I wanna thread the Needle(共同開発)

Creators: Kale, YoYoYoDude, Stinkycheeseone890, infern0man1, Thenader2, Fate, kadykunde

Average Rating
8.4 / 10
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72.2 / 100
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Needle (16) Gimmick (1) Long (2) Collab (5)


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Rating doesn't include extra.
Really fun and really well-made needle collab. Each maker has a really specific style of needle, and thus the stages are quite unique. Their visuals are also quite different from each other, to further extend the differences. As a whole, the visuals are quite cool (Some stages have really pretty visual effects) and so are the musics. The difficulty curve is consistent (Some stages are definitely harder than others, but there isn't a stage that stands out for being particularly easy or particularly hard in comparison to the others), and the length of the stages is perfect: Enough to show a lot of variety, without dragging on for too long. And certainly, all the stages are well-designed in their own way. Some stages mixture needle with basic gimmicks such as platform jumping, water and vines, while other stages are just straight needle, but every single of them features a handful of interesting jumps.

Infern0's stage is certainly my favorite. Reminds me a lot of his other recent-ish needle games, specially Fall into the Snow, but with a bit of Microheaven in it. Alternates between longer saves with easier jumps and shorter saves with a single really precise jump. The jumps are all quite creative and fun to execute, and the subtle visual effect going on the background also made it one of the prettiest-looking stages in my opinion.

Yoyo's stage is quite well-made. I couldn't fully enjoy it because the visual effects made my game lag horribly (Literally the only stage in the game that made the game lag) and there was no way to tone them down, but I can certainly appreciate the effort that was put into it. It's probably the only stage with a visible and solid difficulty curve, starting out looking like it could be the easiest stage in the game and then turning out to be one of the hardest, with a quite brutal last screen. Great-looking, interesting jumps, nicely used standard gimmicks, solid difficulty curve. Certainly a great stage.

Thenader's stage looks a lot like any game in the Neon series, except that it doesn't have any dotkid segment. Nice neon visuals and creative easier jumps with plenty of room to breath are the best way to sum it up. The screen with a single save might be a bit too hard compared to the rest of the stage.

Kale's stage uses the Crimson Rainbow tilesets, the last screen being a mixture of the previous screens' tilesets. The design isn't particularly similar to Crimson Rainbow in any way, though, so the reference is just visual. Plenty of interesting jumps, one questionable design choice in the last screen that some might not mind but will certainly annoy some people. Enjoyable overall.

Fate's stage is probably my least favorite. Some jumps feel sloppy, like you don't have too much control over whether you'll make it past the spikes or not, and I recall an exaggerated amount of full jumps. Nevertheless, it still has a fair share of interesting uses of water, platform jumps and vines, and a couple interesting jumps. Not a bad stage, just not as fun as the others.

Kady's stage has a neat visual effect where the player leaves a short trail. The tilesets' colors are constantly changing through different dark colors. Not a whole lot to say about it. Enjoyable, interesting jumps.

Stonk's stage is certainly well-made and probably my favorite stage regarding the use of the standard gimmicks. Vine jumps, double jump water, single jump water and platform jumps are combined to make really clever and fun segments of needle, probably being the stage that makes the most use of those gimmicks. I really liked it.

You can go back to the main hub whenever you want, and your progress for each stage will be saved, so you don't need to complete them in a specific order, you can just take a break from Yoyo's last save by playing some screens from Infern0's stage, for example. It's a nice touch that comes in really handy for a game like this.
Once you clear the normal game, you'll have access to the extra screens. Each maker has one of them. Although I haven't cleared all of them, I can certainly say that they're worth giving a try. Some are completely different from the maker's stage (Fate's screen probably being the most noticeable on that matter), and most are a lot harder. From what I've played of each of them, they are also at least as fun as the normal stages.
I really liked it overall. All the makers managed to pull off something amazing for their stages, and the game does a great job on pulling the stages together. Highly recommended.

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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 74 74
Sep 21, 2016
Thread the Needle is a challenging and enjoyable needle collab produced by a group of creators, each who produced their own stage for the game. These can be completed in any order the player wants, and each stage has their own style and design which made them a little unique. I'll cover each area in the order I played them. It's worth noting this game helped me grow more comfortable with commonly seen needle gimmicks, and improve as a needle player quite a bunch.

Stinkycheeseone890's stage makes use of a lot of cleverly designed vine, platform and water jumps, feeling very satisfying to pull off. Individual jumps didn't feel too difficult, where instead the difficulty came from managing all the different gimmicks together. This was really enjoyable and as I'm somewhat biased towards liking these kind of gimmicks, this was one of my favourite stages with the water saves in particular being pretty neat. The visuals were also pretty, and I liked the leaf effect going on in the background. - 1162 deaths

infern0man1's stage foregoes the use of gimmicks and focuses more on mixing together some pretty fun and challenging jumps in a 8px grid, taking a very inventive design. Certain jumps did require a certain degree of precision, but these were generally accompanied by nearby saves and kept the difficulty feeling fair throughout. They also had a tendency to feel really satisfying upon landing them, which of course is a plus! The visuals were okay, nothing stand-out for me but I feel like this was one of the more stand-out stages in terms of design. - 974 deaths

Kady's stage was one of the harder ones for me. The overall design felt a little more claustrophobic than others with less space to dance around. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, just a personal distaste. Even still, the needle itself was a fun challenge, and I really enjoyed the later screens in particular. Platforms, vines and water make appearances but they don't steal the spotlight. In general this was a pretty solid and fun challenge, and also the visuals get bonus points from me with the cool after-trail kind of effect. - 1528 deaths

Fate's stage was also pretty challenging and fun. I particularly liked the single save screen and most of the water saves which felt cleverly designed. My initial complaint was that I didn't notice vines in various saves due to the grayscale visual style, but it was something I quickly got used to. I did get a bit confused on the second save on the 4th screen, where I skipped a portion of the vines via a difficult jump, and couldn't figure out what I assumed was the actual intended way to do it. Also, the second to last save of the stage felt a little too finicky for my liking but overall it was a fun challenge. - 1850 deaths

Kale's stage was one of my favourites. The difficulty balance felt just right, and there wasn't a single save that I disliked or really had any gripes with. It was just overall fun for me, and the gimmicks were used well to a point that they never got frustrating or overly precise to manage. Something on the final screen did trip me up, but needless to say it was my own fault. The visuals were also nice, especially the final screen combining the colours of the previous screens. Definitely one of the more well designed stages from my experience. - 1339 deaths

Nader's stage uses an outline style for his design, which I've always personally liked in needle. The neon visuals look pretty, and the jump designs used with the outlines combine for a pretty fun stage. I found this to be one of the easier stages, if not the easiest of the bunch which honestly was a nice break after some of the recent stages. This stage features a couple of single-save screens too which I usually like and a few vines thrown in here and there for good measure. Enjoyment-wise, this was probably one of my favourites. - 508 deaths

Yoyo's stage was the final one I went for, as I had heard things about the difficulty. Well, it certainly lived up to the expectations. Whilst this was definitely the hardest stage, it was also one of my favourites. The platforming was my kind of thing, often based heavily on 32px style with platforms and vines. Some saves were really quite challenging, especially the final screen but nailing it felt pretty damn satisfying. The visuals were also super pretty, again amongst my favourite visual styles. - 2095 deaths

Overall, this was a great needle game. Each stage was enjoyable in their own way, sometimes with a few downsides here and there in difficulty or visuals, but this was always down to personal preference, and not just inherently bad. There is also an extra screen for each creator available after creation. I can't comment on these as I haven't played them (yet), but the base game is definitely worth a play, even if you only give some stages a try.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 70 70
Jul 8, 2016
Might as well give my own review on this now.

Kale: I'd probably place Kale's stage as my least favorite stage; however, this by no means makes it a bad stage in the slightest and is still very enjoyable. Pretty much my biggest gripe with the stage is the drop apple ledge in the blue screen and also the dickspike in the last screen, though it wasn't that big of an issue for me since I went into the game with the knowledge of its existence--I probably should have actually taken a bigger part of the project and said something about it at the time, but it is what it is now.

YoYo: YoYo's stage is probably the only needle he's made that I enjoy; it's primarily 32px needle with the occasional offset in places. Most of the stage isn't too difficult until the final screen, which most people think is the hardest part of the main game. I don't have too much to say about it; it's a good stage.

Stonk: Stonk's stage is the most "gimmicky" in the game; it makes use of a mixture of water2 and water3, vines, and platforms. Often I feel this mixture can lead to some cliche design choices but I like how Stonk does it, and it makes his stage one of the more enjoyable stages in the game.

My stage: My stage is the only stage that doesn't use water or vines; it also has the most unique design from the other stages in terms of the overall layout, with most of the other stages being a bit more confined. Because of that I feel I stick out quite a bit from the game, though that isn't a bad thing. I should have spent some more time polishing my stage before sending it in, as I feel some parts are unbalanced and can be a bit too precise. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's the best stage in the game, but I still think it is high up there.

Nander: Thenander1's stage is the easiest stage in the game. It is of the style commonly attributed with the 10th element on the periodic table, an gaseous element that is very stable, much like Thenander1's needle style. What sets it apart from some of his previous games is the use of vines, which is rare to see from him. Thenander1's stage is probably my second favorite stage in the game. buxW

Fate: Fate's stage is probably the hardest stage in the game. It uses a lot of vine jumps. A lot. I found it pretty enjoyable, though I can see how others might not enjoy it as much, as the usage of vines can lead to a lot of fulljumps.

kady: kady's stage is the best in the game. It's hard but not grindy; the gimmick usage is well done overall and there isn't an oversaturation of gimmicks; there are plenty of platform jumps; the graphics are pretty detailed yet not too detailed so as to look messy. It's just all around really well designed and in all honesty could stand as its own game and still be well received.

Extra: Kale's extra screen is pretty fun because platform jumps; YoYo's extra stage is really hard and not that enjoyable because of a couple overly precise jumps at the end of saves, which are pretty long; Stonk's extra screen kinda overdid the gimmicks for its difficulty; I think my extra screen is one of the better ones, though it's a bit easier than my main stage (somehow); Thenander1's extra screen is a good meme; Fate's extra stage is interesting; and kady's extra stage is just as good as his main stage.

In my opinion, this is the second best needle collab ever made (right after TsuTaMao) and the best needle collab of its size.

Rating doesn't include my stage.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 70 70
Sep 29, 2017
As far as needle games go, this one is up there. You get a nice variety of needle stages, each from a different maker, and the freedom to bounce between them at will with your progress being saved in each one. Visually all of the stages look well, and design wise there's a lot of creativity in the jumps.

Some of the stages were definitely more harsh than others difficulty wise, but aside from a few jumps in a few stages that were overly harsh, the experience was enjoyable. Needle players should consider this a must play, but only if you are seasoned enough to handle it.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 70 70
Jul 12, 2016
Rating includes extra.
Excellent needle collab that still shine by its level design. There are seven areas with 4 or 5 screens then each maker has 1 extra screen that are a bit harder than the main game. I won't so a stage by stage review because they are honestly all high quality so I'm just gonna mention the ups and downs for me.

Something that already many people mentionned is that compated to some other collabs where each stage feel very distinct from the others, here most of areas looks similar, some people say it's "kale needle" and while there are of course some differences, it's true that except inf and nader areas, they all have the same feeling. I personally don't think it's a bad thing but one of the usual strong point of collabs is variety, something we don't have here.

The level design saves that because as I said all the areas are mostly pretty cool, my favorite was Kale's one which felt like a bliss to play. I also really enjoyed Stonk stage, probably my second favorite. Inf was nice even if semi precision needle isn't really what usually like, Fate was cool even if some jumps felt a bit tedious, same for Kady, Nader was enjoyable even if far from being the best I played from him. And lastly we have Yoyoyo stage, which was by far my least favorite, it has a lot of tight jumps and tedious platform grabs. It was still enjoyable overall but it suffers from several problems compared to other stages.

Each maker has an extra screen after you beat the main game, most of them of in the same vein of their main stages, tho Fate and Nader are very different. Yoyoyo also has 2 extra screens instead of 1 and are by far the hardest part of the game. All the extra is well made so I recommend you to play it, most of it is actually not that harder than the main game (only Yoyoyo is a bit a diff spike).

Overall a very good collab, I know I mentionned many downsides of the game but most are honestly forgettable compared to what's good. I can understand why some people have a problem with how similar some stages are but it didn't bothered me at all and I would recommend this game to anyone who likes more classic needle.

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Rating: 9.2 92       Difficulty: 73 73
Feb 20, 2021