I Wanna Be the Chair 2

Creator: Stonk

Average Rating
8.1 / 10
Average Difficulty
58.6 / 100
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Adventure (8) Gimmick (4) Boss (3) Long (5) great_gameover_screen_music (1)


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Thank you for update this game

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 40 40
Jul 3, 2017

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 65 65
Jun 30, 2017
The second installment of the Chair series. I'll skip the intro and analyze each stage and boss.

Stage 1 (Grasslands) -

A good start to the game. Vanilla, chill, and not too difficult. Excellent overall.

Boss 1 (Tyrone) -

Not too hard. His I-frames are pretty much non-existent so you can spam away once he's far away from you. He does gain some invincibility when half of his health is gone, but after that, he returns to his normal state. The number of projectiles does increase slightly, but its not enough to wall the player (in terms of progress on the boss). His attacks are easy to read and dodge, so most players shouldn't have a problem with him.

Stage 2 (Fish)

Normal platforming with some water and vertical boost gimmick. Not too difficult. Metroid-like escape occurs once you clear the area, so you must backtrack through platforming you've already done.

Stage 3 (Caves)

More normal and water platforming followed by a boulder chase and survival room. Platforming was fun. Survival room was tedious due to the speed of the boulders and targeting of the darts. Chase was fun as well.

Boss 2 (Eggman)

Annoying, but easy boss. I wasn't too fond of the small projectiles that come from the raining rocks, but other than that, the first phase was nice. The second phase isn't too bad as well. The fire can be slightly hard to read at times, but after a few attempts its not too bad. Decent boss overall.

Stage 4 (Hell)

Fun area. Amazing music and awesome platforming. Perfect. However, not my favorite.

Stage 5 (Sky)

A stage dominated by an amazing gimmick. You teleport through portals in order to access different parts of a screen. They're integrated in a way that doesn't interfere with the platforming. Nice stage overall.

Boss 3 (Black Chair)

Not my favorite boss. The targeting is a bit excessive (not to mention fast) and can easily lead to errors in reading if not careful. The final phase is also tedious as the chair moves with plenty of speed, making it hard to hit the boss at all. Very tedious overall.

Stage 6 (Megaman with magnets)

Basically the same description as Sky Stage. Amazing gimmick integrated well with the platforming.

Stage 7 (Megaman with shooters)

Nice break from the gimmick/platforming section of the game. Was very chill. Enjoyed it. Loved the Yoshi Coin meme as well.

Boss 4 (Megaman Medley)

Hardest boss of the game. Many of the men's attacks go well together and make the fight more difficult. Slightly tedious as well. Overall, nice but difficult boss fight. Shouldn't be too hard if you can kill Cutman, Shadowman, Pharoahman, and the fast bomber man before starting with Gravityman.

Stage 7 (Kirby)

Unique style of platforming using Kirby's enemies as obstacles instead of spikes. While the hitbox caused a few problems with the walking waddle dees, it was a style of platforming that I came to appreciate due to how special it was. Was very fun.

Stage 8 (Outskirts)

Chill stage filled with triggers in gimmick form. Fantastic atmosphere. Loved this stage.

Stage 9 (8bit shit)

Tedious stage with somewhat annoying platforming. Spike box triggers seemed off due to the chair's hitbox so it was very hard to get them to move, especially on the conveyor belts found later in the stage. Probably my least favorite stage. Didn't like much about it in the first place.

Boss 5 (Billy)

Easy boss. Some attacks are difficult to dodge and learn, but overall this isn't too bad as long as you kill the boss quickly.

Stage 10 (Black and white)

Interesting gimmick with fun platforming. Player has to switch the color of spikes and plan jumps accordingly. Nice stage overall.

Stage 11 (Throwback?)

I might have fucked the order by now but I remember most of the stages. This one was fun except for the thwomp room. Hated that shit. Pretty much vanilla.

Stage 12 (Moon)

Best stage. Love TTYD, so seeing this was very awesome. Very nice gimmick with amazing platforming and song.

Final Boss (Chair Rebuilt)

Worst boss. Some attacks can gib, wall, or have the player say "what could I have done there?" after every attempt. After the first two phases, you do a screen of platforming that isn't too bad but is easily chokable due to the explosions occurring behind you, causing the player to rush slightly. There's a gray block trigger after the screen ends, so make sure not to go slow enough to where the explosions catch up to you before the black chair teleports you to the credits.

Overall, good game. While the platforming and gimmicks were perfect, the bosses brought the game down due to their tedious nature. With some balancing/attack fixes, this could easily be the best game of 2017. In its current state, its a great adventure game that could be perfect if the bosses weren't so annoying. Of course, different players will have different opinions which will lead to a different experience, but this is how I feel.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed this game. I would recommend to any player looking for a fun and unique adventure game. I hope to see much more from the creator in the future.

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Rating: 6.7 67       Difficulty: 62 62
Jun 26, 2017
An interesting adventure game featuring lots of stages with a few bosses here and there. Every stage will give you a gimmick that you have to work around with, some of which are cleverly used and some of which are pretty bland. The engine is completely original I believe and I didn't really care too much for it except how low your jumps are, not that big of a deal.

For the vast majority of the game, it was really fun, however, in some rare cases it got frustrating to play. The main reasons why some of those parts got frustrating is that they were either a long save or a badly designed boss attack. I feel like most of the platforming difficulty comes from the long saves and it is not a pleasant feeling to choke on one of them. As for some of the bosses, they did have a few attacks that are questionable design-wise, namely instagibs or a really overwhelming attack.

Music, graphics, balance, etcetc were are all fantastic with the slight exception of balance, I already commented on how a few spots of the platforming can get a bit quirky.

Highly recommend this game for anyone willing to grind an excellent adventure game, this game actually gives me remembrance to Boshy, so take that as you will.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 60 60
Jun 26, 2017
Megaman boss still my favorite boss FeelsAmazingMan

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 59 59
Jun 24, 2017