I wanna be the Co-op

Creator: Nemega

Average Rating
9.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
59.6 / 100
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Adventure (15) Needle (11) Avoidance (3) Gimmick (19) Medley (4) Boss (15) Long (3) Puzzle (12) Online (14) Multiplayer (18) Pathing_Puzzle (1) Cycle (1) onlline (1) Difficulty_Selection (1)


  • by Marthmer
  • by ElCochran90
  • by Anonymous
  • by NightShark115
  • by Marthmer

99 Reviews:

Absolutely phenomenal game that is unique, fun, and one of the most polished fangames ever made. The only tiny flaws in this game pale in comparison to the immense beauty and overall fantastic design. Online play is a grand achievement in its own, but then you have the actual game's content which is unbelievably good. I would recommend this game to everybody, it is a must play and a huge step forward for fangames.

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 69 69
Apr 23, 2016
I was playing this game with Nemega from the start and I loved it from the very first moment. I think this is a revolution in fangames. A co-op game in a browser, I never saw something like this before.

The game itself got great gameplay and nice visuals. There are so many different kind of gimmicks and they aren't overused.

It isn't that long, there are in the moment two stages and 4 bosses( two normal and two secret). But there will be added a third stage in the future.

There is also a single player. But multiplayer is much more fun.

The only thing you need to look for is that you play the game in a Chrome-Browser, else it could get really laggy.

I highly recommend this game. You will miss something if you don't play it :)

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 40 40
Dec 27, 2015
*Cleared on June 30th, 2022*

Rating based on Hard Difficulty and Two-Player Mode with all extra bosses, secrets, extra area and true final boss. Played with ElCochran95 aka advokaiser.

My brother is one of the most valuable persons in my life: he is my blood brother, my brother in Christ, my best friend, my trust partner, my gaming companion, and basically the most mature young person I know. It is the brother anyone would wish to have: loyal, open-minded, and will never give you a "no" for an answer when you need a favor.

Since little, we have played every multiplayer game possible we have owned, from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Kirby Super Star, to this magnum opus of a fangaming spectacle.

This game was glancing at me sexily since 2019, and even more sexily since May 2020 when I beat all difficulties and the Magic Tower Mode (inspired by Tower of the Sorcerer) in I Wanna Be the Cat. I had counted reservations considering that game, especially the impact of the Magic Tower concept necessarily meaning you will get softlocked if you use no guide whatsoever. As the first Steam fangame ever, with a rogue-like characters, powerups, a health system, beautiful original designs, delightful homages to immortal fangames, and a strongly functional multiplayer system. The Magic Tower mode, which is pretty much the core of the experience, frustrated me with more than 2 softlocked replays and a deceiving back-up save system, because you could back-up an already screwed position, so it was just deceiving.

Forget about all the negatives in here.

I had to play this game as intended. I cannot imagine playing this in solo mode, or at least, having as much fun as how it was really intended. I can see there would be a lot of backtracking within the same screen to activate all the triggers to make progress.

So this is how it happened.

My brother and I share almost everything in life. After finishing the great game I Wanna Be The Cat, I had to either play it on 2-Player-Mode or on 2-Player-Mode. There was no other option. I approached my brother and asked him: "Would you be interested in playing Co-Op with me when you reach a point in which you felt comfortable skill-wise? I can prepare you a list of recommended fangames for you to practice, but even before starting with them, I would give you some personal lessons with some screens I especially made for you in this fancy tool called J-Tool. I will teach you all the basics, from jumps to aligns and basic gimmicks." He was extremely enthusiastic with the fact that I had already prepared material for him, and after doing 15 different screens, he mastered in the course of 3 freakin' weeks:

-Gates of all types, diagonals, scrotums, corners of all types, sphincters, upward planes, double diamonds at three different heights, double-ceiling diamonds and single-jumping through a half diamond.

I was in awe, but I also thought to myself: "Who was physically present with me, let alone online, to teach me all of this patiently and step by step?" Nobody, and then again, many people, especially the pioneers, learned by their own. However, this was being a proposal to my brother to do something with me that was of my interest.

It is extremely important to point out that the way I knew fangames personally was thanks to HIM. He played I Wanna Be The Guy back in 2016-2017 and beat it, and he recommended it to me. It looked so primitive to me that I refrained. Oh, my close-mindedness. He focused on how retro and genius it was (an opinion he holds up to this day), and that it was a love letter to the brutal NES days of gaming with tons of humor. I learned to appreciate the original I Wanna Be the Guy until much later, a game that, ironically, gets still a lot of criticism today (unless they play the Remastered version, which the engine we all know, but that it ironically works against the original platforming which was kept intact except for a trap in a very specific secret item room).

So, in a way, I said: "I promise to make this journey enjoyable. Every time you play, I will stop doing what I am doing, if possible or not related to work, and sit down next to you to be your audience to cheer you on." He agreed and his expectations went high.

I prepared the following list of 25 fangames for him, in order:


-Advanced Practice Techniques With Edgar Cochran (J-Tool)
-I Wanna Be The My Heart Goes On
-I Wanna Be The Chokochoko
-I Wanna Be The GGM
-I Wanna Enjoy The Game
-I Wanna Play The Rubber Trap
-I Wanna Be The Little Runner
-I Wanna Conquer The Blow Game
-I Wanna Conquer The Blow Game 2
-I Wanna Conquer The Blow Game 3
-I Cannot But Go Ahead Through The Way Of The Starlit Sky
-I Wanna Be The Strongest Fairy
-I Wanna Eat The Rori Girl
-I Wanna Struggle Momentarily
-I Wanna Clear The Easy Miku 2
-I Wanna Be The Zero Game
-For My Valentine
-I Wanna Be The Dark Blue
-I Wanna Get The Yellow Star
-I Wanna Be The Experience
-I Wanna Escape the Mysterious House
-I Wanna Be The Fortress Returns
-I Wanna Be The Fangame!
-I Wanna Kill The Guy

I specifically warned him that many of these choices were picked by me because of the difficulty curve they presented and worked as a decent introduction to develop platforming abilities, not necessarily because of them being good. I also mentioned they were heavily inspired by the first two stages of Kamilia 2. He decided to take the risk.

He finished them all with style, and considered Dark Boshy in Kill the Guy to be the toughest challenge of the whole package.

After that, I gave my 25 personal recommendations, in order (an order that tried to balance both difficulty and quality at the same time with the condition that they wouldn't be harder than I Wanna Be the Boshy, so both aspects independently would present inconsistencies):

-I Wanna Be The Machinary
-I Wanna Be The Aura
-I Wanna Enjoy The Game2
-I Wanna Be The Octophobia
-I Wanna Challenge 100 Trials!!
-I Wanna Go Across The Rainbow
-I Wanna Be The Knight Of Shining Armor
-I Wanna Be The Overlord
-I Wanna Kill The Troll King
-I Wanna Reach The Moon
-I wanna be the RUKIMIN!7(SEVEN!)
-Not Another VVVVVV Game
-I Wanna Be The 8bit
-I Wanna Get Cultured
-I Wanna Be The Micromedley
-I Wanna Run The Marathon
-I Wanna Warp The Worlds
-I Wanna Find A Cure
-I Wanna Stop The Simulation
-I Wanna Find My Destiny
-I Wanna Take The Timemachine
-I Wanna Be The Cat (all difficulties and Magic Tower mode)
-I Wanna Be The Co-Op***
-I Wanna Take The Timemachine2

***This was the one!

1 year passed, with me as his always loyal audience, and he had a blast, to say the least. There were naturally many that he liked more than others, but in general, he did feel a change in quality, with the exception of Kill the Guy and Be the Fangame!, which he enjoyed equally (as I did once; great minds think alike. However, I like Fangame! more now because it grew in my heart as years went by).

I had more deaths than he did, lol. We both had 2,500+ deaths with the details said above, and to be frank, I don't regret a thing. I had around 100 deaths more than him (circa 2,600+). Were all of these deaths because of how difficult the game was? No! We had fun trolling each other, deactivating a platform so that the other one would die, replaying bosses we enjoyed a lot, intentionally hitting R if one died too soon because we cared about both experiencing as much of the bosses' length as possible, dying on purpose to find secrets, "now you take this way and I'll take that way" moments, etc. In order to maximize the enjoyment out of a pure gem like this one, what was better than my own brother that thinks a lot like me and has the same sense of humor?

Nemega is a genius. The soundtrack is one of my favorites among the world of fangames, with exceptional instrumental/electronic music choices that perfectly fit the mood and the environment of this stage. The bosses are an absolute blast to play. The graphics are extraordinarily good and balances them well with top-notch gameplay. Hunting down the secrets knowing that your reward will be an extra boss is amazing. All the appreciation to Paper Mario is more than well received. The fangame references and the medley section are absolutely fantastic and shows Nemega's self-awareness of displaying his sources of influence. The inclusion of extra stages and a true final boss just builds the hyp even higher, because it is the perfect implementation of: "Wait, there's more, and it's gonna be good!" gimmick. The bosses and some notorious screens are heavily inspired (sometimes replicated) from the patterns and logic of all bosses of I Wanna Be the Cat, so we were exploring similar territory with each new screen and boss, especially with the latter, which made us go: "I recognize that attack!"

Finally, the platforming and the co-op implementation is absolutely brilliant in here. The thing Iappreciate the most is that it indeed opens the possibility to you of being able to choose what task you will do. In order to avoid exerting pressure to my brother, I intentionally did the most difficult tasks first so that he could do the easier ones, so the game is adaptable to different skill levels, and that made the gaming experience for both of us as entertaining and fun as it can get. The chat functionality is amazing, especially when we had to give each other instructions or tips of things one would notice and the other didn't, and the "click-and-!" is a fantastic idea for either giving step-by-step instructions during the platforming parts that had to be very coordinated between us so we both could progress, or simply to say "watch out!" when a boss is about to make an attack and the game does not let you know beforehand with admiration marks. Sometimes, we would click on the screen to signal the blind spots we had to stand on.

I just wish this had a couple more stages and bosses! When a game wants you wanting for more because of everything it offered, you're talking about very good news.

The time I had with this masterpiece is unmatched and, up to the ending of 2022, this is my favorite fangame of all times. I can put this in the same 4.5/5 quality spectrum of Mega Man X1, Crystalis, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Super Mario World, Final Fantasy IV and Pokemon Silver. Fangames are videogames and I will never discriminate between the two. It's just that incredibly good.

To Nemega and the pioneer creators of epic fangames: THANK YOU!

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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 60 60
Jan 1, 2023
It was good, my friend gabo trolled me but it was a nice experience!

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Rating: 8.7 87       Difficulty: 60 60
Dec 3, 2023
Эту игру можно перепроходить и перепроходить

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[3] Likes
Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 65 65
Aug 17, 2020