I Wanna Go Back To Sleep

Creator: Thunda

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Adventure (1) Gimmick (1) Secrets (1) Bosses (1)


  • by Thunda
  • by Bob
  • by Bob

Creator's Comments:

Thunda [Creator]
My first attempt at making a fangame.
Lot's of weird ideas and suggestions went into this and while I do feel that some items/areas aren't brought to their full potential, I still went with what I think is right.
The Zip file includes a read me that should cover all the important information.

Wish I could tag this properly but I didn't review enough games yet :D

Also the Read Me misses some information about the fire area:
Your health is based on movement. The faster you go, the faster it drains, standing still drains almost nothing (because logic).

A lot of random ideas from various people sitting in TS with me went into this, don't question if some parts seem randomly weird :3

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Secrets Bosses
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Aug 6, 2019

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