss only lets you use your double jump from the ground, and it shoots cherries at you when you shoot it, which are a lot harder to dodge when you can't go high. The third boss isn't that bad if it wasn't for the invisible maze with death pits that you have to do after the boss. Had to beat it 10 times or so before I found the way out. And the infamous final boss isn't a terrible concept, but shooting the bees can be a pain because of precise hitbox and if you have to go to the top, you're basically praying for good luck, cause you can't react to the random boulders. I didn't really have much trouble with any of them somehow, but it's still easy to see that this is the game's downfall.

In the end, yeah this kinda sucks. You probably shouldn't play this, and you definitively shouldn't try to beat the final boss.

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Rating: 2.5 25       Difficulty: 75 75
Mar 21, 2020