I wanna go 100 Layers Downstair

Creator: Big_universe

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4.7 / 10
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70.3 / 100
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Needle (2) 100_Floor (1)


  • by Renko97
  • by Smajsnamz

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This game is largely defined by one word: repetitive. In what way? Every way.

Production wise, its a 100F game. It has one song and one tileset and one background. None of these ever change.

Level design wise, it has one layout. Every room is the same block layout around the outside (except for the last one which is double wide, whoa!). It has a few glimpses of creativity to make this not the most tedious thing ever but only a few.

Needle design wise, it has 5 jumps. You do gates, corners, 16px, diagonals and nudge walkoffs (when a spike is over the walkoff 16px up so you have to tap it or you die. This is actually so rampant in the game and so unfun to play that you look forward to the screens that are just 10+ diagonals in a row) This comprises a solid 80-90% of jumps in the game. And when it changes it, it actually gets worse. Every few floors you get treated with something terrible. Like a double jump ceiling diamond with a corner before and after it. Or a squished diagonal. Or a super F. Every layout is the same and its always going down so you'd expect some shots at interesting drops but they're rare. Its a lot of corridor needle where you go down instead of up between corridors. It also has quite a number of trigger screens but these are almost entirely just to make you go back and forth in the small space so that the save is longer - and comprises of more of the same jumps over and over.

There's a few fun spots but its mostly just bad. As with the style, its mostly easy at the start and gets harder (goes from doing vstring drop corners/diagonals to actual drop corners/diagonals), getting pretty tough at the end though not in an interesting way. Can't really recommend this to anyone for any reason.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 75 75
Apr 9, 2019
The difficulty curve is pretty great. Pretty chill game with most rooms 1 save long. Gets a bit more intense near the end and maybe the last screen is a bit much as things tend to be. Simple in its execution but gets the point across you're here to do needle at an incremented pace. A few hiccups here and there but overall I had a great time.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 70 70
May 9, 2017
Rating based on "fake clear"

tl;dr: Feels like bootleg nang except much much worse.

That was going to be my entire review, with a small added paragraph about my problems lay with the long back and forth trigger screens, how the walkoff thing Kurath complains about only really comes about in a few screens that have like 8 each, and that I found the random stupid jumps (super F, ceiling dj diamond) to be funny.

However, there's a very important fact that is not mentioned in any review, which you should know if you want to clear this: This game does not end after floor 100. Typical of 100f games, but this one has its own twist: After beating floor 100, you'll have to do a 4.5 to get to a warp, which will ask for an answer, which I'll provide later. Upon doing so, you'll be thrown back to floor 58, and all the screens will receive buffs. Clear again for true end and an actual clear screen. This is probably not worth going for, but sunk cost fallacy is a hell of a drug.

password is 17268337

Can't recommend playing unless you read the spoilers above as well as Kurath's review and acknowledge what it means. Even if you do, this is still not a good game, but you will be able to use your own judgement as for whether or not you want to play it.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 65 65
Nov 15, 2020
It's a shame because the maker has obviously tried to do some original things, and making a 100 floor game takes a fair bit of effort, but sadly there has been no consideration given to what is fun and what is not fun to play. So many of the screens are incredibly obnoxious, see Kurath's review for a thorough explanation of why.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 65 65
Aug 13, 2019
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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 71 71
Aug 16, 2018