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13 Reviews

For: Nebulous Thoughts
This is an excellent needle game consisting of several varied stages with some of them using interesting gimmicks and others using none. In general the game flows well and is pleasant to play, though sometimes it throws in things that are conventionally considered bad on purpose (screen transition deaths for example). Some may appreciate those as part of the game's personality, others may not.

My favorite was by far the very first stage, which uses its gimmick outstandingly well and creates platforming that feels very distinct and unique. The rest of the game was mostly enjoyable, though none of it blew me away like the beginning (it was a genuine 10/10 in terms of needle to me).

My biggest complaint would perhaps be the audio balance, since the song tends to be so loud you can not hear any other sound effects such as the kid jumping.

The theming of the game mostly communicates a rather somber atmosphere and hints at a meaning about loss, grief and moving on throughout. It does feel like it wholly follows an artistic vision, which i personally value a lot.

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Tagged as: Needle Gimmick Long
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Rating: 8.9 89       Difficulty: 86 86
May 24, 2022
For: I Wanna Save Christmas
A short, extremely well designed and creative gimmick needle/adventure game for the Secret Santa 2021. Definitely worth playing.

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Rating: 8.4 84       Difficulty: 68 68
Dec 30, 2021
PlasmaNapkin [Creator]
For: I Wanna Eat the Winter King
This is the Secret Santa 2021 game made specifically for Ninz.

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Tagged as: Needle Secret_Santa
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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 96 96
Dec 29, 2021
For: Fangame Patch Tools (gm8x_fix, DBGHELP.dll, melatonin)
A true lifesaver for old fangames that were broken by Windows updates. Without this, thousands of games would be unplayable for a big chunk of the community. Thank You!

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 5 5
Sep 6, 2021
For: I Wanna Maker
This game is probably the proudest achievement of the fangame community, a massive passion project that brings fangames to a much wider audience. You can tell how much love the devteam poured into this game, with a huge collection of assets and an incredibly polished level editor, consistent updates, ongoing effort to keep the game interesting (weekly mix etc). And in classic fangame fashion despite its much larger scale, the game is free, even though the devs themselves put a lot of money into the game (custom music, server services, steam...). There really is no end to the praise I could pour out about every single aspect of IWM, but I think I will leave it at this.

With the wider reach the game does attract a lot of new people, mostly children, who do not know yet how to act or be a healthy member of the community, but we should be patient with them. We may have to deal with some of them demanding for their ideas to become a part of the game or begging constantly for people to play their levels, but i think with time they can understand how to act normal and turn into good community members. So give them a chance, a bigger fangame community in the end benefits us all.

Finally, a massive thank you to the dev team and the continious work they have been putting into this incredible gift to us. The dedication put into IWM is astounding, and deserves nothing but praise. <3

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Tagged as: Online Steam Editor
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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: N/A
Aug 4, 2020

9 Games

GameDifficultyAverage Rating# of Ratings
I wanna be far from home 69.5 8.5 28
I wanna be in my safe space 48.1 7.4 16
curveWAH N/A N/A 1
I Wanna Eat the Winter King 96.0 8.5 5
I Wanna Find a Cure 56.5 8.7 53
I wanna progress without Purpose 77.8 7.7 5
I wanna shiver 73.5 8.9 57
I Wanna Turn the Lights On 69.7 6.6 10
I wanna turn the lights on 2 85.0 4.5 2