I want

Creators: pieceofcheese87, egg

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8.0 / 10
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60.4 / 100
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  • by Anonymous

Creator's Comments:

Bob [Creator]
Follow the kid on an epic quest to discover his true self. You'll face many wacky opponents along the way and you may even learn a little bit about love. Trust me, it's a journey you won't soon forget.

The Kid

Zany Gimmicks
HD Graphics
Once-in-a-lifetime boss encounters

Have fun, and don't forget, Jesus loves you!

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Oct 27, 2019

44 Reviews:

"...riverrun, past Eve and Adam's, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, brings us by a commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle and Environs."

This game is a disappointing mess of...


I Want is a fantastic mess of random brilliance and I don't know why so much effort was put into making this, but God do I love it. I never heard that Egg and Pieceofcheese were working on a new game, so I had no interest in what kind of cool ideas their two minds could create. Little did I not know, however, that their idea of fun is a bunch of random stages that feel like they were too good for the Try A Collab games. I don't know what the goal of all this is, but it just feels like they slapped this together in a genius attempt to make some kind of hereditary baldness inspired game. I think that they were trying to make "art" with this game, like there's a statement to be made about it. They would probably say "figure it out yourself" but its pretty obvious the inner workings and meanings of I Want are far too much for mere mortal's understanding, given to us through creativity and ability to make intelligent and bizarre things. Great job, you can use Audacity to distort music and you can use game maker to distort sprites. Brilliant artwork you have there. And it feels like they are taking inspiration from millions of other sources while still coming up with something unique and substantial. hell, there's even a whole stage that is just NANG but awesome. T his game does so many things new. So basically, it succeeds in every category. It's fun, it's lovely to look at, the music is infectious, it is outrageously funny, it is spectacularly interesting and has so much to say, and the "weirdness" is the super sweet cherry on top. And I keep wondering why two people that clearly know better than us all didn't throw this out their with their names on it earlier to the obvious praise it would have received. They even went as far as to write an ironic readme file trying to mimic a delfruit review as if...


I Want is an intense look into the twisted minds of two phenomenal creators, Egg and Pieceofcheeese. In putting their wrinkle-heavy brains together, they've concocted one of the finest pieces of art ever before seen. There's so much to unpack, so much to glean from each screen, there's... well there's just so much!

Let's take it from the top.

For one, the top varies from playthrough to playthrough. So far as I know, the order of the game is random up to a certain point, although that's merely an assumption. For all I know, you could play the last stage first, which itself would be fitting too. Whatever first screen you get, however, it'll leave one hell of an impression on you. First, you'll be hit with some wacky visuals, wacky to the point that they're an aspect of the challenge itself. Then, you'll find your ears assaulted by some of the more peculiar music to fill the auditory voids of fangames. Finally, and this is the biggest treat, you'll be forced to sink your teeth into some seriously screwed gameplay. Every screen is a little fucked in its own way, no one gimmick feels like it would belong in a "serious" or "typical" game. In fact, not a single moment of this game was normal or typical, though it was all quite serious to me.

Indeed, there are many strong and notable themes to delve into in I Want, none more so than those to do with culture, both in general and in the fangame community. Nearly every screen is a reference to something, whether it's an inside joke in the fangame community or just a reference to something in the real world. For example, there's a boss in which you fight the Burger King himself. This combined with the total onslaught on all fronts that I Want is, one is reminded of modern life and how it feels on a daily basis to be bombarded with various forms of culture and modernity. There is no peace and quiet, as far as today is concerned. Taking a mere drive to the park leads to your seeing billboards galore for fast food and "fine dining," and if you're listening to the radio, then your ears too are not safe. There's people everywhere, humans with their own lives and beliefs, encroaching on your space and filling your mind with everything that is irrelevant to you. To get away from it all, you'd have to totally isolate yourself, to a larger point than most are willing to go.

This, in essence, is what I Want gets at. It is a sensory overload, filling you to the brim with noise and pictures and feelings and everything it can fit into itself. There is no peace, no respite, nothing at all to allow yourself any sort of freedom from this mass cacophony of life. As time passes, you find yourself going insane because you need that escape, you need that freedom, and when that freedom never arrives, your brain is faced then with two choices: give in to the chaos, or give up. I Want, however, takes even that away from you, forcing you to give in to its pandemonium, and every second in this house of demons is a second closer towards a meaningless and un-noticeable end, one that could never fittingly end this hell-ward ride.

So, as is to be expected, your journey ends with a crash.

Entropy's measure is something we cannot claim to understand. The purpose and goal behind an intrinsic force of the Universe could never be totally understood. So, when we try to harness that energy, when we decide to take chaos to its limit, we're met with the cold hand of death.

Of course, perhaps there's nothing here. Perhaps there is no meaning, nothing to be learned or taken from I Want. Perhaps it is itself a purpose-less game meant only for a laugh. It is a simple task to create something without meaning, but to create something that cannot have meaning derived from it is not within human's grasp. When faced with utter absurdity, the human mind searches for and attributes meaning to it. When we look in the sky and see a cloud whose existence was by mere chance, we see butterflies and bunnies, patterns where there were no patterns meant. Maybe that's what I Want is about, the human tendency to apply meaning to the meaninglessness.

Whatever it may be about, the journey is one of unintelligible gasps and mutters. The end differentiates itself from the beginning only in that nothing comes after it. The flow is non-existent, the timeline is scattered and irrelevant. No screen has any particular right to come next because they're all next and they all came before. In every way, I Want...


I Want is a sudoku fangame which tries its very best to deliver to you an experience unlike any other. And in every way possible, it succeeds. There is no game like I Want, no absurd journey quite as wacky as this one, no sudoku game which reaches the heights of ludicrousness that I Want operates at. Not every screen is great fun, but it almost doesn't matter. Nothing is too hard to hold you back, so I was never caught up on that aspect of the game. Instead, I was just excited to see what came next, what den of madness I would find myself in. Don't let that fool you, however. There's quite a lot of fun to be had here from a gameplay perspective as well. Sure a few screens here and there are infuriatingly obtuse, but that's apart of the fun too.

There's so much you can say about I Want, but words don't do this game justice - at least, not to those who will like the game. If you don't like the game, then here's all the words you need:

"This game is a disappointing mess of

I'm not actually going to do that.

Whether you love it or you hate it, there's no denying that I Want is an experience unlike any other. Personally, I loved it.

"We pass through grass behush the bush to. Whish! A gull. Gulls. Far calls. Coming, far! End here. Us then. Finn, again! Take. Bussoftlhee, mememormee! Till thousendsthee. Lps. The keys to. Given! A way a lone a last a loved a long the..."

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 60 60
Oct 19, 2020
in I Want you play as the kid and you avoid platforming obstacles

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: N/A
Nov 20, 2019
just gonna put this warning here.

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Rating: 6.9 69       Difficulty: 58 58
Oct 26, 2019

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Rating: 9.1 91       Difficulty: 62 62
Oct 30, 2019
You get the Temple series, dopamine, Derf and LAWatson games, try a collab, mix them together and add a solid bit of the production value and voila - you have THIS game. It's gonna be a bit rough on your eyes and sometimes hard to figure out what the heck you are supposed to do, but overall: it's definitely worth giving a try, since absurdity level of what's happening in this ultimate meme game experience is something you should see yourself.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 69 69
Oct 27, 2019