I Wanna Be the Chair 2

Creator: Stonk

Average Rating
8.0 / 10
Average Difficulty
58.2 / 100
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Adventure (10) Gimmick (6) Boss (5) Long (5) Unique (1) great_gameover_screen_music (1)


  • by Klazen108
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17 Reviews:

First of all, I would like to congratulate Stonk on getting this game out of development hell. I know he has been frustrated with people asking him when it will be finished, and it is probably a relief to have this off his back.

Now about the real game. It's a classic adventure game with nice production value, amazing music and it's overall pretty well designed. There are some spots I didn't like too much such as the forced diagonal jump with weird chair physics, but overall it was really enjoyable. A bit harder than I thought it would be too, but maybe I am biased from years of kid physics.

I've heard some complaints about the bosses in this game. Personally, I don't have any problems with them and they are all fun for me to play. As a former boshy and rekt speedrunner, I am comfortable with mashing and I definitely enjoy shooting bosses more than avoidance fights. I also have no problem with RNG in bosses as much as some people do. There are some attacks such as Billy's "Douche" move which can be cheap at first, but for me the bosses don't take very long to kill and it is not hard to get back to that spot. My favorite boss in this game is the megaman boss. It's cool.

I don't have much criticism about this game because I already told Stonk my thoughts when I tested it months ago, but it's just a really nice adventure game that we frankly don't see enough of these days.

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Rating: 8.3 83       Difficulty: 58 58
Jun 24, 2017
Anyone who enjoys a fair bit of platforming and some adventure should give this game a playthrough. It has content to last a good number of hours, fun gimmicks and bosses, great music and you finally get to see the world through the eyes of a chair. It can be frustrating at times during some long segments and a few bosses, and could use a lot more polish, but with the game being sort of years old and needing to get done, I was satisfied with Chair 2 and look forward to the future of Stonk™

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[2] Likes
Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 60 60
Jul 5, 2017
You can play as a fucking chair!

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 55 55
Jul 3, 2017
A unique game with an unforgettable icon - a chair!

Instead of the normal kid sprite and hitbox, it is replaced with a wooden chair, complete with its own physics. This unfortunately holds the game back in some respect, since the physics are quite different than the majority of fangames. Edge-of-block jumps are considerably harder, and otherwise simple jumps become a challenge. Other than that, the platforming aspect of the game is creative and fun with various gimmicks scattered throughout its many stages.

The gimmicks in the game include warps, low gravity, timed segments, and more. While I believe the first half of the game isn't as exciting as it could be, I'm glad I stuck with it and played through the rest. The last half of the game was fun and enjoyable, even with the altered physics.

This game also features a host of bosses, many of which are mash-heavy. This tends to be a problem when playing the boss repeatedly due to the nature of how the boss fight operates. I enjoyed a few of the bosses, but did not care for the overall fights themselves. The only exception is the final boss, which uses extremely long i-frames for its 1st phase, which could've been used elsewhere much more effectively. There seemed to be at least 1 attack in every boss fight that was not enjoyable at all, mostly of some sort of insta-gib nature.

In addition to both the platforming and bosses, there were quite a variety of bugs present (at least at the day of release). Random teleports back to stage 1, spikes not loading/appearing, music and sfx not loading properly in certain areas, among other things. These should've certainly been fixed during its testing phase, which was quite long. I hope these are addressed in a future patch.

Overall, this game is for those looking for a different kind of adventure game. While I think it fits this genre perfectly, it certainly has its flaws and drawbacks that keep it from becoming a unique fangame - similar to what Boshy has accomplished. I believe this is still a must-play for fangames, and I look forward to another game of this type!

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 60 60
Jun 24, 2017
Overall my end opinion is that this is a solid, good game. This kind of came to a surprise to me because I didn't really find any parts of it good. It felt like parts were either great or bad. The ratio was about 3:1 so it ends up in the good range.

Variety in platforming - big fan of variety and the stages were all quite distinct.
Variety in production - lots of styles, lots of assets - felt like there was progression in the stages.
Level design - this belongs in both categories - without breaking down stages or anything, the levels that were well done were very well done.
Engine - its a custom engine and thats a big gamble that I felt like he pulled off. It seemed like it was taken into account basically every step of the way.

Effects - there were some really bad effects. The magnets for instance. Also, while this is subjective, I despised the gameover music/screen - not a fan of gameover music in general but this one felt especially tedious.
Boss attacks - Every boss felt largely defined by its attacks which spammed aimed projectiles (frequently large ones) - individually this wouldn't be a big deal but it made a lot of the bosses feel repetitive over the course of the game.
Level design - There were some long saves and I felt like they were among the worst saves in the game - not because of length but because of compounding factors such as ambushes or that some of the most precise segments in the game are in the longest saves.
Lying - readme said 7 bosses.

Overall it was well worth playing though.

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Rating: 7.7 77       Difficulty: 58 58
Jul 12, 2017