I wanna be the Co-op

Creator: Nemega

Average Rating
9.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
59.4 / 100
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Adventure (10) Needle (9) Avoidance (1) Gimmick (14) Medley (2) Boss (12) Long (2) Puzzle (9) Online (10) Multiplayer (15) Extra (1)


  • by Gpalm
  • by Marthmer
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  • by Marthmer

69 Reviews:

Absolutely phenomenal game that is unique, fun, and one of the most polished fangames ever made. The only tiny flaws in this game pale in comparison to the immense beauty and overall fantastic design. Online play is a grand achievement in its own, but then you have the actual game's content which is unbelievably good. I would recommend this game to everybody, it is a must play and a huge step forward for fangames.

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 69 69
Apr 23, 2016
I was playing this game with Nemega from the start and I loved it from the very first moment. I think this is a revolution in fangames. A co-op game in a browser, I never saw something like this before.

The game itself got great gameplay and nice visuals. There are so many different kind of gimmicks and they aren't overused.

It isn't that long, there are in the moment two stages and 4 bosses( two normal and two secret). But there will be added a third stage in the future.

There is also a single player. But multiplayer is much more fun.

The only thing you need to look for is that you play the game in a Chrome-Browser, else it could get really laggy.

I highly recommend this game. You will miss something if you don't play it :)

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 40 40
Dec 27, 2015
Rating based on hard mode and on single player; not including a rating because this was meant to be played on Co-op mode, so I don't want to deter anyone from trying it out, but I just don't want to ever return to this game. Might as well have a review for single player mode that I wrote a while ago anyways, though; it might be a bit harsh but I'm too lazy to edit it so here it is:

What started off as a great game soon became one of the most frustrating grinds I have ever attempted. The platforming in stage 1 was great all around; I enjoy it a lot. But then I got to the first boss, and my enjoyment slowly went downhill.

Bubble Bobble starts off with a free and really boring introductory attack, which is already really annoying. Then you have the fireworks attack, which I can barely see on the background, meaning I can barely read the bullets; nobody at all seriously thought this was just bad? Then you have the pow block attack, which is absolute bullshit no matter how I look at it; about 2/3 of my deaths on the boss were due to it just shitting on me. I don't even know what the hitboxes on the falling blocks were, they just seemed to kill me whenever they wanted. The rest of the fight is OK, if a bit choke-y thanks to everything that came before it. Flandre was OK; the last attack is really dumb in my opinion, but it's a much more enjoyable fight to play.

Stage 2 is where I began to not have fun with the platforming. You first off have 2 needle screens thrown in haphazardly, even if I liked them; they just don't fit in a game like this. Then you have a semi-tedious gimmick involving placing temporary platforms, which is pretty frustrating when you add moving objects to the equation. The teleporting gimmick, however, is by far my least favorite gimmick in the game; it could have been good, but I have to guess where I will end up and often die because I just can't tell what your range is. There should have been an indicator showing you where you'll go; that would make the gimmick so much more tolerable than it is. The bomb path is OK at best; a few good saves mixed in with a few really frustrating and tedious saves.

The worms boss is a shitshow. I'm very biased with this because I detest learn-y bosses, but I nevertheless despised this boss. The outtro attack, while it's easy to dodge, is still very choke-able; I died there once because I was celebrating. It's just another cheap gib; it's just bad design. Then you have Kongou; she's probably my least favorite part of the game. It starts out with two incredibly easy-to-do attacks that last an eternity, followed by an aimed attack. I still barely understand how the fuck you do the aimed attack; it just seemed like the missiles just went wherever the fuck they wanted to go. This attack is by far the most infuriating thing I've ever played, and it completely soured my overall experience of the game. The outtro attack is also such a cheap, badly-designed gib that should have never made it into the game; guess what I died to once as well? Kongou is straight up terrible.

Stage 3 is where it seemed Nemega just stopped caring. The design is sloppy; the visuals make the spikes hard to see, not to mention how the spikes have a strange hitbox; the platforming is overly precise with both the physics and the spike sprites; and above all, it just won't fucking end. Each successive screen made me want to quit more and more, and every time a new gimmick was introduced, it's used horribly. I died once after I exited the first laser screen because there weren't platforms all the way across the bottom of the screen where I entered from; why the hell isn't that a thing? Why the fuck would you not put platforms there? The design is so questionable throughout this stage.

I quit on a save that I'd give a medal for being the most tedious, unfun gimmick save I've ever attempted; I just can't be assed to grind a game I don't enjoy to this extent, especially when it's apparent that it will just keep getting worse. If this game was based on single player mode, I would not hesitate to give this a solid 3.5/10.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Jan 1, 2017
Rating based on 100% hard.
Online multiplayer achievement and probably the best production I have seen for a fangame for an amazing game. Coop is a 2 players adventure game featuring a lot of gimmicks with a 16:9 size. I'm not gonna detail everything, a lot of ppl before me has already did that but even if the game has some flaws (the final boss being absurdly hard and long compared to the rest of the game and the range of the tp gimmick being not shown are the most relevant for me), the fun this game brought me cannot be brought by another game. Post game is also very fun and quite long, I'm just a bit disappointed that the secret boss is litteraly mario from magic tower mode in Cat (I know this game aired before but I played Cat first).

The game has also a singleplayer mode, but it would honestly be a waste to play it alone so I encourage ppl who still don't have played it to find someone and start a new journey.
(final note: before updating my review, average difficutly of the game is 59.1 which is something I don't really understand when it has a boss as hard as the final one)

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Rating: 9.7 97       Difficulty: 65 65
Nov 6, 2019
Rating/difficulty for a 100% clear on hard
Very enjoyable experience throughout, a must play co-op game

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Rating: 9.9 99       Difficulty: 60 60
Sep 27, 2019