I wanna be the Goshi Barrage

Creator: ☆阪神☆

Average Rating
6.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
45.0 / 100
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Avoidance (3) Special (2) Meme (1) Taisa (1) BossRush (1) Copyright (1)


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6 Reviews:

After just 2.5 hours and 126 deaths I cleared prequel of I wanna be the Goshi Barrage, which is prequel of I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, which I reviewed few months ago. Like I did previous time, I am going to tell my impressions of the game and I will compare it with its sequel too!

This is bossrush type game, where you have to clear 5 different avoidances to get to the final one. This game has similar style and bossrush structure as in its sequel – 5 avoidances, which all has its own different information about difficulty rating by creator, soundtrack and length. The last one avoidance is hidden and shows that its ‘Coming Soon’ and unlocks when you beat all other avoidances. The only difference that background colour of bossrush room is in purple, not green colour like in sequel, and of course, the set of the avoidances is different. Also game has Hanshin’s older type of timebar, which is similar to the one, which was used in I wanna be the Avoidance, even though there is number timer too, the only difference is that mostly timer is placed in the blocks, not in the corners outside blocks, like it was in the sequel, which means that sometimes it can be harder to see time. Game itself came out on wiki on 13th of July 2011, when its sequel came out on 4th of August 2011, which means it came out month before releasing sequel. Also important detail is that both of I wanna be the Goshi Barrages came out after releasing I wanna be the Avoidance, I wanna thank the Wowaka and I wanna VS.VOCALOID, but came out before release of I wanna be the avoidance 2nd and I wanna be the avoidance 3rd. So as you can see he released total of 7 bossrush type games (if I haven’t missed any, which I don’t have), and I wanna be the Goshi Barrage and I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II are his 4th and 5th bossrush type games. I have tried playing 6 of these games (except for I wanna be the avoidance 3rd, which I don’t have (edit: I had got it)) and from all of those I wanna be the Goshi Barrage is probably the best and the most fun one. This is also the most known Hanshin’s game, mostly because it is meme-themed and particularly because of one meme - ドコノコノキノコ, which got big popularity, for example, if you look on ipses channel, then you will see that clear of this boss is the most famous on the channel and have more than 71k views. This game got big popularity in 2015, because of this one particular boss. But enough theory, let’s get to the main content of the game!

As I told before this is meme-themed bossrush, so almost every boss has its own meme, and has maybe only one more or less serious boss ( it is completely different tot the sequel, where all bosses were seriously-themed, except for one (the rabbit one), which was meme-themed ). I am not big fan of meme games, but this style I liked actually more than style of sequel. Also important detail is that all bosses are a lot easier than in sequel and difficulty rating by creator is useless, since all bosses have more or less, but similar difficulty. Also I will tell in order, how I beat each of the bosses (also important detail is that I didn’t play this game blindly, and I have for few attacks looked on ipses videos, even though I played the whole sequel blindly) .

The first one, which I had beaten, was the downer-middle avoidance. It is the one, which I tend to call as more serious one. Also creator gave this avoidance 1 star. I beat this one after 20 minutes after starting this game and also I had 15 deaths. This avoidance is probably my 2nd favorite one in the game, since it is pretty easy one (actually probably even the easiest one, even though it is 3 minutes and 11 seconds long). This have unusual structure, where you can use water and usual platform path, even though you don’t even need to use platforms to clear the avoidance. You can notice that here are screen rotation, random falling hearts, random rising up sun, bouncing and aiming fruits and etc., but for some reason many attacks looked really good for such a design and I had actually fun too. There is only one hard pattern, where you have to dodge fruit burst nearly the end, but it isn’t as hard if you can find savespot (personally I dodged on the 1st floor on the ground and it worked for me). There are couple of RNG attacks, but none of them are too hard to dodge. I liked aesthetics (even that Gumi sprite) and soundtrack, and for me it really fits well. Yes, there are some instagibs, for example, when spikes shows up or some other bursts, and some attacks may feel boring, but I liked the whole atmosphere, which may remind also the easiest avoidance in the I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, but the only difference is that this one actually looked better and felt more fun to play. In quality I would rate this like 5.8, but I will give +0.5 for the atmosphere and couple of original attacks and the fun, which I had on this one.

Rating: 6.3
Difficulty: 30-35

The second one I beat the Miku avoidance, which is downer-left one. This one I beat after 13 minutes after clearing the previous one. Also it took me 14 more death to beat. This one uses really popular meme track Ievan Polkka. Tileset and structure for the avoidance is pretty usual and pretty OK. Timer can be harder seen, but it isn’t much of a problem. This one is the second shortest avoidance in the game, since it is only 2 minutes and 26 seconds long, but it has 3 stars by creator and isn’t too easy. I like soundtrack of this one, but avoidance itself isn’t my cup of tea, and I would say that it is the worst one, actually. It is pretty easy except for one particular attack, attack, which somewhere around the middle of the avoidance, where is falling down fruits and after that fruits go from right to left, then stops and go weird direction down. The problem is that this thing is RNG and you have to hope that you will get normal random to get pass that attack, since after that everything can be easily firsttried. Attacks mostly are some random fruits or aimings and just few more original attacks. It could be worse, but it is still pretty bad. Nothing too impressive, however nothing too horrible, so I will give just 5.1 to this one.

Rating: 5.1
Difficulty: 35-40

Next avoidance actually I beat on few attempts, even though I played few other avoidances, so I beat this one, when timer showed around 53-54 minutes and there were 51 death. This is Colonel avoidance, with soundtrack like in original I wanna be the Black. I don’t know how big meme was Colonel back then, but you I would still call this avoidance as more meme-based that serious one. This reminded me a little bit the final boss of I wanna be the Avoidance, where were used a lot of square attacks. But still this is also 3 minutes and 11 seconds long avoidance and creator rated this with 5 stars. Similarly like with the 5 star avoidance in I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II – SpiCa Miku – the difficulty was tried to rise up by many random attacks, but it still doesn’t make it the hardest one in the games though. Here are a lot of random attacks, which require a little bit of skill or luck, but mostly attacks aren’t too hard. I liked many attack designs and didn’t really feel so generic as it may look like. It isn’t like the best one Colonel, but I liked Hanshin’s attempt, so I would give pretty high rating for this one, even though it isn’t my favorite one, since I am not fan of Colonel type bosses. Also tileset for Colonel looks quite outfitting, but not horrible, even though I don’t know why Hanshin choose this tileset. Also this was quite fun too.

Rating: 5.7
Difficulty: ~40

When timer was around 1 hour and 2 minutes, and I had 61 death, I beat the upper-right avoidance, which Is Flandre Scarlet avoidance (3 minutes and 16 seconds long), with really famous her soundtrack. You may notice that there is weird Japanese text in the blocks. This text also appeared in this game’s sequel in the final boss, and it means that you have infinite jump. The only problem is that you have low gravity (or there is water?), so you should jump carefully. This avoidance I liked a little bit more than Colonel one, but it isn’t one of my favorite ones. This one is also influenced by I wanna be the Avoidance final avoidance, since some attacks have similar style – random square’s above, which shoots random stuff and can be problematic with low gravity. Here are some generic patterns, more original aimings and a little bit harder RNG attacks. It didn’t feel like something too hard, but can take some time if you have bad RNG. I am also not the fan of low gravity, but anyway it wasn’t frustrating though. Also don’t be too fast and don’t jump at the end one extra time, since you can enter accidently other avoidance before saving the progress (game doesn’t have autosaves), just saying, since I noticed that one streamer had that thing. Anyway, this was better and more fun than I expected actually. Also this one avoidance has 2 stars by creator.

Rating: 5.9
Difficulty: ~40

If 4 out of 5 bossrush avoidances took me a little bit more than an hour and around 60 deaths, then the fifth one took me 30 deaths and more than 30 minutes. This is not so infamous mushroom avoidance with soundtrackドコノコノキノコ), which is also my favorite avoidance in the whole game and from every boss in these 2 game serie it is still my favorite one. This avoidance is also the hardest one in the whole game too, at least in my opinion. It is only 2 minutes and 12 seconds long, but has many problematic parts. This avoidance involves different random stuff: paratroopers, jellyfishes, trumpets, random texts and different fruits and notes. This may feel too random, but it really feels fitting with soundtrack and even tileset doesn’t look as outstanding as it may look from first sight. The only real problem may be random texts and random fruit burst, which can give hard situations. Patterns are pretty easy and looks pretty well-fitting (even the aiming looks good here). The only real complain can be unpredictable texts, which can give sometimes walls or hardly dodgeable situations. Also I don’t know what is written in the text. Also creator gave this avoidance 4 stars, even though personally I think that Colonel is easier. Anyway I really had ton of fun with this avoidance and didn’t have feeling that this is dumb or frustrating, which is pretty surprising, since I didn’t expect such a thing. Objectively I would give this like 6.5 rating, but since this is really fun and rare Hanshin’s avoidance example, which even look pretty good, I will give +0.5 rating, even though boss may not look like avoidances with rating 7, but just because it is unexpectedly fun and even good this creator’s work example I will give higher rating. Really good job, Hanshin!

Rating: 7
Difficulty: 43

When you have beaten bossrush you have to deal with the final boss, which is avoidance with song ‘Smiling’, which is 4 minutes and 55 seconds long. This avoidance also includes in the main avoidance sprite of the enemy, which is the music titlecard (uhm, ok..). This avoidance took me around 1 hour and around 35 deaths. At first it may seem like the hardest avoidance in the game, but it actually isn’t, it is just lengthy avoidance. Personally, this is really specific choice for the finale of the game and I would prefer more the final avoidance of I wanna be the Goshi Barrage II, since it felt more epic and it combined any avoidance attacks making this really feel like finale. Like it isn’t automatically bad final boss, since song is pretty fitting for the finale, even though I didn’t really like the tileset of the avoidance though. Yes, avoidance pretty much refers this games the whole plot – average difficulty avoidances with some instagibs or some unfair attacks. Yes, some attacks may refer somehow to Miku, Gumi or maybe even Flandre, but it could be done even better to recognize similar avoidances. Also weird choice was to write in the whole game 4 times “Thank you for playing”: at the end of the final boss (there is also written ‘E N D’; in the bossrush room when you beat all bosses; at the end of the credits and in the last screen. Anyway after you beat this boss you have to click on the new appeared button and then you will get credits, which has some information about the game in Japanese and the last room, which also has the same design as in the sequel, but here for some reason is written some code ( 8984319 ), which in the next times when you go again to that room disappears, but still I don’t know what this code is for. Oh, and interesting fact is that you can get credit room soundtrack randomly in the title screen, since title screen randomly plays any of 5 bossrush boss soundtrack as well as credit one, similarly like in sequel. Anyway I don’t have much to say about the final boss, except that it isn’t horrible, but it could be better, I guess.

Rating: 5.3
Difficulty: ~40

Should give also bonus rating for the whole concept of the game, which is pretty original: bossrush selection, title screen random soundtrack and the whole aesthetics of the game, which means that each boss fits well together and makes good atmosphere for the game. Game has weird timebars and not the best placement for number timers, which is the problem. Also here you can feel problems that there are no autosaves, and also difficulty stars are surplus, since they doesn’t really place difficulty well and since all bosses are pretty easy to beat so you don’t really need to know the difficulty. Anyway I liked the whole concept for both I wanna be the Goshi Barrage, so I will give here pretty high bonus rating, and even though there are some problems, I will give even higher rating than in sequel, since this was his first game where he used such a style and for the first time it is really well made!

Bonus rating: 6.5

So, the results are following: without bonus rating, the game’s rating is 5.88, which rounds up to 5.9, but with bonus rating game’s rating is 5.97, which rounds up to 6. In my opinion the rating is really appropriate for such game, since I really felt that Hanshin tried to make a good game and he actually did! For example, in the sequel Hanshin tried to be more serious and he failed to make something as fun as this game, since he also made game more unfair and more unfun. But, anyway, if in these 2 games you can feel atmosphere then in I wanna be the avoidance 2nd you will hardly notice atmosphere or quality and most likely won’t play more than few minutes. This game is really fun to play and those will be fun few hours to play. I cleared all bossrush in one sitting and final boss in the next sitting and I didn’t really feel a lot of frustration or anything. I am glad that this is the most famous Hanshin’s game, since he tried to make better game and he succeeded and most likely you won’t find better other Hanshin’s game (at least under this nick, not other one – LIPCONE), so that is why I would recommend to anyone who would like to play any game with average difficulty. Also this 2011 game is probably better than many others games made later on. Thanks, Hanshin for such a fun and even charming game, at least for me!

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 43 43
Sep 2, 2018
Way better than the sequel in my opinion.
The avoidances are by no means good, and are really simple attack wise.
However, it's the easy, clowny kinda bad and doesn't have many unfair attacks and that made it relatively enjoyable

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 45 45
Apr 7, 2021
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Jul 22, 2021
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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 46 46
Nov 26, 2018
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Rating: 6.4 64       Difficulty: 46 46
Jan 24, 2022