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Adventure (2) Boss (2) autofire (1) Weapon_System (1)


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Rating and review includes up to penultimate boss. Cannot guarantee anything beyond that. Review may be changed if I do become aware of what comes beyond that, but I'm probably not going to try.

This is a heavily justice guy inspired fangame except without the same level of production value. That isn't to say its without production value, though the starting areas definitely are lacking in that regard. However, unlike justice guy the platforming is very traditional adventure fangame. What this means is expect some enemies, some variety and some cycles.

The platforming is a real mixed bag. With some of the stages being fun and interesting, and some of them being time wasters (two come to mind, one where the gimmick is basically bullet sponges and the other has a mechanic where the entire point basically is to stand there). Outside of the questionable design decisions, cycles do seem very well done in most places and the stages get progressively better in terms of production value and style.

But, of course, as a justice guy styled fangame, the main core of the game is the boss fights. The first early boss fights are very close to straight rips from Justice Guy, though as time progresses he seems to branch out more. This is also a mixed bag. A number of the bosses are pretty fun with a number of interesting attacks and interactions but some of them are real tedious.

The good parts of the bosses - there's some decent variety, a lot of cool attacks, plenty of opportunities for strategy and a lot of good production went into them. There's a weapon system with two weapons, a shotgun and a machine gun but this is both good and bad because while it offers different playstyles, the shotgun feels like an afterthought that either steamrolls through hp or does literally nothing (not just that the short range is a problem, the bullets literally just pass through many things and have no impact)

The bad parts? Oof, that's a lot. Attack balance is -terrible-. Every boss basically has one attack that defines the entire fight in terms of difficulty, and in some of these bosses its not guaranteed and generally a clear attempt will be determined by when that attack doesn't really happen. Additionally, most bosses had an attack which was balanced in such a way that its an instant reset if it gets done first, so expect to hit R a lot to roll attacks. Boss balance is pretty bad too, though I didn't really mind that when they didn't get too hard, though some of the bosses were very easy compared to ones before them. Attack variety actually dips a lot in some bosses and some of the bosses are insanely tanky. One such offender has only 3 fast attacks and takes several hundred shots to kill, meaning you will see each of those attacks potentially over a dozen times in a single attempt. Super learny late phases is another problem, and general tankiness (we're talking thousands of hp).

Overall, if you aren't the kind of person who needs to clear a game, I'd recommend giving this a shot as the first stages and bosses are fun without being grinds. If you are the person who needs to clear games they start, expect a grind and a huge difficulty ramp up near the end. Justice guy is probably a better game, but if you really liked that and want to try something similar, this could be up your alley but I can't promise the level of design will live up to that, and it may not be as enjoyable a grind.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 80 80
Sep 29, 2019
Me encanto pero los jefes son una completa locura XD , muy bueno

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 60 60
Sep 4, 2019
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Sep 3, 2019