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Avoidance (2) Trap (1) Miku (1)


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2 Reviews:

Rating includes the extra boss.
Interesting fangame where you must clear a few stages while collecting treasures along the way. The platforming is simplistic, but fun, and pretty beginner-friendly, allowing the players to focus on exploring the stages in search for treasures if they want to, which is a nice plus. Otherwise, it's just a nice, casual and kinda underwhelming walk towards the boss, since a huge share of the platforming is optional. The placement for the items is also great, all of them are close to the main route (Many even being visible from the main route), which makes them pretty tempting to go after even if you weren't planning to do so. I also like how you are rewarded with a ton of treasures after beating the last boss, it fits the game's theme pretty well.
The bosses are on an entirely different difficulty tier, though. Other than the extra boss, all of them are extremely RNG-heavy, and pretty difficult. The last boss is particularly tough, with two phases of brutal RNG attacks. Most of them are nice, or at least alright, but the water stage boss is the one of the worst abominations I've seen this year: One of those bouncing thingies that summon more bouncing thingies as they take damage, but with a ridiculous amount of HP to make it ten times worse than the average boss of the sort. It's most likely the hardest boss in the game, and having your game's hardest boss as its worst is usually a pretty bad thing.
Oddly enough, you can fight against the extra boss from the beginning in this version: The portal in the treasure room that leads to her is unlocked from the start. I really don't know why. Anyway, it's a Miku avoidance. Just like all the other bosses in the game, it's decently difficult and RNG-heavy, but with a handful of pattern attacks to break the monotony. Some attacks are a bit uneventful or too easy compared to the rest, but overall it's a fun boss.
While the bosses are individually fun, focusing the game's entire difficulty on them isn't the greatest idea, since it the player will spend way more time grinding bosses than hunting treasures, which kinda of kills the purpose of building the game around treasure hunting, so that's something I don't appreciate too much. The visuals are alright (The treasures are all MS-Paint masterpieces, by the way. They don't look bad, but don't expect a lot of them on the visual field), same goes for the musics (Which restart, by the way).
It's an interesting experience, and I like the idea of tempting the players to collect items without forcing them to do so, but I'd recommend playing the easy mode instead, since its platforming is exactly the same, but its bosses are way easier, which also makes the water stage boss playable.

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Jul 23, 2017
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