I wanna be the Justice Guy

Creators: Gustav, Influcca

Average Rating
9.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
80.0 / 100
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Adventure (6) Trap (1) Gimmick (3) Boss (3) Special (3) Long (3) Weapon_System (1)


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38 Reviews:

Alright, as the person who played this game at least 20~30 times at 100% category, I think I have to write a review. Probably not so good though.

Since a lot of people seems to skip the info, I'll say there are a lot of different features from a normal I wanna game. X is weapon changing, Down+Left/Right+Shift is sliding and you can moonwalk.(by default)

Also, there is an 'Angel mode' in this game which gives you 2 extra lives each kid for stages(3 lives total) and 4 extra lives each kid for bosses(5 lives total). If you feel the game is too hard, it won't hurt to try it.

My personal thoughts of every stages/bosses in the game are below(Of course, spoiler alert). If you want the shorter version, go to the final part and see the conclusion.

----- First part : Main game -----

So you've come to this game. Now you have to decide which guy you will be playing with, TTT type or BG type. Most people who are experienced in I wanna games choose TTT type since it has the jump height control, but BG type also can clear the game with no huge problems. Might want to listen some of the lore from the woman in the Tutorial (who is the True Final Boss of the game) and learn your controls! After that, let's get into some serious business.

- First stage : Suburb
They're pretty simple stages. At this point, you'll notice this game is definitely not a needle game. You'll have to learn what your weapons do in this stage if you want to be comfortable later on. For example, rockets can one-shot these missile launchers instead of shooting it forever with machine gun!

- First boss : Premier(Velorum)
Easy boss. You can get easily caught by some fast patterns like chaingun pattern though. I'll probably mention it later, but you'll see A LOT of fast(and insta)-kill patterns at the bosses from now on if you're playing it blind. Eventually you'll get used to it, but if you hate it, well it's your own will to continue or trash the game. Anyways, there's a rage phase at the last part(which is in the most bosses) but it's pretty straightforward.

- Second stage : Mountain
I dunno, it might be the most bland stages in the whole game. There's not much difference than the Suburbs. It has some cool-looking train part, but meh.

- Second boss : Sir.Machina(Zekevard)
Another pretty easy boss with some tricky parts in it. This boss has 2 hard parts where I struggled when I first played it, which are the turret pattern and the final pattern. Especially I think final pattern will trouble people at this boss the most. However, it is a fixed pattern(judged by your position) except the last part of it.

- Third stage : Waterside
Ugh, this part is pretty annoying. Especially I consider Waterside 2 the worst level of the game. The RNG piranhas can be annoying as hell. Other levels are pretty okay. Also notable that Waterside 1 has a sick shortcut.

- Third boss : Ushakov(Balaneum)
This boss is pretty hard actually. I think I saw a lot of people in Twitch who had a lot of trouble at this boss and the next boss. In Phase 1, the chaingun sweep might be harsh for blind players until they notice the little arrow at the top of their character. Phase 2 is pretty okay, but some people get troubled with the darkness at the top. All of the borders don't actually kill you, so don't worry about that.

- Fourth stage : Canal
Pretty unique stages I guess. In this stage, you can press C(by default) to hide in the box. It's supposed to be useful when you have to hide from these camera turrets, but unfortunately it's not executed that well since the only use of that is the final part of Canal 3. I like the ambient here the most though.

- Fourth boss : X-1 & X-2
Now here it is, the most (or second) infamous boss in the normal game excluding the final boss. It's not infamous about how bad it is though. It's a very fun boss to play. However, it's true that the difficulty curve from the previous boss is insane. It's basically a 1 vs 2(+α) fight and that makes your concentration to divide at a lot of different things. Even though it's that harsh, I think this boss is one of the best bosses in the game.

- Fifth stage : Remains
This stage might be the hardest stages in the game, since the Viaduct (6th and final stage) is pretty easy compared to this. It will mostly be the fight with the ambushing Eagles or something. Also this stage has the fan-favorite enemy, the Snail bro!! ...nah it's really bad. It's just a health tank to waste your time. Teleporting crystal mechanic is pretty clever imo.

- Fifth boss : Ayla & Devalon
But seriously, this is the worst boss in the whole game. If X-1 & X-2 is infamous for how hard it is, this boss is infamous for how bad it is. It tosses TONS of impossible RNGs if you're unlucky. Also Devalon spawning Snail bro coming from the side is the worst attack.

- Sixth stage : Viaduct
Pretty simple stages, kill a lot and progress. If you thought the previous stages had excessive massacre, you'll see a larger scale of it. It's mostly concentrated in killing these soldiers and tanks. Can't forget about these exploding grounds when you stand on, it gets pretty annoying in some parts. That truck riding part at 6-3 is pretty cool imo.

- Sixth boss : Gottfried
Pretty chill boss, which is totally different from the previous 2 bosses. His difficulty is pretty tame too. However his laser attacks are pretty fast, so watch out for that. Also he has kind of a shotgun barrages in the middle of the fight, might be tricky with BG type.

- Final boss : Deus & Leina
Alright, this boss is where the most people get trouble with. I never found a single person who consider this boss 'easy'. Especially because of the Super fast laser spam by Deus, this boss might be harder than the entire other part of the game. I almost quit this game because I got blocked so bad by that attack. Also the second phase has a boss memory kinda thing, you have to remember 18 different patterns for that. Anyways, if you defeated this boss, congratulations! You beat the main game of Justice Guy.

----- Second part : The DLC (= 1.1 contents) -----

Now that the main game is over, what do you do? Don't worry! You only got past 1/3 of the game. Time to play another 1/3 of the game!

- Stage secrets : Relics
You have to find these secret relics hidden in each of the stages(1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, etc). Most of them are pretty straightforward, you can find it instantly since you can see it. However there are some hard-to-find relics(2-3, 3-2, 6-2, 6-3) which you have to actually search for it. I think they're not that hard to find, since the range is limited.

- Boss rush
You killed 7(8) bosses in normal? Well how about 18 more? After you find all of these Relics, you have to defeat one boss each for one relic. Don't worry, they're mostly easier than the main bosses. There are some questionable bosses of course, like Magnus, Rakhris(for western community mostly), Rixenon(When you see it blind) and etc. They're all remake(mostly simplified versions?) of the bosses from Take The Timemachine saga and Best Guy saga. I personally had a lot of fun looking at the bosses from the games I played in the past.

- True Last boss : Laplace
This boss is also one of the most challenging boss in the game. In the perspective of speedrunning, I hate her SO much. She killed my run like 2/3 times. In the perspective of gameplay however, I like this boss a lot. I do think this boss is well-balanced(except for that second void-opening RNG drop). Also the last part is strangely satisfying to beat. If you beat this boss, congratulations again! You'll get a 'true ending'(Doesn't change the development team list though). However, the game is still not 100% done.

----- Third part : EXCEED (= 1.2 contents) -----

Welcome to the EXCEED mode! After you beat Laplace, you can challenge the harder version of the main game bosses! That means there are no single stage in this mode. As for the difficulty management, you get 5 lives per kid. This is the final part of the game. Let's get right into it!

- [EXCEED]Premier(Velorum)
This boss can show you how harsh EXCEED is, by his super-upgraded patterns of course. If you go off-screen, you will die instantly even if you have any extra lives. That makes this boss even harder, since there are some serious knockbacks each time you get hit. His final pattern is even harder and complicated than his normal patterns, you have to be very precise to not get hit at there.

- [EXCEED]Sir.Machina(Zekevard)
Actually, he's F R E E V A R D. You will be surprised how it looks like a generic avoidance game. At first it will look hard, but if you get the right strat, it will always be a freevard. I'll give some credits to him though since some people can have serious difficulties by avoidance patterns.

- [EXCEED]Ushakov(Balaneum)
Coming up next to Freevard, this boss is actually tricky. Its chaingun spam pattern got EVEN FASTER. You can dodge it, but it's very hard to time it. Also, all of the patterns' timing gets different when a lobster fall down from the sky. Second phase is pretty bull**** if you don't know it at all, but it is mostly moderate if you learn how to deal with it(laser sweep that goes down->up is still hard though).

- [EXCEED]X-1 & X-2
"Oh boy!" - Denferok, 2016
"There's so many dudes!" - Denferok, 2016
Yeah, that boss came back even harder! Now there are 2 soldiers spawning and 2 snipers spawning. Not to mention their pattern delay is shortened. I think this boss would be better if there were only 1 soldier spawning instead of 2. But still, very intense and fun.

- [EXCEED]Ayla & Devalon
Actually, this is the boss which got more fair than the normal version. That doesn't mean it's easier though(or it kinda is?). Even this boss became more fair, it still got some sick new patterns and reinforced original patterns. I like this boss a lot than the normal version.

- [EXCEED]Gottfried
Now, this might be the boss who became the hardest of first 6 bosses at EXCEED. He got quite a lot harder. Instead of just teleporting and trying to kill you himself, he actually moves and got some shadow buddies which can stack up to 3. To make matters worse, if you get hit, you get a skull marker on the top of you. If you get hit one more time when it's present, you lose 2 lives instead of 1. ALSO, if you get hit by a 'real' Gottfried, you get insta-killed. I like this boss a lot, he looks much more unique than his previous version.

- [EXCEED]Deus, the Successor of Despair
Being the first boss of the Successors, here kicks in the insane difficulty curves even in EXCEED mode. He got some precise-timing NORMAL pattern and even more tricky patterns after he reach 50% of his health. I think this boss is very cool(please don't insert 'why is it cool when there's a lot of fire' pun) since he got a lot of fancy laser show patterns.

- [EXCEED]Laplace, the Successor of Emptiness
Man, this boss. You thought Deus the hardest successor? Think again. This boss is MUCH more fast-paced than Normal Laplace. She got some fancy counter-patterns(instakill), gun parrying(also instakills you) and all these purple void balls. This boss is very challenging. I also like this boss a lot.

- [EXCEED]Leina
What? Just Leina? Whatever. She hasn't changed much considering how much all these bosses changed in EXCEED. However, now you have to do that button-pressing everytime during the battle. Her last enrage pattern looks almost impossible to dodge, but with fair strat you'll make it through pretty consistently.

- Extra True Last Boss : [EXCEED]Leina, the Successor of Madness
What a plot twist, she was one of the successors after all. This boss is probably the hardest in-game boss when you are beating it the first time(can be even harder than Deus&Leina, Laplace). This boss is mostly about your reaction speed which you practiced through the whole game. The last pattern of the boss is insane, you have to press C(default) constantly, press X(default) occasionally, dodge all these bullet hell and shoot her. That was some hellish experience I had. However, if you beat this boss, the true ending(which is exactly the same with the second one) awaits!

Conclusion : This is one of the best games I ever played. Great musics, great bosses, decent stages. Thank you Gustav and Influcca, I will never forget this game.

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[8] Likes
Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 80 80
Mar 8, 2017
There's a lot to like about this game. The production is astronomical, among the best you will find in any fangame. The platforming is mostly well done. There are some rough spots in some of the stages that detract from the fun, like the overuse of the stupid ground mines, and the entire security camera stage, but the rest is mostly above average.

The real meat of the game comes with the bosses, where you will spend probably 90% of your time. This game is sitting right on the line between a God-Tier fangame and one that is slightly above average. What would push it over the edge would be for the makers to actually look at some aspects of the bosses and realize there are outright impossible to dodge situations, and nonsensical attacks that really stop this game from achieving the greatness it could be.

The bosses themselves are conceptually great, but each boss has this one things that stops it from being amazing. Boss 2's final attack combined with the screen shaking had me scratching my head. Boss 3's underwater had this mysterious darkness at the top of the screen that prevents you from knowing when you going into an off-screen death. Bosses 4 and 5 have you pitted against 2 bosses at the same time, but often leads to undodgable situations making it feel more like a luck event when victory happens. Boss 6 while mostly fair is very slow and boring until a final attack that make it hard to see bullets on the ground that need to be jumped over.

The final boss conceptually is good, but it's so over-the-top hard because of certain attacks (1234 Button pressing mid fight?!) that it turns into a massive disappointment at times. The only way I could even stomach grinding it was to toggle the game to the easier difficulty, which not only adds HP to the kid, but removes a lot of other attacks.

I do recommend the game, but I do so on the premise that you play the entire game on normal to the final boss, then switch it to easy at the stage select before going in. It's a solid game overall, but with a little boss balancing it would be so much more. It's disappointing for me to see luck play way too much of a role in beating some of the bosses, because it takes away from the satisfaction of winning.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 75 75
Jan 15, 2016
Content completed: 100%, Including a couple no-hit Exceeds just for the fun of it.

As of now, this is the golden standard for every boss-focused game, fangame or otherwise, for myself.

So, there are two initial things to get out of the way when Justice Guy is brought up in review: The production values and the platforming. The former is stellar, there's pretty much nothing else like it fangame wise. I think there was an art team of... 6 people? It's a shame that because of the borrowed music it can't be monetized, since all of the assets are completely original. It's the only thing that makes it impossible.

The platforming gets a bad reputation, and honestly I think it's a little undeserved. It's not fantastic, mind, and if you go into the game expecting something traditional to either Fangame platforming or typical Run'n'Gun platforming you'll probably be disappointed. Personally I think they should have leaned harder into the latter with some proper mini bosses, instead of just... the slugs. The actual precise 'jumps' just feel awkward to do and unfitting for the pace the game seems to want. I know it wanted to be a fangame Run'N'Gun hybrid, but the traditional platforming gets in the way. Less IWBTG, more Super Contra or Metal Slug.

If you try and do it normally, anyway.

Because amusingly the platformign REALLY starts to shine if you try and speedrun them, to the point where it almost feels designed intentionally for it. S-Ranking the levels is extremely satisfying, learning how to optimize damage every way and seeing what you can get away with. Saves deleting all previous enemies encounters leads to the whole speed to the next save idea. Some work a little better for this (the aforementioned slug, for example, does not lend itself to this in any way) but there's a compactness that makes it fun to do. Either way, I don't think the platforming is bad enough to warrant the reputation.

But even if it was, the platforming is certainly not what most people come to the game for, and not what they spend most of their time on, especially if you do the extra content. Justice Guy lives and dies on its identity as a boss game. It has mostly simple mechanics, but they all blend together to create a rather fluid player character that has a lot of optimization available to it. And you'll want to explore it, because some of the bosses will kick your teeth in if you don't.

Justice Guy's bosses operate on a faster pace than most games you'll see, especially since Influcca and Gustav took 'final part of the fight being the most intense' to a whole new level. Most of the bosses have an enrage or desperation phase that makes every clear feel a hundred times more satisfying, and if they don't it's normally because their phase 2 is insane enough by itself to create tension up until the final gun shots. This could lead some to feel weary getting to the ending each time, and if you don't find improving consistency or the simple act of optimizing damage in Justice Guy, that will certainly be an issue for some. Personally, just the normal gameplay simplicity of seeing tells and reacting them accordingly and finding new ways to exploit it for damage is fun in itself.

The only unfortunate part of this part of the game I say is the balance. The game starts off pretty normally, even easy, until boss 4, where you're greeted by X-1 and X-2, who will brute force you into understanding the game. I was stuck here for a number of hours, and it came as a complete shock since there's almost no reason to think that you'd be thrown into a difficult boss this early. Hell, X-1 and X-2 normal ended up taking me longer than literally anything else in the game, post game and all, except for the normal end boss.

Which is another sticking point against the games balance. Deus and Leina part 2 is so significantly harder than everything else in the game it's to the point of absurdity. It took me about 17 hours or so? And nothing else in the game even came close to cracking 2 digits. There is a chance you'll have to switch to angel mode (the games assist mode, which gives you +5 hp) if you aren't willing to grind this out. There's a ton of learning in it. Again, personally, Deus and Leina 2 was my absolute favorite part of the game. It was the most fun grind I've ever done, and your progression gets ostensibly better each attempt. But I understand that not everyone wants that.

I'm more forgiving of balance issues if the content that goes above the norm is as good as whats in Justice Guy, essentially.

The post-game content is a bit strange, especially to access it, what with no real hints (if you can't read korean) that there even is a post game, and running around the levels platforming, where you are then treated by >18< different secret bosses of... various qualities. It's not the games high point, but they're cute bite sized bosses that aren't hard enough to warrant issue. Except for birdman, who is a real asshole. You're completely free to change to angel mode without having to replay anything here, aswell (and you probably should for the boss after)

So what we have is definitely a game that targets a pretty specific audience. If you're the type of person who really loves boss focused games, give it a shot, and angel mode is always there if you need it. And do Exceed mode, it's definitely worth it. If Justice Guy 2 ever comes out, I'm gonna try and be the first one to play it.

Also, I wrote a huge pastebin about all the normal/exceed mode bosses, if you'd like to see opinions on every boss. I didn't want to make this review too huge:


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[5] Likes
Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 78 78
Jun 25, 2019
Rating doesn't include extra and is based on normal mode.
I have mixed feelings about this game. I really like the multiple guns that you can use in the game, since each of them is useful at specific situations (Aside from the pistol, which is just a filler). I like how most of the platforming is focused on killing enemies, and I love the great variety of enemies. Soldiers, helicopters, tanks, plants, jellyfish, and many other enemies, all of them with their own attacks. Plenty of gimmicks of all sorts, some pure platforming, hordes of enemies and different environments are all combined to make 18 entirely different areas split through 6 different stages. The platforming has a lot of variety, and I love most of it.
I also love the concept of the bosses. Each of them fits well on their stage, and many of them are quite unique. Insta-cast and particularly fast attacks are always previously announced, sometimes with specific movements or sounds, and sometimes with arrows or circles on the affected part. That's a great way to make extremely fast attacks actually fair. My favorite boss is the X-1 & X-2 team, where you have to fight against a whole army of well prepared soldiers, with two extremelly tough leaders and some incredible teamwork. It actually feels like they are helping each other, and not just randomly shooting around. It's quite impressive. Every boss in the game has something that makes them stand out: Premier and Sir Machina have their "last resort" attack, Ushakov has an interesting underwater phase with entirely new attacks, X-1 & X-2 have their amazing teamwork, Ayla can ressurect by stealing HP from her companion, Devalon, Gottfried has an incredible atmosphere, with attacks that go very well with it, and the duo Deus & Leina has some impressive special attacks.
The portraits are also a cool touch to make the bosses more menacing. Each boss has its own portrait, and, as you progress through the game, the borders of the portraits will change their colors and, near the end, their shape as well, as if the portraits were representing the amount of power that each boss wields. The portraits are quite detailed, and go quite well with the game.
However, there are some are heavy flaws that make this game a lot worse than it should be. Most bosses have some anti-fun factor that ruins the entire experience of fighting against them. The second boss' last resort is way beyond the difficulty of the other attacks, and it's just unreasonable to have it in the fight. The third boss' underwater phase is a mess. The top of the screen has borderkills on its sides and a solid ceiling on the center, and it's not possible to clearly tell where are the borderkills and where is the ceiling (Well, unless you actually die on the borderkills. But that's not much better), which restricts your movements in annoying and unnecessary ways. The laser attack is horrible, there's almost no time to react and no particularly safe spot at all. And the missiles' explosions can kill you, which forces you to get away from the walls and makes the missiles a lot harder to avoid than they should be. X-1 & X-2 are actually fair until they summon the sniper, which might seem innocent at first glance, but is actually the worst threat in the fight. It's way too unpredictable, as there's no previous warning of when is the sniper going to attack, and his bullets are too small to be noticed in the chaos that is the X-1 & X-2 fight. It simply doesn't work well with the fight. Ayla is simply horrible. I counted at least 7 different combinations of attacks that are simply impossible to avoid, the green laser is way too fast, the attack with the roots takes way too long for an attack that forces the player to jump and the caterpillars have way too much HP. And the last boss is way too annoying. Deus' knives and fireballs simply can't be avoided at close range and he uses the exact same position to cast the fireballs and the lock-on explosions, and Leina's special attack on the first phase forces the player to press a long, specific sequence of numbers WHILE you avoid her other attacks. Missing one number means instant death. On the first phase, you are also forced to beat both bosses within a single life, which is simply unreasonable. The second phase introduces some awful avoidance attacks: The knives at the beginning of the swordsman's attack are just way too precise and timed in a weird way, the giant eye guy forces the player to do some pointless button mashing, the pistol guy uses the same attack too many times in a row, and there's simply no time to react to the bird guy's attack, so you have to guess the number if you want to have a chance to avoid it. Combine these unfair attacks with normal attacks that are already hard to avoid by themselves, and some absurd lenght for each phase. It's just too much of a difficulty leap from the rest of the game, with some attack combinations that are impossible to avoid and make it even more frustrating, and some attacks that are simply annoying and make the fight more boring than it should be.
Regarding the platforming, Stage 5's birds feel more like traps than like actual enemies. And as traps, they are way too generic and overused. Stage 4-3's last save is just weird, there's no clear way to get through that. Stage 6 makes a poor use of the explosive floor gimmick for the most part. And the whole difficulty curve is quite unbalanced at some points.
There's also the Angel Mode, which gives the player a HP bar and nerfs some bosses and some platforming parts, making the game better, but quite trivial. The HP bar felt somewhat unnecessary, sticking to nerfing the attacks and the platforming would be a better idea. I wouldn't really recommend playing it at all.
Overall, it's a quite good game, and I enjoyed most of it, but there were way too many anti-fun factors that stopped it from being as great as it could be. Would still recommend, though, it's mostly worth it.

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick
[5] Likes
Rating: 8.2 82       Difficulty: 75 75
Jan 17, 2016
It is one of the most perfectly high quality games which i've played.
Map system is so good to select what i want to play now.Music selection is appropriate as well.
However i think stage-boss balance isn't so good.The difference of difficulty is too much.
Beside,difficulty of Leina and Deus with TTT and BG bosses have too much difference.
Generally TTT part is easier than BG part.
But excepting them, it has powerful charm.I'm glad to play your game gustav and influcca.Thanks for giving new year gift.

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[3] Likes
Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 75 75
Jan 3, 2016