I wanna Vonia

Creator: ワタナベさん

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6.5 / 10
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54.1 / 100
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9 Reviews:

I wanna Vonia is a very experimental game made by alt name of creator who usually makes so-called 'old-school' avoidances – 龍之介. However, after comparing avoidance style you are gonna notice why I am saying that this game is very experimental. This is one of the cases, when I can say that avoidance made is avant-garde . As quoting Wikipedia: "avant-garde today generally refers to groups of intellectuals, writers, and artists, including architects, who voice ideas and experiment with artistic approaches that challenge current cultural values." And I think this is one of the rare cases where I see this in fangames – extremely experimental design, song, visuals – literally everything. And it even makes sense why this is unacceptable for many people.

Few elements of what makes this game experimental, and, in my opinion, it was intentional:

1.Song – 'Ai Nov' by Feryquitous involves mix of different elements, which make music sound whimsical, like instrumentation or melody. However, when you get until the main part – vocal part – you will notice that style changes to more traditional harmonies, although you will still notice the weirdness from beginning. Is it pleasant to listen? It is hard to say – I cannot say I was the intended circle of people who would like this soundtrack, however, it is not bad – it is unusual and cleverly composed.

2.Visuals of bullets – oh my... Let's start with the fact that projectile colour scheme is very non-typical – bright colour contrasts between the main colour and outline colour – red and grey ; blue and red ; red and green ; orange and red and etc, and etc... Moreover, the sprite used there are very specific type of orbs, which make avoidance bullets look even brighter than they are. And after all of this it is quite weird that avoidance never gets visually challenging, at least, in my opinion. Yes, it looks extremely whimsical and sometimes you will feel dizzy just by looking on it. However, it does give some weird energy, if we can say so. It just feels that author intentionally made it...

3.Other kind of visuals – background effects, tileset and others. Gray background with standard cross blocks?? This is just perfect combination to make macabre mood on player in addition with bullet design. And, still, there are pats where we have really interesting design of things – infinity jump warning looks really fitting. Another thing which makes it look special is when vocals came in. You can see on right side of the screen new female sprite. Moreover, in addition we have quite aesthetic kind of bullets – red and white combination – which does not look bad. However, you can still see old colour scheme bullets too. So it feels like it is a mix of harmony and dissonance – similarly like the song itself. It is really genius move, I would say.

4.Gameplay – this is where things get tricky. I have heard some people complaining of instagibs and broken hitboxes, but I am not expert of these, so I will not cover that. What I have see is that we have many really interesting choices of gameplay, especially, in the beginning. It even kind of fits with the song. Sure, patterns may seem very weird to dodge – sometimes it looks way tight than it is. So you will always be in pressure. I know that people also complained about pattern when purple and orange bullets are in addition of green and red. In my first playthrough it was scary, but re-playing game after 2 years I can say that I even like that attack. The only thing which I did not like in second playthrough is that it is not clearly obvious that you have infinity jump up until the end of fight, when you acquire it. Sure, balance wise I would say that on vocal part there are way harder RNG attacks, but it is not something unbearable. For average avoidance player avoidance should take around 20-40 minutes.

To sum up, avoidance has many things to offer and it is better made than many other avoidances made under the creator's main name. However, the main issue is that this game is avant-garde, which basically opposes against the main culture values and makes everything in a more experimental way. I am not a big fan of such a style, and this is why I could not enjoy it very much, and on my second playthrough I think I liked it even less. The only reason I played it is because it was added in FSR avoidance.

Despite this, I cannot say that avoidance is atrocious or something. I cannot say for sure for whom this game is meant, but if someone liked it enough to recommend it for FSR avoidance, then there must have been something people noticed. Sure, it could have been effect of new game, because it was few months old when FSR avoidance games were chosen. However, I appreciate this experience. Gameplay resembles song quite well, which is surprising. Maybe I and others would enjoy more if it had more traditional style, however, I still like that creator tried to find new ways to express ideas.

This game definitely is not for everyone, including myself, however, if you like experimental style of avoidances and if you do not mind some mid-difficulty patterns and RNG mix, then maybe you will even enjoy this game. I personally suggest to look up videos of this game to get what this game is about.

Long story short, if you are similarly like me an enjoyer of more traditional things rather than experimental ones then I would not recommend this game though.

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Rating: 5.2 52       Difficulty: 45 45
Aug 15, 2022
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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 50 50
Jul 29, 2020
Amazing avoidance, nice effects and gameplay

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Rating: 8.9 89       Difficulty: 65 65
May 23, 2020
This game released in 2020 and looks like was released in 2013.
Gray background, circle bullet, and of course, boring patterns.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 50 50
Jan 13, 2022

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 48 48
Aug 5, 2020