I wanna break the Series Z 2 Remake

Creator: Z2S Team

Average Rating
6.7 / 10
Average Difficulty
80.2 / 100
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Needle (5) Avoidance (3) Gimmick (1) Medley (8) Boss (1) Long (2) BossRush (1) Remake (6) Russian (1) SourPls (1) Copyright (1)


  • by Arle17
  • by Arle17
  • by Hennkidumaru
  • by Arle17
  • by pyun
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17 Reviews:

No matter how many times the update comes, I hear that Stage4Boss is subtle.
But everything else is pretty fun.
I'm waiting for the EX to be implemented.

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[24] Likes
Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 80 80
Sep 6, 2019
"Our goal with this game was to make I wanna Break The Series Z 2 more enjoyable, fun and accessible to everyone"

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Rating: 2.4 24       Difficulty: 86 86
Sep 6, 2019
На самом деле я не понимаю надобность ремейка и недолюбливаю подобную инициативу, для меня это всё та же z2, только немного лучше. И все же вы постарались сделать из тотального говна что-то вразумительное.
Также мне показалось, что управление уж чересчур отзывчивое, какой "движок" вы брали за основу? Или же вы на корню переделывали поведение кида и писали всё сами? В любом случае, это к лучшему.

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[5] Likes
Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 85 85
Sep 14, 2019
Okay I give my honest opinion I dont know the original and I do not care.
I rate what I played blind so far. I give constructive criticism
Ratings are pretty fair.

I think a 2 rating is wrong and 10 too. SpikeGMD and pyun having a good point
fun and accessible to everyone = If this was the goal failed mission :)

What I think:
I like when a game is long and there is lot work put into to it always a plus. I personally would rather see new medleys than remake of a remake of a remake. Visuals simple grid everywhere hate it or like it. This game is definitely not a 10 at least for me. It has to many stuff that is just not good. Is it worth playing I think yes it is still fun. I would still only recommend it to player who like to grind a lot pattern and rng heavy bosses. Player should be advanced.

Update 1.2 makes a lot better you granted + 1.5 rating now this game is amazing still has stuff that I personally not like, but this is a good fucking game. Thanks to listen and updating stuff. Difficulty -2 :P

Stage 1-4 (OK) version 1.1
is okay and mostly fun of course here and there stuff is not good but overall fun to play.

Boss 1 (OK but meh)
dont like it but simple > looks ass. Avoidance at the end is okay no instagib attacks

1.2 version buff is okay no problemo is good

Boss 2 (OK)
is fine. Avoidance has a attack that can give you really bad rng. BTW BENZEN

Boss 3 (OK but meh)
dont really like it that much miku fight is really boring has a pattern at the end. Avoidance after is nice. Miku again welcome to kamilia 2 good I know that pattern. LUL

Boss Rush (OK) version 1.1
was also fun I will not tell you every boss is good or bad just know it is reasonable and not a stopping point like the most boss rush are.

1.2 version fake piano is nerfed is good I think that's it right?

Stage 4 Boss (OK) version 1.1
1.1 version completly new to 1.0 version now is okay not a lot is wrong with it.

1.2 version nerfs are really good!

Platforming after Stage 4 Boss (OK) but lack of creativity
all other stages after boss rush are just needle here and there some traps nothing special.

Haegoe Avoidance(OK)
is fun

1.2 version nerfs are really good!

JEBAL GGArea Avoidance (OK) kinda but maybe not
intros where you wait and do nothing man I hate it.
rng is readable (kinda boring razzor is right here) what makes the nasty pattern at the end okay to learn and you have a smaller hitbox so I am not complaining about it. (still think that should not be a thing)

Hasi Avoidance (OK)
is a joke and could be boss 2 it is absolutely free

1.2 buffs are all okay I think

Just Avoidance (shit can not recommend) version 1.1
rng attacks at the beginning that are unreadable with bad luck and a pattern at the end that insta kills you 3 times at the beginning without knowing what to do what does it means you grind the boss over and over and get sniped at rng and pattern at the end it is great. Remake means you had the chanche to make it better but here you failed completly this needs a update.

1.2 version beginning is no rng shit fest anymore.
Is way better now still don't like the pattern at the end but you have indicator what helps to understand it.

PD Player Area (OK)
really fun rng fight i liked it, but for me personally to easy i beat it in like less than 5-8 mins.

Final Stage (OK) still look below
it starts with in S save that give you no fast cycle and you have to wait (already really annoying)
When the gimmick start oh man get ready the platforming in the game was at a 40 to maybe 70 at most now we are 80+ for sure really hard. The gimmick is not presented well you have no idea how to use it correctly. Extremely fun stage tho.

Final Boss (can not recommend - still fun) Version 1.1
Final Boss (OK what I tested) Version 1.2

- could need still a lil bit balancing but kinda okay
- At the end the boss is on 0hp, but wait it goes on okay thanks dead (makes zero sense)

Autosave here you make something right.

- needs still balancing in generell

What I think:
Make both phases less impossible balance the attacks more and this boss is epic. (I even wouldnt mind removing the autosave) Grind heavy still fun but lost potential.

1.2 version

- definitely better really good makes it more accessible for people :)

- the balancing is super nice now. This phase is hard ^^

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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 83 83
Sep 12, 2019
I really liked this game. This and the original Z2 are night and day in comparison, though I tried to go in this game as a normal game instead of a remake, just so I wouldn't call something good just because it's better than the original.

I played the first 3 stages on v1.0, the rest of the game I played on v1.1

The needle in the game was pretty fun, while a bit unimaginitive in a few places, it was still very enjoyable.

Stages 1-4:
All of it was fun with the exception of a few saves there and there, it's really nothing special, but it's fun so I don't really care.

Stage 5 Guest Areas:
L-Kid and PD Suisi were weird but cool and enjoyable.
BJ-Eareaf was 50% fun stuff and 50% stupid stuff, there are 2 saves where it's just doing a bunch of easy jumps and then just dying to a suddenly really hard one alot of times until you finally do it.
Just area was nothing special yet again, but fun.

Final Stage:
Absolutely amazing platforming, the gimmick is awesome, the use of it is awesome, the needle is awesome, and it's just overall great.

Now for the bosses in this game.

Boss 1:
Kinda boring boss, I didn't have that much fun with it, but it doesn't have anything bullshit in my opinion.

Boss 2:
Pretty fun and intense, the easy needle at the end of the boss is the most monkaS shit in this game.

Boss 3:
Now, I did say that I would go into the game without comparing it to the original, but holy fucking shit this is so much better. The boss is pretty much completely overhauled.
Anyway, it's exciting, fun, and overall just good.

Boss Rush:
Gumi - Long boss, it's kinda boring but it has some intense attacks there and there, overall I like it.

Dotkid Miku - Another long boss but it's not boring, though I do think it's way easier than the rest of the bosses in boss rush.

The Note - Short boss with heavy rng, really fun to play, though the pre-final can be quite hard to read sometimes.

King Slime - Fun barrage boss with attacks that are interesting to read.

Boss 4 (v1.1):
Completely original boss, it takes inspiration from Z3, making an avoidance based on the previous game's bosses.
The boss has a nice balance between interesting attacks and simple attacks, which I like alot. It's quite intense and is fun.

Boss 5-1 (HAEGOE Area):
Super intense barrage boss, though some attacks are questionable, like the first spiral attack, and the SHOOT attack, but overall it's quite a fun boss to play.

Boss 5-2 (Jebal Area):
Kinda boring boss, not that fun to play but I had some fun with it.

Boss 5-3 (Hasi Area):
By far worst boss in the game, super fucking boring, and on top of that some attacks can give you insanely garbage situations.

Boss 5-4 (Just Area):
Fun barrage boss with a pattern at the end, which isn't that bad but it sucks that it's at the very end.
Attacks are interesting.

Boss 5-? (PDPlayer Area):
Fun little barrage boss where you're trapped in the middle of the screen, nothing special but it's quite fun.

Final Boss:

Phase 1 - Fucking incredible, super fun and interesting attacks, intense all the way through, perfect for the final boss. Only attack I had a problem with the attack before the boss loops, it felt kinda bland, and sometimes dodging the aimed line can be really hard.

Phase 2 - Very intense final phase, good variety of attacks, and an ass-clenching final attack. Super fun all the way through.

Overall, I find it a really fun game, would I recommend it? I don't know.

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[4] Likes
Rating: 8.4 84       Difficulty: 83 83
Sep 14, 2019